[vermont] Spring!

Spring is finally here! I have the crocuses to prove it:

A sign of spring! Finally!

It’s so nice out today!

Yesterday was nice enough to take Penny for a "walk":

🐈 walkies

There's still snow behind the house, in the woods, piled up from the plow, in shady areas- BUT... Look at all that ugly brown lawn newly uncovered. Nice, eh? I was able to walk around without and jacket on and check out the flower beds. I even saw this:

Red things starting to emerge... it’s rhubarb!

I'm always a little grossed out by how this plant starts every year- but it will be nice and tasty soon... it's rhubarb! 

Will be running errands as fast as possible after work to get home and enjoy the late afternoon sun at home... it's another beautiful day today!

It was a pretty productive weekend- I started my secret crochet project (which has to be done by this Friday... for a particular movie premier...), worked a bit on fox paws and a striped toddler sweater, dyed some yarn (that didn't turn out too great- which is probably why I'm not a profession dyer), went to the book sale, Dollar and I played several games of 7 Wonders Duel. Cooking was meh- I'm trying to make stuff from what we have in the pantry (and use up old stuff) so the meals have been... weird. Grocery shopping is one of the errands I have to do after work.

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