[crochet] New Tea Pot Cosy

I started a new crocheted tea pot cosy:

Time for another tea pot cosy. #crochet

The yarn is Cascade Casablanca and leftover from this mermaid tears bag. Not sure I have enough yarn to make it as long as I want (this crocodile stitch is a yarn-gobbler). 


Things have been pretty chill this week. Still keeping close watch on Santana and spending time with her. I started a plain pair of socks to work on while I follow her around the house. I've made a lot of progress on my Starfall sweater. I'm not sure how I feel about the border I'm adding to the Rumpelstiltskin shawl (I ran out of the main color- I'm using leftover worsted weight wool in a few colors for a striped border). Lots of different projects going right now.

I did a St. Patrick's Day meal on Sunday- corned beef, colcannon (with dandelion greens) and a loaf of no knead bread (rather than Irish soda bread). Since I make yogurt every weekend and strain the whey, I've been using it instead of water for my no knead dough. The whey has also been working well in place of milk in muffin recipes. Maybe I'll use it for scones, next.


[cooking] Coconut Milk Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

I ordered some vanilla beans to make homemade extract. One of the beans I used to cook with, the rest (14 beans) went into a 1 quart mason jar of 40 proof vodka.

With the one bean, I wanted to make panna cotta. It's pretty easy- I adapted the recipe from here:

1 can full fat coconut milk
4 tablespoons maple syrup
1 vanilla bean
1 packet Knox gelatin powder
1 tablespoon water

Dissolve the gelatin powder in the water (try to use a shallow dish to get the powder to dissolve evenly).

Warm the coconut milk over med-low heat with the vanilla bean. Add the maple syrup (I used a bourbon barrel aged maple syrup from Wood's) and warm well but don't boil. Take out the vanilla bean, split lengthwise, use the tip of the knife to scrape down the seeds inside of each half. Mix the seeds into the milk and add the gelatin- stirring to dissolve completely (do not boil- very high temps will prevent the gelatin from ever setting properly). Grease 4 ramekins with coconut oil or some other no-flavor oil. Pour in the milk and let set in the fridge for several hours.

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

The bigger black bits are clumps of beans. I probably could have found a way to distribute the beans more evenly.

When it was ready, I loosened the edge with a knife and kind of had to plop the panna cotta into my hand and then place it on a plate.

Vanilla Bean Panna Cotta

Easy, fast, delicious. What's not to like about coconut milk, vanilla bean and bourbon maple syrup? Nothing! This isn't vegan but could easily be if you used a vegan gelatin.

All the beans:

Vanilla Beans

This is the first time I've ever handled vanilla beans. It was interesting and I liked it. They definitely were a special splurge item but I'll be making 32 oz of extract for the price of the beans ($35). Commercial vanilla extract is currently selling at $90 for 16 oz. I'll be making twice as much (at potentially twice the strength- I think I used a lot of beans) for roughly 1/3 the price. Little bottles would make a nice Christmas gift, if it turns out well.


[misc] Santana Monday

Santana had a stroke 8 days ago. She's much better now- at home, living in her own private studio apartment (the spare room).


I woke up last Sunday morning to her tumbling off the bed and down the three step stairs we have next to the bed. She wasn't walking right- her hind legs weren't functioning normally. This was at about 6 am and I called the emergency number for the vet. We brought her down and the vet had good news- Santana has feelings in her hind legs. But she likely has a blood clot in her brain. We got prescriptions for her (blood pressure, blood thinner, baby aspirin) and brought her home. 

She fell a few more times at home- she wanted to move quickly but her hind legs weren't responding as normal. I went the spare room- broken down the bed frame, removed the box spring and put the mattress directly on the floor. And covered the rest of the floor with pillows and blankets. I got a space heater, set up a food station and a litterbox area. The plan is to keep her in the room- where she can be unsupervised and wouldn't hurt herself from a fall.

Here she on the second night after the stroke:


I think her left eye is off- not really looking in the same direction as her right. She was confused- maybe about her body not acting right and probably wondering why the room looked different and why she was being kept there.

To top it off, it was an incredibly busy week at work- our teaching season has started and I leave the house at 6:15 am and return at 7 pm. When I got home, I just went to Santana's room to hang out with her. I've been sleeping in there since, as well. Her room is the warmest and comfiest in the house now. But she needs company and I want to see her improvement.

