[amy] Outtie like a fox!

I'm outtie like some people's belly buttons. But not mine; mine's an innie. Wait. I'm outtie like a gay person who has come out of the clos- No, that doesn't flow well either. I'm outtie like... a... I'm just outtie until January 3. Woo!!

Having said that, I'm not too prepared for Christmas. (BTW, some Pagan here at work just wished me a "Happy Winter Solstice" Pssht, no presents for THAT guy.) I've got all these gifts piling up in my place, unwrapped. I haven't sent out any cards. Amazon is being a little bee-yotch about sending me things. And my sister still doesn't know what she wants, so she's just getting a wad of cash. I gave Boyfriend his presents already (three sheet music books- two of which he already had... DAMMIT!) Blah, I just want Christmas to be over so I can play, relax and start training for the New Year's drink-a-thon.

Meanwhile, I'm not knitting too much. I cast on last night for a Fair Isle hat- Is it going to be ready to give to my mother on Sunday? Hhahahahaha-no. It's on #2 needles. I started a scarf for myself, on #15 needles, using scrap yarn but it's turning out so dense that it's either going to be a rug or a blanket. I haven't been doing too much knitting because when I'm not with Boyfriend, I'm just wandering around my place, going, "Jeeze, it's like 8 pm... [sigh] I guess I'll go to bed."

I finished watched LOST the other night. It's the best t.v. show I've ever seen in my life. Hands down. The best.


[amy] I feel the need- The need for speed.

I love coffee, okay? I love it. It's the only thing that I can consume and actually feel a change in my body. I could be dead tired and after a couple cups of strong home-brewed coffee, I'm all better. When I have leisure time, I'll even sing a little song to my first coffee of the day: "I love you [sip] You taste so good [sip] Just the right amount [sip] of cream and sugar [sluuuurp]."

Having said that, let's ignore the obvious: I shouldn't be driving around before I've had any coffee. I'm not officially "awake" yet and that could be deemed "dangerous" to other drivers or whatever. This morning I pulled into a gas station, pumped $20 worth of gas, went inside, got a bagel and a coffee, paid $2.36 for the bagel and coffee, went back out to the gas pumps, got into my car and drove away. It wasn't until about an hour later when I was sitting at my desk, after I had drunk all the coffee, that I wondered: "How much was breakfast? Didn't I- OH CRAP!" I called up the gas station and told them I'd be in around lunchtime to pay for the gas. Jeeze, I'm such a bone-head. No wonder all the gas places are starting to make people pay before they pump.


[music] uvMix

New mixes are up at uvMix. DJ Troll-D, Miss Mash and DJ Droid each have an hour this week. Sweeeeeet.

If you're going to be around for New Year's Eve and don't have any plans, email me and I'll give you the skinny on where to go to hear all three DJ's mixing their favorite tunes- live!


[movies] The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe

I saw The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe last night with my sister. The movie was only okay, I'd give it a B-. The movie was close to the book but I'm not so sure that's a good thing. The book can move along at a slower pace and that's okay. If a movie starts to slow down, you fidget in your seat and think about all the things you should be doing at home.

Also, Griffith has been missing for almost a week now. We're all losing our minds over it, but I have faith that he'll come back. That was the best thing about the movie for me. I'm going to reveal a large spoiler about the movie, so if you haven't read the book or are planning on seeing the movie, don't read any more. Okay? Are you- Seriously, stop reading if you don't want to know. ... Aslan the lion sacrifices his life to save another. The Ice Queen kills him on a stone altar. So seeing a movie where a huge cat DIES probably wasn't the best thing for my sister and I. But then, miracle of miracles, Aslan comes back to life. Let me tell you, THAT was reassuring. It made me feel better. I think that if I keep up my hope and faith, Griffith will come back. Whatever, I can't talk about this anymore.

Tilda Swinton played the Ice Queen in the movie. I like this actress and thought she was very good in The Beach, Adaptation and Vanilla Sky. As the Ice Queen she was only "meh". Throughout all her lines she had a preoccupied look on her face, in her eyes, like she was thinking about something else. Like she left the stove on or was trying to think what she had for breakfast yesterday. I would have liked it if she was a crazy, cackling, hysterical witch who reveled in how evil she is. Rather, looked like she was trying to do long division in her head while trying to stare people down.

For a more scathing review, read this. I'm most offended by the "Lucy is ugly" comment. That's just mean, but oMaT hates kids so I'm not really surprised. I think giving it 1/10 stars is a little harsh, too.


[amy] Good News

I have a boyfriend. HA HA! AHH HAHAHAH! My monastic life is over! The relationship has kicked my domestic skillz (as well as my nunchaku skillz) into overdrive- I'm cooking all the time. This past weekend I made clam chowder (too thick, will only use half the amount of butter/flour to thicken it next time), blondies, shepherd's pie (with lamb; it's called "cottage pie" when you make it with ground beef) and a ham / onion / swiss cheese quiche. As Boyfriend and I are eating quiche, I tell him that the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach. I pause, then explain: "You cut open the stomach, reach in and up, and then rip the heart out." He said that an even faster way is through the ribcage. [siiiigh] See, he doesn't even get scared when I subtly threaten to kill him.

