[knitting] New Fall 2006 Yarns from Knit Picks

Here. So nice. I'd be interested to see how Shamrock in Doyle knits up. Wool of the Andes Bulky would make for a quick felt project. Quarry might make a nice cloche. And dying the Bare Superwash/Nylon/Donegal would make for fun results. New heathers for Wool of the Andes! New colors for Suri Cruise Dream! I think I may have to order a sac o' yarn again.

[weekend] Shall I play for you, pa rum pum pum pum, On my drum?

The weekends just go by too quickly. Saturday morning Dollar and I went out to run our Saturday Morning Errands. Go to my post office, go to his post office, King Arthur Flour (for the day's baguette and maybe a couple pastries) and then down to Stern's produce stand for the week's veggies.

On the drive from KAF to Stern's, a truck in front of us kind of pulled over, then sort of stopped in the middle of the street, then drove away. While we both muttered "What the fuck, dude?", Dollar looked over to see a yard sale. What was it that was so intriguing that the driver of this truck wanted to stop? By the time I posed this question to myself, we were already pulled over, Dollar had thrown his door open and was running from the truck. I briefly heard him say, "That's a drum set." What? It can't- NOOOOO!

I walked over to Dollar and he was rapping his knuckles against the drums. I slapped my hand down on the cymbals. He dropped his foot down on the pedal for the big bass drum. We asked the guy why he was selling them and all he could say was, "I'm getting married." Awww! He was so sad and heart-broken to see the drums go! I looked at the tops of the drums and they were used, that was clear, but in good condition. He played these drums a lot.

"$125 or Best Offer" was what the sign said. I wanted to tell Dollar to offer $80 and then see if he could get the guy down to $100. Dollar said he'd pay $125 outright. It was a musician camaraderie thing- he knew the guy was sad, so wanted to pay the whole price. Whatever, I'm a bargain hunter. I don't care how sad the guy is- I'm not going to pay full price at a yard sale. The whole point of a yard sale is to haggle.

So we got drums. No- Dollar got drums. I got a headache. I think Dollar is incredibly musically talented (acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, regular and bass wooden flutes he picked up at Bonnaroo) and I love hearing him play. Even when I was getting supper ready and I heard "boom boom buh-boom-boom tch! boom BOOM boom buh-boom-boom tch! boom BOOM boom etc", I poked my head into his studio and said "That sounds nice!" Then I went back into the kitchen and started applying Head On directly to my forehead.


[tv] Two meanings of "Head On"

I heard about this commercial on NPR recently.

WTF? See, this is why I'm glad I don't have tv. "Head On, Apply directly to the forehead."

WHAT IS IT? You can't even tell; you just know where to put it. I dare you to find a worse commercial.

The good thing is that it's so easy to spoof.

[NOTE: "Head On" was the name of the movie that Vince Chase was in at the beginning of Season 1 of Entourage.]

[tv] Ari Gold is a scumbag- and I love it!

While we wait for the next seasons of Arrested Development, Battlestar Galactica and Desperate Housewives (that's for me) to come out, I've been trying out other TV shows.

We got the first season of Robot Chicken. I don't know, I'd give it a 3.5 out of 5. I like it but I don't love it. It's kind of dark and man-centric. I *did* like the episode with the big race skit, though. Cuz you know the creators were sitting around going, "What if... pppffft... we did, like, a race... with... ppfft... some Mario Kart characters against... Batman and Robin in the Batmobile against... The Dukes of Hazard and... Oh! And Knight Rider! And the guys from CHiPs! Who else?" "Ppfftt... SPEED RACER!" "SHIT! Speed Racer, yeah!" Everything about the show is a pop-reference and while that's amusing and all, I feel like you can only really enjoy the show if you have ADD and are coked out of your mind.

I put Invader Zim back into my queue. I watched them all and loved the show. I loved Zim and Dib and Gir (Doom doomdoomdoom doom!) and thought Dollar would as well. He thought the first disk was "amusing" but didn't really dig it. Which left me reeling. I wanted to break up with him but I realized that if I drop him because he didn't enjoy a cartoon show as much as I did, then we've got deeper problems. ... But seriously! How can you not love this show?! 5 out of 5 stars!