Days go by, she getting better and better:


Since the very first night, she was able to get into the litterbox, use it and get out without falling. We're having a tough time pilling her. She's getting stronger and fighting back more. I need to consider that I want her to be happy and relaxed- not terrified of having a pill poked down her throat every time I walk in the room- especially if she has to be on this medicine the rest of her life. But we also want her to eat her medicine. We're trying to find the wet food or liquid or treat that she will eat ALL OF with a pill ground up in it.


All these pictures are of her laying down but she is walking well. We've let her out of the room a few times- she goes down the stairs just fine, eats some food from the other cats' bowls, wanders around but eventually goes back up to her room- and I shut the door. She naps, mostly. It's a safe space- when she came out on her own the first time, Murderface hissed at her and Penny hit her. So she has to have her own place where she's safe from the stress of being around the other cats.

Santana Banana is 16 years old. Lost all her canine teeth. Has renal disease (and is on medicine for that, as well). Now this stroke. I'm glad she has bounced back but we are starting to think about what's best for her in terms of quality of life and happiness. She's still happy- she purrs and licks/kisses me. She's playing a bit. She still has all her functions. We're not at the point where we have to make any hard decisions- and I seriously hope we're still years away from that- but this whole experience has been a wake up call.


[knitting] Bed Socks

The weather here has been frigid for days on end. Wool bedsocks have become the norm:

It has been wear-wool-socks-to-bed weather. ❄️ #knitting #sockknitting #bedsocks

Penny pawing at my shoulder at 3 am, to get under the covers, has also become the norm. 

TGIF. We're going to see Captain Marvel this weekend. I splurged on some vanilla beans, which should be arriving tomorrow. I plan to start some homemade vanilla extract since the current price of vanilla extract is exorbitant. Any maybe make something with really vanilla beans, which I've never tried in my life.


[misc] Murderface Thursday

Someone barfed all over the bed while we were at work yesterday. 

Had to wash the quilt because *someone* barfed all over it. He knows what he did.

He knows what he did.

I had to wash my quilt, Dollar's quilt, sheets and pillowcases. Sigh. All this on top of vacuuming the entire house before band members arrive (they spend the entire time in the basement and wouldn't see 90% of what I was vacuuming but I didn't do it over the weekend and I wanted to for my own peace of mind) and washing all the dishes. And I was trying to find a place to store the Instant Pot, so it's not taking up space on the counter all the time and I ended up pulling everything out of the bottom of the pantry closet (like you do, once you get going cleaning something) and... it was an ordeal.

But as I got into bed last night, into fresh warm sheets, under a clean, fluffy quilt, I looked over at Penny (sitting by my head, waiting for treats) and whispered, "I'm kind of glad Murderface puked. Everything is so nice and clean now. ... But he sure as shit isn't getting breakfast in bed anymore."


[cooking] Mardis Gras Pizza

Yesterday was Mardis Gras, so I made pizza...

🍕 last night- sausage, green pepper, purple onion, yellow cheese. 💚💜💛 Mardis Gras! 🎉

Green peppers, purple onions, yellow cheese. (And sausage.) Green, purple and yellow makes it 'Mardis Gras', right?


Band practice at the house tonight, so I'll be working on the afghan in the craft room and listening to podcasts. I've been neglecting my Starfall sweater, so maybe I'll try to get the main body going on that before everyone arrives. 

I kind of need to clean and do dishes and make the house presentable first, though.


[puzzle] The Dream of Surrealism

The puzzle that I finished last week:


I follow the artist, Brecht Vandenbroucke, on Instagram and I love his style. When I saw he designed a puzzle, I had to get it. 


It was so addicting to work on. The Surrealist references are funny. The inside of the box even includes extra information about the artist/piece and how it influenced the movement:


I actually ordered two of this puzzle on accident. I'm giving the other to my sister. But who knows if it really was an "accident" or if my subconscious wanted an extra one for my sister. 

It was very relaxing to work on. As I sat at the table working on it, Dollar commented on how fast I was putting it together. I could only up at at him through sleepy eyes and say, "It makes mah brain feel good."

I can't do any more puzzles, though. As much fun as it was- it really ate into my knitting time.

By the way- I saw Short Poppies on Amazon Prime Video over the weekend. Hi-lar-i-ous. Rhys Darby is amazing and there are several great cameos.


