[crochet] Sophie's Universe: Part 8

The Sophie's Universe afghan through part 8.

Sophie's Universe

Started introducing some super bright colors and I'm not sure how I feel about it. I did get a lot more yarn in Ravelry trades and now that I have so many more options, I don't know what colors to do next. Take it back to neutral colors? Keep on with the brights? I don't know, I don't know.

I will get back to this during my vacation- right now I'm frantically knitting things for gifts. 


[misc] Oh Christmas Tree

Went out last Saturday to get a Christmas tree. It was sunny and 55 degrees.

Christmas tree shopping

I found a nice little tree for $45. I always want to barter but I'm not sure how to do it. "Hm, I'm interested in this one but... I don't know, the bottom is kind of messed up. Tell you what- I'll give you $40." I really only wanted to pay $40 was I was too worried about insulting them. So I didn't say anything and paid $45. 

At home, in the stand:

Tree up, ready to decorate

And after all the decorating:

Tree decorated

The cats aren't too interested in it- Rocky has been messing with it more. He's knocked down a low-hanging ornament and nibbled a bit on it here and there. This is out first Christmas with the rabbit and as I saw him chewing, I thought, "Yeeeaahh I should probably Google whether or not fir trees are lethal to bunnies." Turns out they're fine as long as they haven't been sprayed with pesticides or other chemicals. 

Time to start wrapping gifts to put under the tree. I guess I need to start making them, then.


[crafts] Paint your own pottery

Went to paint pottery last week at Tip Top Pottery:

Painting Pottery

Painting Pottery

It was nice and relaxing- plus, you can bring wine!

I might go back this week to make a couple more pieces.


[knitting] Bosnian Slippers

Made a new pair of house slippers to add to the guest basket:

Bosnian Slippers

Yes, they do look like platform hightop sneakers. I would have preferred the sole to be purple as well,but I ran out of the dark color and didn't want to introduce a new one.

Bosnian Slippers

The pattern is worked back and forth, one color at a time. The increases only happen every 4th row and are a little fiddly to work (making 6 new stitches out of 1) but results in the pretty, frilly design along the top of the foot. There was a fair bit of sewing to do at end, to close each slipper up from the top of the leg to the tip of the toe. 

Pattern is free on Ravelry. My recommendation would be to use a long (longer than 16") circular needle to make these slippers. I used single pointed needles it was a little difficult- the rapid increases create a natural curve to the fabric where the toe is. A flexible cable accommodates this better.

Not a bad pattern- would make again. I saw one modified version on Rav that looks more like a lady's slipper- to sit lower on the foot (less like hightop sneakers). Would require less yarn, as well.


[knitting] Newfoundland Mittens - Finished.

Newfie mittens

Pattern: Chunky Newfoundland Mittens (rav link)

Yarn: Lamb's Pride Bulky, gray. Handspun Grafton Fiber batt, orange.

Needles: US 8


Notes: No major modifications. Did the tip of the hand in purl, rather than knit. I love how these mittens turned out- they fit really well. Will definitely make another pair.


[misc] Murderface Monday

Another weekend gone. Had the winter tires put on and the car serviced at 8 am Saturday. Got home, puttered around the house a bit and then took a way-too-long nap in the afternoon with Murderface.


My first mistake was getting back into bed. Murderface will inevitably climb onto my chest and settle down for a nap. I think, "Well, I can't move him now... that would be mean. Maybe I'll just... close my eyes for a... ZZzzzZZZzzz". 

Murderface is feeling much better. He's not wheezy/sneezy anymore. He was sleeping so much, it's nice to see him up and about and causing trouble.

Who? Me? Cause trouble? ... You know it ;)

Sunday I made a trip down to H-Mart with my mom for some Korean food supplies. Looking forward to eating strictly Korean for a while.


[misc] TGIF

After MF's drama last week (and we've been pilling him since), Thanksgiving, travel to DC and back earlier this week- I am so happy it's Friday. I'm getting a new phone this afternoon and then I'm just going to chillax at home.

Penny was pretty chillax last night in her tub of hot, straight-from-the-dryer towels:

Penny in hot towels.

That's pretty much my goal for the weekend.


[misc] Murderface Thursday

Well, it has been a while since my last post. Thanksgiving has come and gone and it's December already. Murderface came down with something at the beginning of last week- hadn't eaten in a couple days, fever, dehydrated- which resulted in us bringing him to the vet for an emergency visit one night and then back to the vet in the morning when he still wasn't eating and still had a temperature. 

He's feeling much better now:

Murderface wants more food
"Stop taking pictures of mittens and give me more food!

He's on antibiotics for some mystery infection. It appears (to me) to be respiratory because he's a little wheezy and very snotty since starting the pills. He's been sneezing and clearing out his nose nonstop. I assume this is just the virus working it's way out of his system. He only has two days left of pills (hurray! we'll ALL be relieved when it's done!). He's eating/drinking as normal. 

During this ordeal, we received some new information on Murderface. He had an x-ray done, to make sure there was nothing foreign inside of him, and we learned of a couple past injuries. His right hip isn't even in the joint and his has a fractured back:

MF xray

I've never had him x-rayed before- there wasn't ever a need. He's been living with us since early 2008. There's nothing to be done about the injuries now- they are very old and his bones have healed/fused how they have and that's that. This information pretty much broke our hearts. I think he must have been hit by a car before he came to live with us, when he was still an outdoor cat. When Santana was having asthma issues a few years ago, I had her x-rayed and the vet at that time saw some indicators that she may have been hit by a car as well. Both of these are pretty good cases for keeping cats indoors-only.

MF is a normal, healthy, active kitty- running and jumping around the house- but now I'm aware that he could be living with chronic pain. He's still extremely affectionate and friendly- he doesn't hide when people come over. This is something the we need to be more aware of to give him a comfortable and appropriate quality of life. I added some stairs along our bed to help him get up some years go- but I attributed that to encroaching old age. Someone in the Rav cat group recommended a heating pad for him to lay on- to help with joint pain. I actually already had one that he uses and now I realize that he goes to it when the weather drops to ease any aches/pains.

Anyway... It's sad but good to know. Murderface has known all this time and never gave overt indicators (that I've picked up on). I think now we've got to be more diligent about giving him food and treats for joint/hip health. And look for signs of arthritis in future visits to the vet.