[videogames] Guitar Hero

I played Guitar Hero at my sister's yesterday. It's so much fun! Seriously! I didn't really like/get the hang of Donkey Konga, but this- this game is AWESOME. You get to strap on the guitar and rock out. I couldn't help dancing and tapping my foot to the beat as I played. I totally need to quit my job and become a Rock Star.

WIRED has an article about it here.

[music] Miss Mash

Check out DJ Trolld- There's an all new uvMix with a special hour of music selected by Miss Mash. I wonder who she is (wink wink, nudge nudge)?


[fun] Puzzles

Check out the original puzzle my sister created the artwork for and painted!

[holidays] A Thanksgiving message...

I'm nearly done with Season 1 of Desperate Housewives. It's meh. I don't understand what all the fuss is about Eva Longoria. Turns out, she's got the perfect Thanksgiving greeting for you and yours.

In honor of turkey day tomorrow, I say: "Jesus! It's Thanksgiving. Be nice. FUCK!"

[news] 'X' glitch over Dick Cheney's face

CNN is running some damage control over an 'X' that appeared on Dick Cheney's fat, evil, lying face. I'll only be impressed when the news media starts flashing an image like this over his face.


[knitting] Christmas Hat

Someone beat me to it. Love the star on top; makes it look more like a Christmas tree. I wonder if you could get some metalic novelty yarn to add as garland...


[knitting] Highland Chunky

Highland Chunky is back! Highland Chunky is back! I knit my first sweater last winter in two weeks with this stuff!

[uvBookClub] The Time Traveler's Wife

Last night the uvBookClub got together to talking about The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger. Surprise surprise, we all read it! What a joy it is to talk about book and everyone follows what you're saying- and imparts their own perspective.

What I'd like to do, as a post-reading project, is draw out a timeline showing when everything in the book takes place. Last night, there was a lot of, "Wait- When was that? I thought- Did she know at that point that Henry can time travel? That was before he- But then he came back- Wait, what?"

Here's an interview with the author by Harcourt. (By the way, I don't think you can go wrong with a Harcourt book- I've loved everything I've read that they've published and more often than not, there's a reading circle guide in the back).

The next uvBookClub meeting will be after the holidays. I'll going to send out invitations for new members and add them to the mailing list. I think the next book is going to be non-fiction.


[gaming] Camp Carnage

I missed out on Camp Carnage last weekend because I was too busy and completely forgot about it. Bummer. I didn't register or anything, so I didn't lose any money but it would have been fun to go up and play games all day.

The Valley News has an article about it. Sponng (aka Dr. Nik) has some photos of a LARP he ran called Celestial Decision.

I'd like to start a once-a-month uvGamingClub, to meet at my place. I haven't played Settlers in ages. I miss Carcassonne and there's a new river expansion. I want to try out Elfenland and Caylus and Descent. *sigh* I wish I had over-active kids so I could take their ADD medication and stay up all night and do a million things. Bad idea? I got it from Desperate Housewives.

[knitting] Must resist...

Too many... projects... already... As if I don't have enough knitting to do for Christmas, I found this pattern for a Christmas Tree Hat. It's sized for a child, but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to adjust for a grown-up sized head. Like mine. I wants it...

[knitting] Waiting to Hurry Up

Or, hurry up and wait? Or just plain hurry? I'm trying to knit as fast as I can. I seamed the Valentino Bag, stuffed some fabric in for a pretend lining, put the strap near the top of the bag and wrote out a very rough pattern on graph paper.


I'm going to try to write the directions out more clearly (right now, the complete instructions for the bag total a mere 8 sentences) and put the pattern into an Excel spreadsheet tomrrow (Thursday) night. I have to head over to a friend's place to let him use my Apple laptop. Since the thing is slower than molasses and I'll probably be there for a while, I'm got to lock myself in one of his rooms and use my Dell laptop to type the pattern out for real.

In the meantime, today is Ram's birthday (Happy Birthday!) and I'm trying to finish a pair of mittens for him to bring down to Northampton Friday. The day after tomorrow. The only way I'll finish them in time is if I knit during Bookclub tonight...


[knitting] Follow-up

The knitting forecast is good to excellent

"When the National Trust for Scotland advertised two properties to let on Fair Isle, the most remote inhabited island in Britain, they were expecting the usual dozen or so applicants. So why the sudden flood of interest from the United States, with 9,000-odd inquiries and more than 90 applications? It was the knitting, apparently."

I was one of the 9,000 who inquired. From the sounds of it, they want people to move and stay there, whereas I only wanted to go for a few months. I didn't submit an application.

[amy] Northampton is awesome!