[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface with his big 'ol catnip sack:

Murderface and his big ‘ol catnap sack. 🍃 #catsofinstagram #sundaze

Had a good weekend. Friday afternoon I visited the grand opening of a new yarn store in Norwich, VT (Norwich Knits). The back room is devoted to Vermont yarn/fiber/farms and there are a few places to sit and knit. The shop will have classes and weekly knit nights.

The front room has commercial yarn brands- Manos del Uruguay, Noro, Mirasol, Rowan... Some of the stock is recognizable as Northern Nights' previous stock. In terms of needles- I only saw Clover, which I can get at big box craft stores with a coupon. I'd like to see Knitters Pride needles offered- they are affordable and there are many different wool/metal/acrylic options.

Saturday morning I brought Penny to the vet for her annual exam. The rest of the weekend was busy but I feel like I don't have a lot to show for it. I got a puzzle in the mail last Wednesday that consumed me until I finished it Saturday morning. Once that was done, I could get back to knitting and crocheting.

I crocheted a couple more rounds on the afghan. I finished the 2nd ball of yarn for the shawl and started the 3rd ball. Nothing too exciting to show there. I had every intention of warping up the Kromski Harp loom to weave a window covering (and even watched YouTube videos to refresh my memory on how to warp) but... I didn't.

Sunday was a busy cooking day. Yogurt in the Instant Pot. Pork shoulder in the slow cooker. Bread from the no-knead bucket. Chocolate chip blondies. Tuna fish and white bean salad. Basically meal prep for the week.

We watched The Kirilian Frequency on Netflix- it's just five 10-minute short animated stories. We've been trying to find Lovecraftian movies/shows and this series was perfect. If you like the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, you'll looooove this. I was pretty sad there weren't more episodes.


[cooking] Homemade yogurt

I've started making my own yogurt at home with the Instant Pot:

Instant Pot Yogurt

It's easy- it just takes a while. I get a half gallon of whole milk and pour it into the IP bowl and put the cover on (vent open). I select the yogurt button until it says 'boil'. Let it come to a boil. Take the cover off and the bowl out and let it sit on the counter to cool until it's between 100 F and 115 F. I use a thermometer to check and then use the tip to lift off the milk skin that forms on the surface when it's ready. I take a couple tablespoons of the warm milk and mix it in a bowl with yogurt (leftover from the previous week- you need the cultures to make more yogurt) and then mix that into the pot of milk.

Put the cover back on, press the yogurt button and set for 8 hours. It's thicker than milk when it's done but too runny for my liking. I set a cheese cloth in a colander and put that over a bowl (see above) and leave it in the fridge overnight. 

The next morning:

Homemade Yogurt with the Instant Pot

So thick it falls away cleanly from the cloth:

Finished yogurt is so thick!

I love this cheese cloth, by the way. It came with a tofu press that I bought (with the plan of making homemade ricotta and pressing it into paneer)- it's nice and hemmed and reusable. I machine wash/dry it, which I love rather than having to throw away cheese cloth. 

The yogurt and whey:

Strained yogurt and whey

I've been using the whey in place of water when I mix up a bucket of no-knead dough.


TGIF. Penny has a vet appointment tomorrow morning. Other than that, I'm making a list of all the crafty stuff I need to do- the wall hanging/curtain for my office window, some hanging pouches to hold dry erase markers, make some more progress on the sweater...


[knitting] Starfall Sweater

The start of my Starfall sweater:

A Starfall sweater is happening... 💫#knitting #starfallsweater #sweaterknitting

The yarn is Knit Picks Main Line, 75% cotton / 25% wool. Long since discontinued-  I've had a sweater's worth of this stuff in my stash for a decade. I think Knit Picks was a new company when I ordered it.

Hope to cast on for the body this weekend.


[knitting] Icy Fingerless Mitts

Another pair of quick fingerless mitts:

Fingerless mitts

This is leftover yarn from another pair of fingerless mitts from 2013.

The yarn is Manos del Uruguay Maxima, which looks/feels is almost exactly like Malabrigo Merino Worsted. Both companies are from Uruguay but the Maxima is priced much higher (from Webs: $20 for a skein of Maxima, $12 for a skein of Malabrigo Worsted). But Manos yarn is Fair Trade and made up of a dozen non-profit cooperatives, so I think that accounts for the higher price. 