So now we're watching Entourage. This is another HBO show upholding my claim that YOU CANNOT GO WRONG WITH AN HBO SHOW. They're all funny, smart and well produced. I was on the fence about Entourage but decided to go ahead and get it. It's great! So funny! Of course, it makes me a little sick about Hollywood. It seems to me that it's just one big popularity contest. Like high school all over again, but that's what life is like out there. The popular, pretty kids are making insane amounts of money and everyone wants to suck-up to them. It makes me a little dirty watching it. But Jeremy Piven (who plays Hollywood agent Ari Gold)! Awesome! He's so unapologetically racist, sexist, misogynistic and needy. I love it.

[movies] What? Wait- What?

Night Watch

There have been Light Others and Dark Others since the beginning of time. After a battle centuries ago, a truce was called and the Light Others became the Night Watch while the Dark Other became the Day Watch. A Seer joins the Light Others to keep the Night Others- wait, I mean Dark Others in check. If you're a vampire and you're hungry, there are forms you've got to fill out to get some dinner. Oh, and there's a prophecy that a female vortex will bring about the apocalypse.

Sound kind of complicated? Yeaaah. I wanted to chalk it up to the fact that this is a foreign film ("It's Russian. Maybe Russians get stuff like this.") but really it's just a confusing film. The bad guys, the good guys, the gloom, the vortex, the owl, the rules, the weird dubbing- it all works together to make for an especially confusing film experience that will leave you asking the question, "What just happened?"

Looks like the paperback just came out yesterday and the story is a trilogy. I'm gonna go get the book.

The movie was really jump-cutty (influenced, I think, from all the commercials the director had previously done) and the music was really electronic-metally (a la Rammstein, Marylin Manson). I'd give it 5/10 stars, but the may go up or down after I watch it a few more times to get a better understanding of what the shit was going on.

Old Boy

Everyone was telling me to watch this. "It's amazing." "It's got the most evil bad guy I've ever seen in a movie." "Oh, you HAVE to see it." So Dollar and I saw it. I was expecting a Korean Reservoir Dogs but really it was more like Memento. Bits and pieces of the mystery are revealed to the audience at the same time that they're revealed to the main character. The only downside to this movie is that Dollar guessed what would happen 3-5 minutes before they actually happened. I can't watch movies like this with him anymore.

I dunno. 7/10 stars. I'm being kind of generous here. I think it IS a total dude movie (there were a few parts I didn't see because I was covering my eyes) and it's twisted. Maybe you either love it (Dollar) or are ambivalent about it (me).


[knitting] More Mason Dixon Washrags

The color here is a little washed out from the flash, but I made three and still have enough yellow leftover to make another solid one. 4 rags for $4.40 isn't bad at all.

And here's the back of the two two-colored ones. The back of the solid green doesn't look too different from the front but the wrong side is more noticable on these:

As far as I can tell, no one's posted what the wrong side looks like. It's not in the book and not on the knitalong website. I guess it doesn't really matter but I would have liked to have known.

Is the ugly wrong side going to put me off making more? Nope. I had to go out and buy more Sugar 'n Cream yesterday. Lookit the bright colors! Oh so cheerful!

My next move is to weave in ends and give the rags a good ol' machine wash and dry to see what happens.

[amy] Planes, Pains and Automobiles

I'm back from Portland. Barely. If I thought my flights OUT to Oregon were crappy, my flights back were- What's worse than "crappy"? Let's just say there were a couple instances where I wanted to throw myself in front of something that would kill me. As I was blissfully crushed to death, I would smile and breathe, "Fuck... you... United... ggllkkk."

4:00 am: Get up, check out of hotel, go to airport. I'll be walking in my front door to my sweet, sweet boyfriend by 6:00 pm.

5:00 am: Find out at airport that my connection in Chicago has been cancelled due to weather. My new route is Portland to San Francisco to Philadelphia to Manchester. I should be home and in the arms of my darling boyfriend by 12:00 am. Leave message for Dollar.

