[weaving] First scarf

Finished my first wearable woven item in time to be submitted to the fair:

Woven scarf

Weaving goes quickly (when you don't leave the project languishing on the loom for literally years) and doesn't really use that much yarn. I just need to practice warping quickly and getting tension right. I just need to devote an entire day to a project- if I start and then walk away, I won't ever come back to it. I think when I take a two-week vacation over Christmas/New Years, I'm going to dedicate a few days to just weaving.


[knitting] Treasure Slouch

Treasure Slouch

Pattern: Treasure Slouch

Yarn: Classic Elite MountainTop Chalet, 2 skeins

Needles: US 8 (ribbing), US 9 (lace body)

Mods: Made the brim longer, to fold over and added a pompom to use up two entire skeins.

The yarn is a bulky, chain-plied alpaca/bamboo blend. I found this pattern on Ravelry, searching for free bulky hat patterns. The fiber blend lends nice drape to the fabric.

Treasure Slouch

I think it has a very 70's vibe to it and I love it. Was unsure whether or not I would- the double yarnovers make a very hole-y pattern but it works. 

Also, my hair is very light and red after all the blue washed out. My hair was all-over dark brown but I used to have very red highlights when I was young (my dad's a natural redhead in his younger years). I think the bleaching brought out red that was hiding under the surface. I like it! If I'm sad that the blue didn't last, at least now I have new red!


[misc] Murderface Monday

Another weekend that went by too fast. The weather was gorgeous- definitely autumnal. I didn't have anywhere to be so I just kicked it around the house all weekend watching back-to-back-to-back episodes of Adventure Time and catching up on crafty stuff. Murderface catches up on his Z's:



[misc] Santana Friday

Santana, forcing me to find another bathroom:

I can't pee when Santana sleeps here

Looking forward to the weekend. Need to take pictures of some new finished items (hats and scarves). With the cooler weather, I've been knitting away. 

The VT Sheep and Wool Festival is next weekend at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds. The website has a $1 off admission coupon. Looks like there will be good vendor demos throughout the weekend. I bought a beautiful handmade wooden lucet (aka knitting fork) at this festival a couple years ago- which I still haven't mastered the use of. It's for making cord. I just need some pattern ideas for what to make with lucet cord. Off to Ravelry and Pinterest...


[misc] Penny Thursday

Penny, doing a little bird watching:

I think our "open window" days are numbered. I've started wearing layers in the house, in an effort to resist turning on the heat. Penny has started burrowing under the covers with us in bed. It's getting harder and darker to get up early in the mornings. Sigh. Hello, Fall. Not looking forward to winter but at least we are now a 2 snowmobile house.


[misc] Blue hair

A couple weeks ago I had an appointment at a salon to dye my hair a crazy color. The entire process took three hours and was pretty expensive (in my opinion). First, bleach paste was applied to my hair- 

Trying something new...

So that the hair would be light enough to take dye.

Then that was rinsed. Blue dye was quickly painted on and rinsed. I really really really really loved how it turned out. Indoors the color was subtle but in natural light- it was a very pretty blue. The next morning I took this picture:

I blue myself. #bluehair #bluepillow

But the color literally didn't even last a week. So disappoint. I got a sulfate-free shampoo, stayed away from hot water and hot blow dryers. It just... washed out. The only consolation is that my hair just looks highlighted now- after the dye washed out, the lighter streaks remain. I could go to Sally's or some hair shop to get dye and do Manic Panic at home but... I don't know if it's worth it. Blue pillows. Blue neck. Blue towels. Blue spots staining the walls above the shower (oops). 

It was a fun and flattering color without looking ridiculous but I would only ever do it again for a special occasion- maybe before going away for vacation or an event. It's too much work and way too expensive to do as a regular thing. And it was really disappointing that after only a week 80% of the color was gone and after two weeks, it's completely gone. 


[vermont] Green Mountain Spinnery

On the way home from MA last week, I pulled off I-91 to the Green Mountain Spinnery. I haven't been in a while- I usually see them vending at the NH or VT Sheep and Wool Festivals- but wanted to stop by since it's literally only 200 feet away from the interstate exit.

Pretty Mountain Mohair:

Stopping by the #greenmountainspinnery on the way home after a week in MA. #yarn

I picked up a pattern for mittens and some undyed discounted seconds. The woman working was kind enough to give me a quick tour of the mill, which was actively spinning yarn. I think I must usually stop by on weekends when wool isn't being processed. It was cool (and noisy!) to see all the heavy carders and spinning bobbins working away.

Spinning equipment

Batt of fiber

Spinning equipment

Spinning equipment

After, I went to Curtis' BBQ up the road to bring home some ribs. Mmmmm. Riiiiibs.


[vermont] Tunbridge Fair

Was away last week for work, so Dollar dropped off my items at the fair for me. I picked them up Sunday night. Love entering things in the fair every year.

My entries for the fair this year.

Excited to start planning the things I will be making for next year.