It's been cold and really windy the past few days. Made more progress on my shawl. For some reason the shawl seems to be weeknight knitting and the sweater is weekend knitting.

I made a sausage/green pepper/onion pizza last night and my crust game was on point. Going to whip up another bucket of no-knead dough with whey strained from last weekend's yogurt making.

I have to figure out some kind of DIY curtain or window decoration. My office shares a door with the office next to me (like a door between ajoined hotel rooms) and the door has a window in it. There's a sort of peeping-tom-staring-in-your-living-room-window vibe that you get when you catch the other person looking in on you. I'm not saying it's just him- I do it, too. For example when I'm getting my jacket and happen to look through to his office... and I stand there... staring at him working at his desk... and he sees me... and I narrow my eyes and draw my index finger across my throat. I'm just saying a curtain would help this privacy issue. 

Macrame might be too see-through. A knit or crochet one would take too long. I don't want to buy any window film. I actually don't want to buy anything. And I can't do anything permanent. I just want something I can hang on a tension rod. I do have a Schacht School Loom for weaving but the finished width would only be 15" and I need at least 23" by 26". Hmmmmmmm... What to do, what to do. 


[knitting] Byron's Hat

Made a hat to send to a coworker:

Allen hat. To be sent to Minnesota- I just have to get some Vermonty things to send with it. 💚 #knitting #allenhat #hatknitting #cableknitting #knithat #catfuroneverything

It's a free pattern from Ravelry called Allen Hat. This is my second time making the pattern- I made one in December as a Christmas gift. It's a nice, quick pattern.

It's being mailed to Minnesota; I just have to gather some more Vermont-y things to send along with it.


Made some nice short ribs for dinner last night for the Season 3 finale of True Detective. And some lazy focaccia. Pizza tonight.

Worked on the Rumplestiltskin shawl and reached the end of the first ball of yarn (I have three).

We've moved our offices around at work and have nice new furniture. Everyone has spiffy glass "white" boards for dry erase writing but there's nowhere to store the markers. No shelf/ledge like a chalkboard. I'm going to crochet some pen holders that can be hung from one of the support pegs- for holding the markers. Maybe I'll make one for everyone. OR MAKE THEM PAY FOR ONE.

For any local people reading- there's a new yarn shop opening in Norwich called Norwich Knits. It's going to be in the same spot as where Northern Nights Yarn Shop was. The grand opening is this Friday, March 1 from noon to 8 pm. I'll be checking it out for sure!


[misc] Santana Monday

Santana went to the vet on Saturday morning:

Very fun morning field trip for Santana. 😿 She’s losing weight so we’re going to try some steroid treats. 💪 Murderface better watch out.

She did well- had blood drawn, received an exam and rabies shot. She's losing weight and is only 6.5 lbs now, so we're trying a week of steroid treats to increase her appetite (it's working so far). She's just about 16-years-old.

Penny has her appt this coming Saturday. It will definitely take both of us to bring her down since she screams in car the entire trip.


Was able to get my tire patched Saturday afternoon. So relieved.

Sunday we had a family birthday lunch in Norwich. After, we stopped by my mom's to pick up kimchi- and marinated short ribs. Looking forward to braising those for dinner tonight!!!

Worked some more on my Starfall sweater (2nd sleeve almost done). Made progress on the Rumplestiltskin shawl at my car appointment. Did a round of crochet on my Sophie's Universe afghan. Here's my crochet nest in the craft room:

This is my crochet nest. Afghan to work on, basket of yarn nearby. Laptop. I’m following the pattern digitally rather than printing 300 pages (the pattern is thorough). Phone and charger and Bluetooth speaker on the windowsill to listen to podcasts. Chai.

I've got it all set up just so- the laptop to follow along with the pattern digitally (it's very thorough). My phone and charger- and a Bluetooth speaker to listen to podcasts. Chai tea, hand lotion, a basket of yarn nearby... pillows, heated cat mats (the cats use this couch the most) and an extra knit blanket. Ugh, once I get settled into this spot, it's hard to get back out.

Rather than crocheting a lot, though, I spent hours on Sunday just trying to free up space on my laptop. It's a 120 GB hard drive but I only had a little more than 1GB free. It was the iPhoto library taking up tons of space (of course). I bought a 2TB backup external hard drive a while ago and was able to move the whole library over- and delete it from my laptop... freeing up 90GB of space. Omg. Then it was running update after update after update. I really should use my Macbook more.