Also, I end up saying the stupidest, most air-headed things to him. Take for example:

BOYFRIEND: ...and that's why the band broke up- John Bonham died. Overdosed.

AMY: Huh. So is Led Zeppelin, like, the Nirvana of back then?

BOYFRIEND: It's, ah, it's not really the same thing.

The Nirvana of "back then"? Guh, I'm such an IDIOT!

The only downside is that he works really late during the week. I've been getting no sleep and subsequently look like a junky at work. People will come into my office and say, "Hey Amy, about those TPS reports- Whoa! Are you... You look kind of... Jesus, are you using again?"


[knitting] Winter Knitty + More Projects

Le sigh. The new winter Knitty is up. Remember how there were some things I was going to make from the fall issue? Yah, that never happened. What do I plan on not making this season? Namaste (by far the best yoga mat bag pattern I've seen), Tubey (great neckline), Bobblicious (looks cosy) and Thuja (nice man socks).

I haven't been slacking off, knitting-wise. I finished my scarf barf thingahmuhjig. I've decided to give it as a Christmas present. I'm almost done knitting a hat to go with another gift for someone. I've also got a special project to make: a double-layer sockyarn hat. It's reversible! For this hat, the wearer has requested that one-half be black with a green "leaf" on the front. I rolled my eyes when he asked but it's what he really wants and I'm just here to please (and learn new knitting techniques). Hell, it's not like I could say "no", I've knit two male thongs for chrissakes. But this is what gave me the idea to go looking for a reversible hat- one side for daytime, one side for nighttime. For the public side of the hat, I suggested Fair Isle (which I've never done), but he had no idea what that meant or what kind of pattern he would like. I found these Star Wars fair isle charts today and emailed them off- hopefully he'll dig them.


[knitting] Short Skirt

Check out the Koigu skirt to the left there, from Vogue Knitting. I saw it in the Fall 2005 magazine and thought, "Ppfft, like I'm going to pay a buhjillion dollars to make a long, unflattering skirt." But then I see that someone is making into a short, A-line skirt. ... GENIUS! I want to do it in a rich, purple color.


[news] Russian squirrel pack 'kills dog'

HOLY SHIT! Not only are these bad-ass Russian squirrels black, they "literally gutted" a dog! Sounds like they've been injected with rage to me...

[via DigitalSpark]

[knitting] Mine doesn't look like scarf barf... Or does it?

Uh-oh. This looks suspiciously like the scarf I'm knitting now... Nobody has anything nice to stay about it. I'm tempted not to post any progress photos, for fear of people ridiculing it.


[amy] Living the good life... wasted.

What day is it? Thursday? How is everyone doing? I'm exhausted. No rest for the wicked. I mean, no rest for the weary. What have I been doing that's making me so exhausted? Well I can tell you it ain't knitting- hahahahah- *cough* *cough* Yeah, I got nothing.

So knitting. I made a plain black hat with a hemmed edge for Adam. His birthday was this past Sunday so I gave it to him at a party on Saturday. He seems to like it and I see him wearing it around everywhere. Then I knit a Christmas present hat for someone (that only took about 5 hours). I also started a green scarf from a bunch of various balls of yarn from my stash. I'm really pleased with how it's coming out- kind of hobo/gypsy/vagabond looking. I also like that it's knitting up EXTREMELY fast on size 13 needles. I may give the scarf as a Christmas present- if I can bare to let it go.

So reading. I read Alex Robinson's Tricked. Very good- kind of a spin-off of Box Office Poison. I don't know what to read next. I've sent out the emails to get the votes in for the January 2006 uvBookClub selection, so that's cool, but in the meantime I'm wandering around my place picking up an unread book, trying it out, tossing it aside, picking up another book, giving up, picking up another book, etc.

So tv. I finished Season 1 of Desperate Housewives. That show was so stupid. I'm currently finishing up Season 4 of Gilmore Girls. I'm moderately tired of this show, but can't seem to stop watching it. I want to see Lost, but it's been at the top of my queue since it was released (September? October?), but it always says "Long Wait". Whatevs. Maybe I should quit with these tv shows and start watching obscure art house films and talk about them in a pretentious manner. That would make me feel smart.

Cooking-wise, I made some gratin potatoes last night to bring to a uvScene potluck meeting. This recipe was insanely easy. I'm not joking. The grocery store was out of crème Fraiche, so I just used heavy cream instead. Also, the gruyere was too expensive ($10 for a little block), so I went and got a stack of swiss cheese from the deli counter. Here's all I did: peeled potatoes, used my mandolin to slice them all up the same thickness in under 3 minutes, *layered half into a dish, salt pepper, pour cream, slice stack of cheese, break apart (no shredding!) and sprinkle, repeat from * for another layer. Bake. Fast, easy, cheap- just like me!

What else can I talk about to make it seem like I'm living life to the fullest? I put together a couple Stave puzzles, I've re-discovered how much I love sipping Disaronno on the rocks, I've been sampling seasonal/special beers from Unibroue: Quelque Chose (cherries and spice- YUM!), a special 2005 beer and a cherry flavored Ephemere (which I have in the fridge but am saving for a special occation. Or a Thursday night. Either way.). Also, I've been... uh... There was... I went to... No, that's it. I basically just putter around my place and get wasted. Shit.