6:00 am: Board plane. Will be in San Francisco by 7:45 am.

8:30 am: Arrive San Francisco after a "Waiting for Crew" delay. Run to catch my connection 8:40 am connection to Philadelphia.

8:40 am: See that my flight is delayed until 12:20 pm. Doing the math in my head, I see that this will mean I'll miss my connection to Manchester. ... NOOOOOO! Go to United Customer Service desk to see about a different flight.

9:40 am: After standing in line, I finally get to an unfriendly woman who says there are NO flights she can get me on. I should just go to Philadelphia and hope that my connecting flight to Manchester is delayed. I say, "And if it isn't? What then?" She says, "We'll put you up in a hotel if it's because there isn't crew. Wait. No, there's isn't any crew because of weather so, No, we won't pay for your hotel." So, I get dinged for weather by proxy? She gives me another ticket to Manchester in case I miss my connections. I leave the line.

9:45 am: Find a place to sit down and look at ticket. Says "Washington/Dulles to Manchester". What. The. FUCK. I'm not even FLYING to FUCKING D.C.!!

9:46 am: Commence tears of frustration. Leave hysterical message for Dollar.

10:00 am: Try to sneak into US Airways terminal with my United boarding pass. They catch me and send me back.

10:20 am: Don't see my delayed flight to Philadelphia on the TV monitor anyone. Wonder if it left without me. Start to hyperventilate.

10:30 am: Realize I was looking at the Arrivals monitor. Departures monitor still says 12:20 pm.

10:35 am: Go to the bar to start drinking.

11:00 am: No one comes to take my order. Fuck this. Fuck the world. Fuck everyone. I want to blow up the airport. Arrest me. Fuck you. Find somewhere at gate to sit and stare at wall.

12:00 pm: Board plane, have seat in 2nd from last row of plane. We're going to be a little late taking off because we're waiting for a pilot. Jesus fucking Christ. You'd think after how many years of doing this that United would have their shit together and be able to doing this thing that they advertise they do (FLY YOU SOMEWHERE), but it's just too difficult.

12:40 pm: Pull away from gate. Sit on runway.

1:00 pm: Sit on runway.

1:30 pm: Still sitting on runway. Crew serves drinks and starts movie.

2:00 pm: Crew tells us that we're going to take off. Please put trays, seats up and let them know if there's anything they can do to be of service. Girl behind me says, "Yeah, you can come out here and kill yourself in front of us." I laugh.

7:00 pm: I'm starving. Food cart finally makes it down to the tail of the plane. Would I like to buy a snack box? Unfortunately all the good ones have been bought by everyone else on the plane. Nevermind I have to pay $5 (fuck you) but now my only choice is the shit box because I'm all the way in the back of the plane. Fuck. You. I buy one and see what tasty treats are hidden inside. Sesame butter (tastes and looks like shit butter), tropical fruit cocktail (allergic), trail mix (shit mix) and a bunch of other shit I can't eat. Fuck, I'm so hungry.

8:30 pm: Drink cart. I get a club soda. I don't want a cup of ice with it, do I? Because she only has one cup left and since I'm all the way in the back of the plane (the butt of the plane), that means I get the butt choices and the butt leftovers and end up having a shittier flight that everyone in the front of the plane. I vow never to sit in the back of the plane again (if I can help it). Drink warm club soda. Cry quietly.

10:30 pm: Arrive Philadelphia. Missed my connection (duh), go to the United Customer Service desk (outside Security Checkpoint) to see about another flight. Girl there tells me there's a 12:50 pm flight. I should run and see if I can get on it. Oh, and since I'm outside Security, I need a special security clearance ticket to get through since all the security officers are gone for the day.

11:00 pm: Show guy at security checkpoint my ticket. He says he can't let me through. I say that the people told me- He says they told me wrong. I say please, I have to- He says sorry (but doesn't mean it). I get on the Airport info phone and ask to me put through to the United Baggage Claim room. Person on other end of the phone say that the United Ticketing Counters are close. I say that I know that- I want to be connected with the United Baggage Claim room, where I know there's people. Person on other end of phone says, "Whatever" and connects me to a phone that rings and rings and rings and rings. I'm sure they've connected me to the Ticketing Counter because they're stupid fucks and I fucking hate this airport. See a guy I recognize (who has the same bogus security ticket as me) with an official looking airport person. I finagle my way through security with this guy, go running to the gate.

