[knitting] Patterns and New Stuff

Goosebump Socks

Tidal Wave Socks (Now we can get SWTC Tofutsies, A-maizing and Karaoke at Country Woolens in Lebanon!)

Tulip Gloves (two needles)

Gansey Gloves. Glove pattern generator and formula.

Moonlight Sonata Shawl

Knit Picks has a new website.

Lily has a new cotton yarn: Sugar 'n Cream Twists. Best buy it online, who knows when any local stores in the area are going to get it. The local craft store still doesn't have the new(ish) Lion Brand Cotton Ease or Organic Cotton.

I'm currently working on socks for Dollar, using Cascade 220 superwash. I should be able to finish the first and cast-on for the second by the end of the weekend.


[knitting] Martha's Hat

Finished it this weekend...

Yarn: Plymouth Suri Merino, color #799, almost two balls

Pattern: Supple Rib from Knitting on the Edge, Plain Stockinette body and 6 evenly spaced double-decreases for the crown.

Notes: The Supple Rib was not fun to knit. It's pretty and it does have stretch, but it was a lot of "knit, leave knit stitch on the needle, purl the next two together" etc. I ended up spearing the yarn during the process more than a few times. The brim curled a little at the bottom but a light block helped flatten it. This is a late birthday present for a co-worker.


[knitting] Kool-Aid yarn, angora yarn, and an unfinished hat

Here's my Kool-Aid dyed yarn:

I'd like to knit some small things with these small one-ounce balls. People seem to be having babies left and right around me, so maybe some tiny booties and hats?

I put all the skeins of Elizabeth Lavold Angora into balls:

Twelve balls. Seven skeins ended up being TWELVE balls because all but TWO had knots that needed to be cut out. I'm never buying this yarn again. The one good thing about it is that it IS very soft. I started the wedding capelet for a friend. I'm using a vintage pattern and am a little confused with some of the wording, but it should turn out all right. I hope.

I knit a hat last week for a co-worker and I need to finish it. I lost one of the double-pointed needles that I was using when Dollar and I were moving every single piece of furniture in the house that was near a window (last week was a nightmare- contractor putting in new windows all over the house and leaving all kinds of messy messes for me to clean up). Sigh. Anyway, I want to finish off the crown, wash & block, knit a couple flowers/leaves for decoration.

[knitting] Patterns

This Tamara cardigan looks interesting. I'd just want to see someone knit it first.

Here's a vintage pattern: Dainty Bed Jacket. Why would you only wear this in bed?

Pretty lace-weight scarf - Pretty project for my one skein of Knit Picks Aplaca Cloud laying around.

These Boyfriend socks are very nice- a clean design with interest. Too bad the thought of knitting socks on size 0 needles makes me break out into a sweat. Maybe I can make a worsted-weight version.

You need a subscription to view this Lion Brand purse but I can tell you it's remaniscint of the Fake-a-gamo, which was a knit knock-off a Salvatore Ferragamo bag. This Lion Brand one looks do-able, I'd just change the yarn from Wool Ease to something more twiney.

Kitchen Hand Towel


[vermont] Good things from the Green Mountain State

Vermont Organic Fiber Company has a new yarn: O-Wool Balance - 50% certified organic merino wool and 50% certified organic cotton. I love the tweedy looking colors!

Vermont maple producers donate syrup to troops. That so sweet! (pun intended) Don't forget that this weekend is the 6th Annual Maple Open House Weekend. Don't know what to do with all the maple syrup? Here are some maple recipes.


[knitting] Knit Together, Dye Alone

The uvKnittingClub met at Revolution Vintage last night. Seeing what everyone is working on is so cool: a baby sweater, a dinosaur, socks, etc. I worked a single crochet edge around the lace nightie with the dark suede yarn.

I Kool-Aid dyed a bunch of yarn from my stash this week. I realized, after the process was complete, that painting yarn isn't really intuitive. The weirdest yarn I dyed (a splotch of color here, a splotch of color there) ended up being the prettiest. I'll take closer pictures this weekend while I'm trapped inside with 12 - 18 inches of snowy mess being dumped. Ugh, it seems like we've gotten a whole winter's worth of snow in a one month period.

I just got some books in the mail from Amazon- Domiknitrix, Naughty Needles and No Sheep for You. Oh how I plan to crawl into bed and leaf through these.


[knitting] Lace Nightie - The Trim

I cast-off the Lace Nightie with, oh, 5 yards of yarn left. Not enough to make straps. My sister had the bright idea of doing the straps with a contrast yarn. Even better, I'd like to also crochet a trim around the upper edge (across the lower back, up the side, across the front, back down to the back) to give the garment more structure. Or, to pull the whole thing together. I didn't particularly like the edges of the decreases up the sides and the cast-off area of the back lace panel is a little floppy. I think a nice border, like Tahoe, will be nice. Here are a couple pictures (front and back) from before casting-off.