I think the autumn switch has been flipped. AM temp at the house was 36 and the high today is only meant to reach 66. Time to dig out hats and scarves and mittens.


[misc] Santana Friday

The Patriots won last night and I am hungover today.

I wonder where Santana is hiding.

Heading down to Manchvegas today to get my hair dyed a kooky color. Still undecided between teal and purple.

But I'd rather be in bed.


Santana knows what's up.


[crafts] Silver Spray Paint

During the long weekend, I wanted to do as many crafty things as possible- and hopefully finish up a few projects. I recently bought a can of metallic silver spray paint and went to the thrift store looking for things I could gussy up.

Here's the crap I bought, totaling $12:

Thrift Store items

Mostly vases. A couple ceramic ones, one glass, one terracotta, one bird votive candle holder and a glass dish. I sprayed them all over a few times (upside down, right-side up) with silver and the next day added a couple coats of high gloss sealer. 

The results:

Spray painted a bunch of crap from the thrift store silver. #sofancy

So fancy! The little bird and nest I especially love because of the detail. I love the look of spray painting over plastic animals.

Would definitely do this again. Still want to spray seashells, mason jars, an old candelabra. I've also seen some people use puffy paint to dot a design on the outside of glass bottles- and then spray paint over the entire item.


[cooking] Apple Pie Time

This past Saturday I went to the first pick-your-own weekend at my local orchard. The trees were in a lower orchard that I hadn't picked in before but it was beautiful out.

Poverty Lane Orchards

Only Cortland and McIntosh varieties available to pick.

What a day for apple picking at #povertylaneorchards


I picked one reusable shopping bag full, which (which a bag of pre-picked pears) came to about $20.

I was pretty anxious to make my first fall apple pie.

Apple Pie

You can see one of the apples has a little nibble taken out of it. I thought the meat of the apple was tart but otherwise rather flavorless. Fine for pie but not awesome for eating out of hand. I will probably pick again in a month- I wonder if the apples will taste better then.

Even in the picture below, the sliced apples look a little green instead of being completely white:

Apple Pie

Oh well. I mixed the sliced apples with lemon juice, vanilla and applejack brandy. Then dusted it all with a blend of sugar, cornstarch, nutmeg, cinnamon. No picture of me rolling out the dough... because it wasn't pretty. I think I need to let the dough rest after I take it out of the fridge- I have such a hard time with the edges splitting apart.

Apple Pie

Put the top on, crimp the edges and cut holes. I tried to make a pattern that lost it's definition so I just starting poking holes everywhere.

Apple Pie

I brushed the top with milk and sprinkled coarse sugar. Also, before pouring in the fruit I brushed the inside of the bottom crust with milk. The King Arthur Flour cookbook (I used the recipe "Best Apple Pie" from the Baker's Companion) said to do this to create a protein barrier between the bottom crust and fruit, which would help prevent the bottom crust from getting soggy. It worked!

After baking:

Apple Pie

Man, I love smelling a pie baking. I love taking it out of the oven. I love looking at it. I love it a la mode:

Apple Pie

The next pie will have a better crust design and look less... stabby.


[misc] Murderface Tuesday

I'm trying not to be jealous of this picture:

Murderface is the little spoon, Dollar is the big spoon. #catspooning

Murderface, spending the weekend in total lazy-pants mode. I get to sleep-in until Santana or Penny wakes me up at 7am (because breakfast is an hour late at that point) and then I have coffee and putter on crafts until Dollar and Murderface have had their 16 hours of sleep, then I start doing chores and making noise around the house. Siiiigh. One of these days, I'm going to spend an entire weekend lounging with MF.


[gardening] Late Summer Bouquet

Went around picking one or two of everything still blooming:

One of everything in bloom.

Well, it's been super nice and sunny and hot but we're definitely moving into fall. The days are growing noticeably shorter. The local apple orchard this opening this weekend, so I think I'll do some apple picking and make a pie.


[cooking] Sunflower Spinach Pie

Tried to make a pretty spanakopita last night:

Sunflower spinach pie. #spanakopita

This thing is going to feed us for the rest of the week. It turned out huuuuge.


[crochet] Pineapple Song

The doily is done.

Pineapple Song

I love it- so pretty and intricate-looking. Was easy to work on but I did have to flip back and forth between the written instructions and the pictures a lot to make sure everything was coming along correctly. The only thing I don't like about crochet is that once you come upon a mistake that you made in a previous round, you have to undo the whole round to go back to it. With knitting it's so easy to drop stitches down to the error and pick them back up. I only had to undo one row on this project but it was right near the end and more than an hour's worth of work.

I might have doily fever now- I want to make more.


[knitting] Disco Biased

Making on a new Totally Biased infinity scarf:

Simple pleasure

Wanted something easy and fast to work on after finishing the intricate doily. Knitting with US 8 needles after working with a tiny crochet hook and fine cotton thread was like working with broomsticks. But after a week, I have mounds of progress to show.