11:30 pm: Ask to be put on standby for the 12:50 pm flight.

11:31 pm: Flight delayed until 1:30 am.

11:35 pm: Get booked (for sure) for the 8:20 pm (!!!!!!) flight the next day. I plan on trying stand by for every flight until then, but at least I have a ticket.

12:50 pm: Wait.

1:30 am: No one's boarding. I ask what the hold up is and the woman tells me that they're waiting on Crew (What the FUCK?) to go through customs. They're coming. I say, "Okay. Well, that's useful information. Do you thinking you should maybe make an announcement to everyone else here who's waiting?" She laughs at me and says "No."

1:50 am: Woman announces that the flight has been cancelled due to weather in Manchester. Crowd, who had been waiting patiently up until this point, revolts. They surge toward her, shouting, "I don't believe this!", "I don't believe you!", "Unbelievable!", "Weather in Manchester! How much you wanna bet weather in Manchester's fine!", "This is ridiculous!", "I'm going to rip out your heart, eat it and then piss into your empty chest cavity!" (That was me.)

1:55 am: Leave through security gate. At least I'm booked on a flight. I call the Airport Marriott. I ask about vacancies. Woman says they're booked. I ask about where there might be vacancies around the airport. Woman says all the hotels in Philadelphia are booked and hangs up on me.

2:00 am: Call Dollar, sad and crying, tell him I'm going to sleep on the floor of the airport and that maybe I'll see him at midnight the next day. Or never. So tired. Want to die. Go outside and see man in pink cast I recognize from the same missed flight. He says he and a couple other guys are driving to Manchester because it's just not worth it. Driving? I ask if there's a seat available in the car please please please please? He says he doesn't know.

3:00 am: Other guys return from renting a car (they said a riot was starting to break out and they were lucky to get a car). There IS a seat available. I jump in.

3:14 am: Good bye and fuck you Philadelphia. City of Brotherly Love my ASS.

3:15 am – 9:00 am: Drive with three married businessmen; we talk and get to know one another. By the time we reach Connecticut, I realize I'm in a car with three conservative Republicans at about the same time they realize they're in a car with a dirty Vermont hippie Socialist. I worry they might throw me from the car.

9:20 am: Pull into Manchester Airport. Say goodbye to the guys, run to my car, throw in the luggage, get on the road home. It feels so good to drive and be so close to home.

10:30 am: Pull in my driveway. I didn't call Dollar to tell him I was catching a ride, so this will be a surprise. Run inside and throw myself at him.

10:31: Shower.

10:35: I sleep now.

1. United Sucks Donkey Balls. No one wants to help you and no one gives a shit about you. They won't pay for a hotel for you to stay in because they're going to come up with some bogus excuse to get out of it. All the "crew" delays weren't sufficiently explained to us. They just said "We're waiting for crew, so that we're legal to fly." Well where the fuck was the crew? Why can't you get more crew?

2. Philadelphia Airport Sucks Ass. Everyone there moves at the pace of molasses (seriously) and no one wants to help you. Picture this: You're stranded in a city you're unfamiliar with, it's the middle of the night and everything's closed- Who can you call for help? Information? They'll hang up on you. I would have called 911 just to get someone to come talk to me face-to-face but I probably would have been beaten within an inch of my life just so they could bring me to an emergency room to spend the night.

3. Philadelphia Airport and United Should be Destroyed. Our flight got into Philadelphia so late that the shuttle between terminals was closed. The only way to get from one terminal to another was to leave security, go out, walk down and go back in through security at the other terminal. But guess what? The security people who check your ticket/ID go home at 11:00 pm and NO ONE AT SECURITY is authorized let you go through security. Bravo. That's top notch planning. The only way to get from A to B is to leave security at A but you can't get through security at B because everyone's gone home for the night. You guy deserve a fucking medal for being the world's #1 retards.