[cooking] King Cake

I made two King Cakes a couple nights ago- one for the band and one to bring in to work. I used this recipe, which is written for two cakes. It's pretty simple brioche dough- richer that the dough I'd normally use for cinnamon buns because of the sour cream and butter and eggs (oh my!). It is also a more relaxed dough that is easier to shape and roll out.

I remembered to hide a baby before rolling up the log:

King Cake

After a second rise and bake:

King Cake

And decorated:

King Cake

The key is quickly putting on the icing and then adding the colored sugar so that it sticks. I was getting a little precious with icing the first cake and making the dribbles just so, so that by the time I was ready to decorate with the sugar, the icing had hardened and all the sugar was sliding off the surface. Sigh.

But everything turned out fine. The band liked the cake (everyone has their own King Cake stories/memories!) and I brought the other to work. My coworker, who first told me about King Cakes, found the baby of the first try:

King Cake

It's breech! I told him to grab the little feet and pull it out but he left it for the next person.

Until next year...


TGIF. I have a screw in my rear tire. I was getting a low-tire pressure light on in my car but after walking around the car- all the tires looked fine. It wasn't until I got back home and the car was in the garage that I heard hsssssssssss. We found the screw but what to do? I called the local Honda place and they said they can repair it tomorrow afternoon. Hope it all works out- I'd LOVE to not have to buy 4 new tires.

Santana has a vet appt tomorrow morning, though. So either (a) Dollar lets me take his new truck to the appt myself (which his seems annoyingly hesitant about), or (b) he gets up a 7:15 am on a Saturday to make the 8 am appt. He's torn.

But we're both sure that the screw in the tire was somehow orchestrated by Santana to get out of going to the vet. NICE TRY.


[beading] Lace curtain weights

I finished my dappled lace cafe curtains a couple weeks ago. They were a smidgen too short and I mulled over the idea of adding beads to the bottom- to add a little length and weight.

I was all set to go to the craft store and spend money. Then I remembered the veritable craft store I have at home. I dug around for beads and jewelry making tools that I used last fall when I made stitch markers.

Adding beads to my lace curtains

I had exactly the right amount of beads for both curtain panels, in terms of lining the beads up to match the lace pattern repeats. They are permanently attached and not removable, but that's fine. They look just perfect to me.

Adding beads to my lace curtains

Close-up of the beads:

Adding beads to my lace curtains

Skulls. Aw yeah. I love the turquoise color with the coral yarn.

Night shot:

Adding beads to my lace curtains

It only took about an hour to add the beads. If they droop over time to touch the window sill, I'll just raise the tension rod a little.


[knitting] Finished Teapot Cosy

The teapot cosy is complete and it's adorable!

Daffodil Stitch Teapot Cosy

I used Knit Picks Palette from the stash- blush, rose, red, green- and US 2 needles.

The vintage pattern is free: Daffodil Stitch Tea Cosy.

Daffodil Stitch Teapot Cosy

Two rows of red, two rows of rose, one row of blush. You knit two sides and then sew them together- leaving an opening for the handle and spout. For my tea pot, I left the two blush rows open for the spout and for the handle, I left the two blush rows and the top red row open.

The pattern suggests knitting a garter stitch lining for the cosy, which makes sense. Once the daffodil stitch is complete, you see it's a rather hole-y pattern that could let a lot of heat escape.

I had plenty of yarn leftover, so a garter stitch lining sounded doable.

Daffodil Stitch Tea cosy

I did bands of red, rose and blush to match the outside.

Daffodil Stitch Teapot Cosy

The topmost blush garter stitch band is heavily decreased (one stitch at either end, every other row) to give it a final trapezoid shape. This is to avoid excess fabric and the top bunching up.

Cosy inside out:

Daffodil Stitch Teapot Cosy

The flowers and leaves around the top:

Daffodil Stitch Teapot Cosy

I just made some misc roses and leaves from Nicky Epstein's Crocheted Flowers. There is still a little bit of an opening at the top for the tea pot lid's knob handle.

All the leftover yarn, tools, ends:

Daffodil Stitch Tea cosy

Love it. Love love love love it. I haven't actually used it to keep a pot of tea warm yet. I just keep putting it on and taking it off and putting it on and taking it off. 

Daffodil Stitch Teapot Cosy

But soon.