This past weekend was freaking busy. Thursday night I went to Curry-oke at the India Queen. After a couple drinks, I got up and sang Alanis Morrisette's You Oughta Know. It's nice angsty anthem for wronged women everywhere. It was such a hit that I couldn't hear myself singing over the 10 girls behind me screaming along with the lyrics. Therefore, I have no idea how good or bad I sounded but no one was covering their ears so it can?t have been too bad. After a couple more drinks, I got up to sing The Bloodhound Gang's The Bad Touch. As soon as the words "-so put your HANDS down my PANTS and I bet you feel nuts-" came out of my mouth, a light went on in my head and I think, I've made a huge mistake. I wanted to throw down the mic but I made it through until the end. Then I left.

Friday I went down to Northampton, MA to visit WEBS. I mean, Ram. I went to visit Ram. But WEBS... I thought it was just going to be a messy warehouse full of bags of yarn. For sure it was like that out back but the main store was... Amazing. Yarn organized by size (bulky and super bulk in the back), content (angora and camel over here, alpaca over here), children?s, novelty, color, spinning, weaving, knitting, books, bargains. People were pushing around shopping carts for goodness sake's! I spent two hours wandering around, looking at (and wanting) everything. Then I realized I was going to be late for lunch with Ram and Naomi. I met up with them, ate at a Korean restaurant, went next-door and did some Korean food shopping, walked around NoHo, stopped by a small Yarn store in town (where picked up the most recent Rebecca), got coffee and went back to WEBS to finish my shopping. Really, my whole day was spent doing things around WEBS. I ended up getting some yarn for birthday/Christmas presents but didn?t go as crazy as I thought I would. Ram and I caravanned back up to the Upper Valley that evening.

All in all, Northamption was an awesome town. A bit busy, but friendly and there are lots and lots of shops. Plus, it's a straight-shot down I-91 for me- The total trip is 105 miles from my house, 101 of which are along I-91. How easy is that?

Saturday morning I got up, did some knitting and went to meet Ram, Ken and Ken's friend Chris for breakfast. At the diner, I managed to dump a whole glass of ice water all over myself and the floor. While I was trying to concentrate on filling in the Sudoku from the paper, Ram and Chris talked about creating a computer script that could determine the Sudoku solution. I failed to mention this at the time, but I think doing these things (crosswords and such) are more fun if you accomplish them with your own brain, not the mention it helps stave off future dementia. At any rate, I'm waiting from Ram to come up with the Java application and we're going to have a Sudoku face off: Amy vs. Machine.

Saturday I knit and went to a rave, Sunday I went out to breakfast and read. Bookclub is meeting Wednesday night and I'm racing to finish The Time Traveler's Wife.

[books] 50 Cent to Launch Hip-Hop Book Line

Ha ha ha ha. Ahh hahhahaha. AHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

"These tales will tell the truth about The Life; the sex, guns and cash; the brutal highs and short lives of the players on the streets," the publisher said in a release over the weekend.

Please, I'm sure you can do better than Juh-juh-juh-G-U-Nit Classics if you want to know what the 'hood is all about. There's Crack Head by Lisa Lennox, Sheisty by T. N. Baker, Grimey by Kashamba Williams or Flip Side of the Game by Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker (where the first sentence of the book is: "Life is a ma'fuckah, and that's the God honest truth.").

I wonder if the books will be marketed more towards women or men? Most of the hood-rich books I found at Amazon appear to be hood-love stories for women. I can only assume all the men folk are too busy slinging crack to have time to read. Think that's a stereotype and I'm being mean? Hey, I understand, a guy's gotta pay the rent. I just think, if someone's from the street, they already know about the street and reading a book about the street isn't going to give them any insight- they'd do better with real stories such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Their Eyes Were Watching God or Native Son.


[cat] Ticks and Fleas

Tomorrow is a government holiday and since that means I don't have to work, I'm heading down to NoHo. I have, oh I don't know, about a dozen things I want to knit between now and Christmas and that means I need yarn. "I feel the need, the need for sp- Yarn."

This week has been kind of busy. I was suffering from Rage on Tuesday (a disease which appears to be running rampant across Paris and her suburbs) and left work a little early. I tried napping it off but my sister called and asked if I wanted to go with her to take Gatsu and Griffith to the vet. Sure, I say. When she picks me up, Gatsu is freaking out in his carrier- clawing at the grate. Griffith, who has been to to vet five times more than his brother, is slumped in his own carrier, resigned to his fate.

The plan was to get the cats checked out because ticks have been out in full force (and from what I'm told, it's quite late in the year for them). Griffith ends up getting two somewhere on his body almost every day and it's tough making sure that you pull out the WHOLE tick with tweezers without leaving the head under the skin. So we arrive at River Road and are shown into an exam room. Immediately, the door opens and a technician says, "Do you guys know that you have a flat tire?"