4. Everyone at Philadelphia Airport is a Motherfucking Retard. The guys who got the rental car said that the computer was down at Hertz and the women working there had to fill out forms by hand. There were taking forever, writing everything out in block letters, spending 30 minutes to get ONE woman hooked up with a rental car. One of the "Customer Service" people behind the desk apparently got up and said, "I'm going home. I've been here for 9 hours." All 30 people in line said, "But we've been here for 20 hours!" That's what customer service is: a fucking douche-bag who isn't going to help you because she doesn't feel like it.

Not one to be a Negative Nancy, I just wanted to post the bright side of my whole traveling fiasco: I didn't die. Oh, there were times when I wanted to (because it would have been the easy way out), but the planes didn't crash, the cars didn't crash and I made it home in one piece. There. There's your stupid bright side.


[amy] Portland, OR

I'm in Portland, Oregon for the week and I really like it so far. It's cool (temperature and mood-wise), green and feels safe. Which is nice after having such crap flights out here. I went from Manchester, NH to Chicago to Portland. Chicago to Portland was the worst- totally full flight, I had a middle seat, neither of my seat-mates would give me an arm rest, the kid behind me was kicking my chair and the man in front of me stank. Ugh. I was ready to kill everyone on the plane.

The upside is that I was able to get a lot of knitting done on the flights:

These Mason Dixon washrags really are easy and addictive. I usually don't like knitting with cotton because there's no elasticity to the yarn but these are a pleasure to knit. They're soft and squishy. I'm nearly done with the contrasting one and want to make another but I don't want to duplicate one I've already made. I'm trying to find out where I can get more Sugar 'n Cream yarn in Downtown Portland but I can't seem to find anything. Which is worrying because now I don't know what I'll knit for the flight back home!

I went for a riverside walk around the Willamette River last night. Here are some photos:





[knitting] Knitting and craft worries

I've started the handles for the French Market Bag. After decreasing for one of the 4 handles, I knew I was going to have to use another color for the grip part of the handles. I went up to the craft room and picked a natural wool that (a) I thought would felt and (b) was close to the same gauge. The off-white is stark but I *am* going to overdye the whole thing and I'm hoping the handles turn out all right.

I got Mason Dixon Knitting in the mail. I like so many of the patterns in here. They seem functional, inexpensive and creative. Check out the knitalong (where the washrags appear to be the most popular item to make). Which is the first thing I plan on making:

And I had to stop by the craft store to pick up some beads to melt:

This is all the rage at Craftster right now. I've been reading some stuff about toxic fumes coming from the oven when you're baking them and toyed with the idea of getting a separate convection oven but... meh, I'm not too worried.

Or should I be?

Yeah, I don't really want to do this in my everyday, "I cook food in here" oven. Maybe I'll get a heat gun and melt the beads on a glass plate out in the backyard. Do you think the heat gun would blow the beads around? What if I actually melt the beads onto the plate? Dang, I'm gonna have to think on this more.


[amy] I. Don't. Like. Lightning.

I'm scared of lightning and thunder. Oh, some people love it and ask me, "Why are you such a scaredy cat, you little woosey baby?" Well, I was shocked by lightning when I was in high school.

I'd like to stress that I wasn't actually HIT. I was standing in my doorway (on a metal frame, duh, but at that point I wasn't scared) calling to my cat to come in from the downpour. Then the lightning hit the ground in front of the house, oscillated through the ground (so they tell me), into the metal, into my legs and I fell backwards down a flight of stairs.

I know, I know: This probably explains a lot about me. But right after that I would have to hide under a bed if there was a storm. No way could I even be near a window. I'm a bit better now, but I don't like touching doors or windows when there's any sign of lightning or thunder.

Today, this morning, it's bad. At home, I made a mad dash out to my car to go to work. As I drove, I kept repeating "I feel good, I feel great, I feel wonderful" with growing frenzy (a la 'What About Bob?') as I navigated the roads in a torrential downpour, with lightning flashing and thunder rumbling.