After showing the nightie to my sister, placing skein after skein down and asking, "What about this one? What about this for a trim? What about a trim made out of this?", she said that the Berroco Suede would probably look best because it's matte, whereas the yarn I used has a sheen to it. So it might be a nice contrast combo.

I've got two colors of Suede in the stash. Light purple:

And dark purple (which is noticeably thinner than the light purple. I think the dark one is one of Berroco's first iterations of Suede, which is why it looks so different).

Which one to use?

To be honest, I like the darker color better but the lighter one is closer to the gauge I want. But then again, maybe it would be better to knit thinner i-cord straps from the thinner yarn... Hmm. At any rate, I'm going to have to knit a sample to test both.

[books] Comics!

I finished Frank Miller's 300 last week, in preparation for the film. Great story, love the way the chapters are broken up, great art. Fairly bloody but the Spartans were born to get bloody.

Dollar and I went to see the movie Sunday afternoon. We were a little late because apparently 30 minutes isn't enough time to get to the only decent movie theater around here (Claremont, NH). The movie was good. Bloody and impressive to watch. The only thing I didn't particularly like was the animal violence. I don't know if I'm desensitized to men killing men, but seeing a horse get hurt bothers me.

# # #

I recently read Volumes 1 - 4 of The Walking Dead. The story starts out in a very '28 Days Later' manner- guy wakes up and is like, "What's up with all the decomposing bodies lurching around, trying to chew on me?" The story focuses on a small group of people trying to survive- finding food, shelter and safety. I occasionally had to set the books down and mumble, "Too much... Bloody intestines... Blugh... Broken fingers... No..." This is the reason I couldn't stomach the Preacher series- too much gore and violence. What I am most interested in- character development- seems to be skimmed over. Time flies by, people die, everyone gets over it. Realistic, maybe, but I don't really care about any of the people who die because I either (a) just met them or (b) didn't know anything about them. I'm not too sympathetic to any of the characters. Maybe the story is meant to move along at a rapid clip but it's just a blur to me. I'm going to pick up Volumes 5 and 6 and see what happens. But in case the zombie thing happens sometime soon and staying in your emergency Armageddon bunker isn't an option, I'm going to save you a lot of trouble and tell you that you should head for the closest prison. It's secure but chances are you're going to be sharing space with some unsavory people. Better that then the walking dead. [Read the first issue online! Here!]

# # #

Also read Volume 11 of Lucifer. The series is over and this is the epilogue. Loose ends are tied up, we get to see a few characters one last time, and Lucifer finally gets what he's been looking for this whole time. The series is GREAT and can stand on it's own, but go a head and read the Sandman series first.

# # #

I read Proposition Player a while back. Nice, short one-shot trade paperback that could have evolved into a fun series- but only because Bill Willingham was writing. An interesting idea- guy accidentally gets people to sign their souls over to him. Both Heaven and Hell take a "What does this guy think he's doing?" stand and try to sway him in their direction. He does his own thing and it appears to have worked. The ending was a surprise but it felt rushed. I wonder if the editors were like, "Tick tock, Bill. You have to wrap the story up in the next 20 pages." A fun read. Better to get from the library or borrow from a friend than add to your collection (if your space is limited).


[knitting] New patterns and the never-ending nightie

A new spring Knitty is up. I only like Clessidra. There's an interesting article on dying yarn but I like the pictures in this tutorial.

Also, a new MagKnits came out at the start of the month.

I worked more on the nightie last night. One other person showed up for knitting and I discussed with her the modifications I want to make on the straps. Rather than having two separate lengths tied at the top of my shoulder, I'd like to have long straps completely sewn down. The problem I foresee with the tie tops is Dollar distracting me with a "Look over there!" shout and then pulling the bows apart. Like someone undoing your shoelaces. He'd do it 24/7 and I'd get tired of it pretty fast. Anyway, I think I'm a mere three or four hours away from finishing. I can't wait to work on something else.


[amy] Quieter week? I hope?

Last week was kind of a blur. Lots of knitting on the nightie, a Soup Swap, dinner at a friend's, getting a beat-down by my new trainer at the gym, a snow storm, visiting various family members. Whew.

I hope to finish the nightie this week (group knitting night on Wednesday at Panera should help). After that? The angora capelet for my friend, another pair of socks for Dollar, and a breezy knit top for Puerto Rico. That should get me through the next couple of months.