[house] Progress...

Well, the snow melted and we applied a coat of stucco to the exposed blue insulation foam around the bottom of the house. It was a nice day on Sunday. Here's the view from the front door:

From the front door

Look at that long driveway. I need to get a snowblower soon-ish.

The front of the house:

Front of House

Dollar's step-dad has been absolutely incredible in all the help that he's given us- getting us all kinds of shrubs to plant, mulch delivered, blue stone to lay in around the flagstones, helping to dig and put in the flagstones, getting us to apply the stucco. You know, if it was up to me, I wouldn't ever get around to doing any of that and his landscaping help has been so great.

The back of the house:

Back of House

Still have some blue foam to cover up back here but we don't get too much sun back here, especially now that we're heading into winter. So... we'll probably leave it until spring.

Now to get ready for Thanksgiving. I've never cooked a turkey before so this should be interesting...


nestra said...

I have some turkey advice for you. Brine it! Brining may seem like a hassle but it will virtually guarantee that your turkey will stay moist and tasty.

Natalie J said...

Last year was my first year cooking a turkey so I know it can be intimidating. I did a butter-sage rub first, then wrapped the entire thing in bacon. Tasted great, stayed moist, and we had bacon to eat with it! I was a bit squeamish about using the giblets for gravy, so I gave some to Deuce kitty as a treat instead. :)

Scully said...

I suggest you check out a Homesteader plow for the truck. Snow throwers (snow blower is a trademarked name) are great for detail work, but the plow will save you a great deal of time and energy, especially with big snows.