Then lightning hit a telephone a mere twenty feet in front of me. A gigantic bolt of electricity hit the top of the pole and a huge shower of red sparks rained down on the road like fireworks. Thunder vibrated all the windows in my car. I braked and thought, "Should I drive by? What if the pole lands on my car and there are all these live wires and I get electrocuted? Didn't I see something like that in a movie? What should I-? Should I-?" Wanting to get the hell away, I roared away. Bug eyed, shaking, like, "What just happened?"

Whoa. Weird, right?

When I was getting closer to work, I started planning the route I would run from my car to the front door. Then a huge white light exploded in my rearview mirror and I went, "What was-" Then more window-imploding thunder and more red-sparks. Lightning had just hit ANOTHER telephone pole, one I had just driven by.

THE LIGHTNING WANTS ME. I'm now convinced that it was supposed to get me in high school but never did so now it's going to keep trying until it finally succeeds to electrocute me.


[recipe] Green Stuffed Green Peppers

1 box couscous
3 green bell peppers
1/3 cup diced green bell peppers
1/3 cup diced scallions
1/2 cup diced zucchini
1/3 cup diced button mushrooms
6 slices cheese

Preheat oven to 375. Cook couscous according to directions on the box. I used 'Near East Roasted Garlic and Olive Oil' and cooked in beef stock and a little olive oil. Cut three whole bell peppers in half lengthwise, clean middle and de-vein. Place up (like little boats) in oiled casserole dish.

In a skillet, saute bell peppers, scallions and zucchini in 2 tablespoons of olive oil until soft. Add mushrooms and cook for a few more minutes. Fluff couscous with a fork, add cooked vegetables, mix and spoon into bell pepper boats. Cover each half with a slice of cheese. I used Cabot Pepper Jack because it comes in nice square burger slices. Bake for 20-25 minutes (the cheese should be browned on top).

NOTES: Dice up and use just about any vegetables to mix into the couscous (yellow squash, asparagus, onions/shallots, red/orange/yellow bell peppers). I was using green bell peppers as boats and liked that my veggies for the filling were white/green. I was going to add diced tomatoes to the cooked couscous but decided that I didn’t want the color red in there. Because I have OCD. The cheese is necessary. If you don’t make a little roof for your bell pepper boat, your couscous is going to dry out in the oven and turn into grapenuts. Use a nice cheese. One of these boats will make a nice side dish, two will make a filling supper.

[amy] Weekend party and recovery

The weekend was pretty chill. Stayed in Friday night. Went to the party Saturday night. Recovered all of Sunday.

No School was fun. Blabpipe (the band Dollar's in) was really good. I particularly enjoyed screaming "I live you, Phil!" like a rabid fan. Nevermind Phil is the drum machine, I just wanted to see Dollar cry.

During the day there was lots of grilling, beer pong, croquet, bocce and chilling. Once the sun set, the DJ's started mixing it up down in the basement. I had a nice time talking to everyone and meeting new people.

When it was time to head out, I counted up all the croquet pieces and found one mallet to be missing. I went on a hunt around the outskirts of the crowd and finally saw some guy holding onto it. I asked for it back and he gave it willingly. I then informed him that after the arduous journey I'd have to go and throw the mallet into Mount Doom. He didn't know what I was talking about.

Yesterday Dollar and I finished watching season 2 of LOST. Hrm. I think the season started off strongly but about halfway through I started to disbelieve some of the character's actions. They've only been on the island for a couple of months but everyone seems to be suddenly acting differently or inconsistently. Kate was all super-secret to begin with, a bad-ass. Now she's toying with both Sawyer and Jack? You'd think she'd be the type to keep to herself, right? And Claire's all, "Be a father to my baby, Charlie, even though you're a complete stranger. No I hate you. Just kidding, let me hold your hand. Wait, didn't you try to kill my baby? Oh a present? I love you again! You're not still a junkie, are you?" Whatever. I do enjoy all the flashbacks and seeing how everyone's connected. At this point, though, I just want them to be rescued and have the mystery solved.


[knitting] Wedding Afghan

Best knit blanket I have ever seen. Ever. Hands down. I want to find the woman's neice and steal it from her.

