[misc] Press button for Perfect Turkey

Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving. I was able to put together a sit-down dinner for 14 people, with real dishes and everything. I didn't want to use throw-aways. Thank goodness my neighbor lent me extra chairs, dishes and silverware.

I picked up a 23.7 lb turkey from Lincoln Farm and it turned out beautiful. Could be because of the "Perfect Turkey" button that my oven has. At 6:15 am on Thursday, I'm sauteing onions and celery in butter for the stuffing and sleepily staring at the turkey button, looking at the instruction manual to the oven and holding the special probe in my hand that plugs into the oven and then into the turkey. I stuffed the turkey, threw it into the oven, inserted the probe and let the oven do it's magic perfect turkey thing.

That turkey was PERFECT. My first turkey ever and it was brown all over, moist and juicy, flavorful... and the whole thing cooked in 4 hours. I can't even believe it. I am taking no credit- I think it was the fresh bird from a local farm and the perfect turkey button that deserve all the credit. What did I do. I basted it.

I wish I'd taken a picture of it but by the time my sister mentioned it, the legs were off and I was already hacking away at the breasts. :(

As good as the turkey was, I don't want to eat any more turkey until next year. Dollar happily ate leftovers after leftovers, day after day. I was like, "Ugh, how many times can you eat turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing and gravy?" The answer is 6 times over 3 days. And really, I think he only stopped because we ran out. 

Here are some new pictures of the kitties. MF and Santana weren't into the turkey. I tried to give them little pieces as I was stripping the carcass for leftovers. They weren't into it.




[misc] Stinky Penny

Penny is settling in just fine at home. Other than keeping me up all right, making smelly farts, shredding my hands and feet and back... she is a joy.




Penny - scared of MF



Om nom nom nom

Stinky Penny

That is all.


[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface keeps an eye on Penny:


MF and Santana are handling her well. They hiss but they haven't been aggressive towards her. This hissing is just to say, "Get away from me, pipsqueak!" Penny always backs off, but in a sad, "Why don't you love me?" way.

Santana growls and hisses and just generally wonders when we're going to get rid of Penny:


Went to the Green Mountain Fiber Festival at the Hotel Coolidge this past Saturday. It was very nice to see Lois and everyone vending. I bought a chic box bag and a very pretty hooked rug. I also visited the new incarnation of White River Yarns in downtown WRJ, next to the hotel. It's soooooo great- lots of new inventory, great space, great prices. It's really awesome- a great blend of a new, fresh feeling with aspects of the former shop.


[misc] Penny for your thoughts...

Well, I picked up our little bundle of terrified, timid kitten last night. Here is Penelope:


Or "Penny" for short. Get it? Penny Dollar? Bwah ha ha ha, I crack myself up. But seriously, I've wanted to get some kind of pet and name her Penny for ages.


She's sequestered to the craft room now. She was spayed on Monday so the stitches are still fresh. She needs to rest (although she's not doing much of that) and not tussle with Murderface or Santana. 

Murderface woke up from a nap last night and I decided to let him stick his head in and check Penny out. He started hissing at her. He hissed three times. Dollar has NEVER seen MF hiss and I've only heard him hiss once (when I accidentally stepped on his paw). I scooted MF out of the room and shut the door. MF is a teddy bear and can't hurt a fly, how could he possibly hiss at this face?


I don't know. I ordered some more Feliway refills and I actually went out and got a baby gate. Insane, I know, but I want to put it up rather than having a closed door, so that the cats can at least see/smell each other for a while.

More pictures later...


[misc] Murderface Monday


I used the three day weekend to do absolutely nothing. It was glorious at times and boring at times. I hung out with the cats and did my nails.

And I think I found a new kitten to get. I stopped by the vet's office on Saturday to pick up a couple bags of dry food and there was a cute, widdle kitten in a cage. I put my name down to take her (not until this coming Friday) but I'm kind of on the fence about it. I do want her but what will Murderface and Santana think? What are they doing to do to her? What will she be like? We'll see...


[house] Progress...

Well, the snow melted and we applied a coat of stucco to the exposed blue insulation foam around the bottom of the house. It was a nice day on Sunday. Here's the view from the front door:

From the front door

Look at that long driveway. I need to get a snowblower soon-ish.

The front of the house:

Front of House

Dollar's step-dad has been absolutely incredible in all the help that he's given us- getting us all kinds of shrubs to plant, mulch delivered, blue stone to lay in around the flagstones, helping to dig and put in the flagstones, getting us to apply the stucco. You know, if it was up to me, I wouldn't ever get around to doing any of that and his landscaping help has been so great.

The back of the house:

Back of House

Still have some blue foam to cover up back here but we don't get too much sun back here, especially now that we're heading into winter. So... we'll probably leave it until spring.

Now to get ready for Thanksgiving. I've never cooked a turkey before so this should be interesting...


[crochet] Crocheted Catan

The crocheted Seafarers of Catan boardgame is done. It was played at Carnage in Wonderland this past weekend and was well received. Here's the game set up, ready to play:

Seafarers of Catan: Homebrew

I crocheted the map (63 hexagons) and my sister cut all the wooden pieces: (15 roads, 15 ships, 5 settlements, 4 cities) x 6 for 6 players. Here they are sanded, glued and stuck to tape, ready to be spray painted:

Seafarers of Catan: Homebrew

There's also a large pirate ship that prowls the open water during the game, ready to steal from players:

Seafarers of Catan: Homebrew

After a game, things looked like:

Seafarers of Catan: Homebrew

Awwww, the little ships going from island to island are so cute:

Seafarers of Catan: Homebrew

Seafarers of Catan: Homebrew

The yarn I used is Plymouth Galway:

Catan Blanket

One ball was enough for each resource color that make up the islands. I ended up using 5 or 6 balls of blue for the water. The hexes are just the same pattern that I used for my Korean Koasters. I sewed them in order, into strips, then sewed the strips together, then sewed in all the ends. It was a massive pain in the ass of epic proportions.

The map is a replica of the "The Six Islands" scenario in the Seafarers of Catan 5 - 6 player rulebook:


Love this. It's a one-of-a-kind game/lap blanket. But I'm so happy that it's done. Now I can work on whatever I want! Spinning the fiber that I just got at VT Sheep and Wool! Knitting shawls and hats and cowls! Crocheting cute little amigurumi! I need to pick a new project and get going because all I seem to be doing in my free time now is playing Bejeweled on Xbox. 


[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface, I'm sorry I haven't been taking tons of pictures of you. You're the cutest.


Santana, don't you think Murderface is the cutest?


Uh... all righty then.