I finally started the Starfall sweater (rav link) and have already raced up one sleeve and completed the stranded cuff of the other.

I also cast on for a Rumplestiltskin shawl (rav link) last night. I am using three balls of Renew Wool from Universal Yarn (now discontinued).

I think I have enough leftover Cascade Casablana yarn from this tote to make a new teapot cosy.

My crafty mojo is pretty high right now and I feel like I'm using up stashed yarn pretty quickly. But then I go to Michael's and see all the Caron x Pantone bundles are on clearance for 50% off and are only $4 each. A bunch just jumped into my shopping baskets and now they're all home and I'm searching Pantone patterns on Ravelry. Maybe a brioche cowl?


[needlefelting] Finished Sing Bird Tapestry

Finished the tapestry this weekend:

Songbird Tapestry

Love how it turned out. I took out a straight-edge and trimmed the border. It is 11 inches x 15 inches. Going to look for a frame after work today.

The wrong side:

Songbird Tapestry

I deviated a bit from the picture that comes with the kit- I added some different flowers and a little butterfly and bumblebee.

Songbird Tapestry

I loved working on this project- it was fun to do and I love the colors and fuzziness...

Songbird Tapestry

I have a decent amount of leftover wool, as well, for another project. Maybe a landscape.

Will probably be entering this into the fair this fall...


[knitting] Teapot Cosy Progress

The teapot cosy, which is taking up all my time and yarn:

Half of the teapot cosy complete. ❤️💕 Time to start perusing flower patterns to decorate the top. 🌹🌷 #knitting #teapotcosy #knitpicks #knitpickspalette

At this point, the two ruffled halves are done. I did decide to go with a garter-stitch lining, which is half complete. I pulled out Nicky Epstein's Crocheted Flowers and made several roses and leaves to decorate the top of the cosy. This project is snowballing into something pretty involved but I think the finished cosy will be pretty nice.


Looking forward to the three-day weekend. I should be able to finish the cosy and putter around on other projects. Planning on doing a lot of baking (biscotti... King Cake on Monday to bring in to work on Tuesday...)

I made some homemade yogurt in the Instant Pot this week. I strained it to be extra-thick Skyr style. It. Is. Wonderful.



[knitting] Flaco Socks Complete

Finished the Flaco socks:

Flaco socks complete.  Ready to keep my toesies warm during the impending snow storm. ❄️ #knitting #sockknitting #flacosocks #fiberstashdyeworks

I really could have used them last night. I was in bed, my toes were freezing and Penny was between my legs, so I couldn't get up. Luckily, I had a handknit pair of socks just within reach and I was able to grab them and put them on without disturbing Penny TOO much.


Happy Valentimes! Going to make a nice duck dinner tonight. I wish my teapot cosy was done- it's in pinks and red and I've crocheted some roses and flowers... it's very Valentine-y.

I'm nearly done with my needle felted tapestry. Just got to fill a few remaining blank areas. Felt it a bit.... Trim... Frame? I'm not too sure, I haven't really thought that far ahead. There is a lot of wool leftover, though- enough for a another project.


[knitting] Drawstring Pouches

In mid-January, I posted a pink drawstring pouch that I knit during the NFL Playoff games. The Pats won their game, so I had to keep making the pouches during their games. 

I made this during the AFC Championship game:

AFC Pouch

AFC Champs. So I had to make another during the Super Bowl:

Super Bowl Pouch

WORLD CHAMPS. Got to watch some good football and close out the season with some nice little bags:

Football Pouches

I think I'll use these as gift bags in the future.


[misc] Murderface Monday

Weekend napping on the couch:


Murderface was leaving wet paw prints all over the kitchen floor this morning. Great- where's the barf? He must have walked through some and was tracking it all over the house. Or, god forbid, pee. I followed the trail back upstairs... to the bathrooooooom... shower. He had gotten in after my shower. Whew.


The weekend went by too fast. I finished the two halves for the teapot cosy- just working on crocheted flowers to decorate the top with. I'm also contemplating going the extra mile and knitting a lining for the inside (gotta keep that tea HOT).

Other than a quick cabled hat that I want to knit and send to a coworker, I think I'm ready to stop procrastinating and cast on for a sweater. I swatched (a bit)... I just need to get everything together. Like the yarn and the needles and... ok, that's literally all I need to get together. I'll cast on this week. Probably.