[party] NO SCHOOL

What happens at NO SCHOOL stays at NO SCHOOL. This Saturday. Anyone and everyone is invited.

[music] Pictures from Bonnaroo

Here was home. We kept most stuff in the car. The tent, chairs, gazebo and table we would leave out. The gazebo held up really well. At times it got fairly windy and it would sway a bit but it held fast.

It may not look like it but that's a VERY large smoke ring (as big as a house). It's sent up from the "Art of Such 'n' Such" area, which was about a 20 minute walk away.

The only concert I took a picture of: Cypress Hill.

They inflated a great big Buddha on stage (with a pretty flower on it's belly!) and proceeded to sing a song. B-Real was cool as hell, Muggs was awesome but it was Sen Dog that I really, really liked. He sounded so much better live (B-Real sounds the same as on the albums). Sen Dog blew me away. If there had been a roof over the crowd, he would have blown it off.

[knitting] French Market Bag

I started binding off sections of the bag to begin knitting the handles. I'm using the yarn I dyed with Kool-Aid a while back.

I plan on overdying the bag red (in a pot, on the stove) when I'm all done knitting but before felting. I'm hoping the blue will turn purple, the reds will get redder and the purple will turn burgundy. The blue is driving me mad.

Over all, though, I'm happy with the way the color is uniformly mixed. There's a little color pooling at the bottom but that's the bottom of the bag, so no one will see it.

[amy] Thank you- I mean- them.

[SCENE: Amy comes home from her cousin's wedding to find a bouquet on the dining room table, with a Post-It that says "To Amy, Love Dollar"]

AMY: Aww, that's so sweet. What are these for?

DOLLAR: My coworkers gave them to me.

AMY: ... Your coworkers gave you flowers and you're giving them to me?

DOLLAR: No, they got them for you.

AMY: Your coworkers got me flowers?

DOLLAR: They put that note on it. They're supposed to be from me.

AMY: Hang on, your coworkers got me flowers that they signed your name to?


AMY: That's... nice of them.


AMY: Do they think you need- Was I supposed to think that you got me the flowers?

DOLLAR: I don't know.

AMY: Well... that was nice of them anyway.

DOLLAR: They got me mini cans of Dr. Pepper.

AMY: You have really nice coworkers.


[knitting] Extremities

New summer Knitty is up. FINALLY.

[amy] Everything bad is good again

It's been another week since my last confession. I'm feeling a lot better and had a nice, long holiday weekend. Didn't really do much 4th of July stuff (BBQs or Fireworks)- it was all LOST all the time. Dollar got all the episodes of season 2 onto a laptop and hooked the laptop up to the tv. I think we watched 14 episodes from Saturday through last night. THE SHOW IS BLOWING MY MIND. What was the first incident? Who are "the others"? Does something on the island heal people? Is it the thing locked away in the bunker? There are just too many questions. It's nice, though, to be able to discuss and speculate on an unpredictable show. Monday night we went out to dinner and spent the whole time talking about the story. Dollar thinks everyone was brought there as an experiment. I think the black smoke is tangible bad luck or fear. But who knows.

I've been knitting the French Market Bag with some of my Kool-Aid dyed wool. I'm at the handles and plan to overdye the bag before felting it. The blue is just really ruining it for me.

I got Wilt in the mail for bookclub, but I also got Crux. Crux is volume #9 in the Lucifer series (which is a spinoff of The Sandman series). Since I don't really remember how Volume #8 ended, I decided to re-read the series. But then I thought I might as well re-read The Sandman series first since it's been a couple years. I'm in the middle of Season of Mists right now. I think Wilt is only going to be read during my Portland trip (rescheduled to take place in a couple weeks).

And the biggest news I have is that Dollar got a promotion at work and is now (starting today!!!) working days like a normal person. We went to bed at the same time last night and got up at the same time this morning. Soon we'll start coordinating our outfits and finishing each other's sentences. ... Maybe we won't go that far but it'll be nice to see him this evening, have supper together and watch more LOST. Usually we're only able to do fun things like that on weekends so I think it'll feel like the weekend all the time to me now.