I stare at her. "Who does? You do?"

"Uh... No. You guys do."

Barbara looks at me. "Oh great," she says.

She goes off to take care of it while I stay with the cats. Gatsu is in scaredy cat mode (I cradle him with one arm as he burrows under my scarf) while Griffith sits on the table, looking me like, "Let's get this over with, hmn?" The vet comes in, checks Griffith's tick wounds (and actually scraped out a head from one with a pair of scissors), notices that both cats have fleas (FLEAS!!!) and applies some Frontline. Easy as pie.

Back outside, Barbara is watching a technician (who happens to have a broken finger) change the tire. Within minutes, we're off on the spare. Turns out, there was a nail in the tire.


[misc] Passing through

I just had the oddest conversation with someone in my backyard. It's dark out and I see a silhouette come from the convenience store. It's a man and he's carrying a plastic grocery sack in each hand. He's walking across a grass lot towards me. He'll have to navigate through a few trees before he's too close. As he approaches, I say, "Hello?" He keeps on walking. "Hello?" I call again when he emerges from the trees. He stops. "Hello?" he says.

"Who's there?"


"Hi, Shawn. I'm Amy."

"Hello," he says.

"I just wanted to know who was coming through," I explain.

"Oh I'm sorry, did I scare you?"

I chuckle. "No, I saw you coming."

"I just wanted to take a shortcut."

"That's fine. I just wanted to know who was coming through."

"Okay." He makes a step to keep going.

"All right."

And out of view, into my driveway he went. I spent the next few minutes imagining all the different ways I could have taken him in a fight. He wouldn't have been able to attack me, since his hands are full and even if he tried, I saw him coming from a mile away- I was totally ready to crack my beer bottle over his skull. I totally could have taken him.

[knitting] Progress!

I made yesterday my own personal Knit Day. I finished the front of the Valentino knock-off bag and blocked both the front and the back.


I'll be editing and sending off the pattern for a very nice knitter who has been waiting very patiently for me...

Then I closed off the end of my Harry Potter scarf, so now it's all done and ready to be worn to the movie (EEEE!!!). I took a hasty picture inside my place (note the eyes- an effect of me either opening or closing my eyes just as the camera took the shot):

How frightening is that?

I'm making a trip down to Northampton this Friday to WEBS to buy all kinds of yarn. Oh yeah, and to visit with Ram as well.

[amy] Happy Monday

Sorry my posting has been infrequent. To quote Kirk from Gilmore Girls, "I'm exceedingly dull" so there isn't much need to post "I worked, I went home, I slept" over and over again.

Friday night I went to see the movie Jarhead. I had heard it described as "A war movie without a war", which pretty much sums up the film. I liked the movie a lot- I thought it was beautiful and interesting and sad.

Saturday morning I borrowed my mom's truck and brought all my recycling to the nice, clean Recycling Center in Hartland, VT. Then I went over to Ken's and brought all the Demo Derby car junk to the stinking, filthy West Lebanon, NH Landfill. Ken and Ram had made the landfill sound like fun when they went: "It's amazing. There's garbage everywhere and you just throw your garbage everywhere." I like to make messes and thought it would be great. So no. As soon as I got out of the truck and the smell hit my nose, I started dry heaving. I couldn't even help Ken unload it all because I was bent over next to the truck, throwing up the nothing in the stomach, spitting, shaking, covered in a cold sweat.

Then we went BACK to his place to get all his rotten, stinking garbage and recycling. Then we went next door and got his neighbor's recycling and garbage. Then Ken mentions the old stove in the garage. I say, "Stick it by the side of the road with a sign that says 'FREE!' and see if anyone takes it away." While I'm preoccupied with the horrific thought of ANOTHER trip to the NH Landfill, all the guys decide to put the stove onto all the garbage/recycling in the back of the truck. They tell me that they’re literally going to lift the full-sized range and set it on top of everything. I laugh, thinking they're joking. When I realize that they're not, I start pacing and muttering, "I don't approve... I don't approve... This isn't a good idea..." I leave to get a drink and when I come back, not only is the stove loaded onto the truck, but a very large gas tank from one of the Demo Derby cars had been thrown in as well. I pretend I don't see anything and get into the truck.

The only good thing I have to say about the Lebanon Recycling Center is that you get to throw your glass bottles and watch them break. In Hartland, you drop them down a chute and listen to the glass shatter below. At Lebanon, you throw your bottles over a concrete ledge and it's all open, so you can see where you're throwing them. I loved it. I took all the bottles I could and pitched them down onto the concrete floor and felt a surge of mad glee spread through my body with every satisfying explosion of glass.

After the trash-tastic day, I went home and took a five-hour shower.