[misc] Murderface Monday

We moved! We're in the new house! We're living in a house! That is ours!

That's the good news. The bad news is that there's still stuff that the builders need to fix (like putting in the f'ing butcher block of doom that no one can seem to order, pick up at the right store, cut to correct measurements, etc etc etc) but I'm trying not to stress out about all the things that still need to be done.

We made two trips in a 17-foot U-Haul from the apartment to the house to move the big stuff. We've unpacked and found a place for most stuff. I bought a drill and have become quite handy. I've installed all 10 cellular shades (they look so nice- but I need about 10 more), most of the door stops, hung a shelf above the washer/dryer, sanded and applied 4 coats of polyurethane to the stairs, sealed the grout around the backsplash tile, changed all the plastic toilets seats to much nicer wooden/whisper-close style, dusted/washed every surface and window, .... sigh, I'm exhausted. And I'm trying not to think about all the painting, sanding, staining that still needs to be done.

Anyway, the cats are adjusting well. The first few days were pretty freaky for them (mostly because workers were still here) but they found the familiar bed in the bedroom and that's their safe spot. They do go outside, but only when one of us is there to watch over them. They don't go too far and they seem happy to come back inside and just chill on a windowsill.

Some pictures of Murderface:

MF Sunday napping

MF backyard

MF backyard

MF wants to go out

MF checks out Dollar's office

This is pretty much MF's life now- Sitting somewhere, minding his own business, while Santana shoots laser beams at him with her eyes:

MF and Santana (in back w/laser eyes)

Santana looks sweet:

Santana needs 3 pillows

Santana captains the USS Dollar

Santana in recliner

Dollar and Santana on the deck:

$ and Santana on deck

Santana is bad. Not all the time, but she's bad a lot. She's still hissy/scratchy at MF every morning (when she's hungry). She gets up onto the kitchen counter and will eat ANYTHING I leave up there. Last night she ate all the leftover beef in a pan from a broccoli and beef stir-fry. We do love her, though. She is much more of a lap cat than MF and Dollar likes that.