[knitting] Lace Ribbon Scarf

Blocked and finished:

Lace Ribbon Scarf

Pattern: Lace Ribbon Scarf

Yarn: Zitron Trekking XXL 6-Fach

Needles: US 5

Mods: None. Although if I were to knit this again, I would leave out one of the ribbon repeats so that it's only 4 ribbons wide, rather than 5. The DK-weightiness of the yarn made this a little wider and shorter than intended. But this was a good one-skein project and I'm happy to report that there were no knots in the ball I used.

Sadly, I'm not loving this scarf. I have a hat and mitten set in a near identical colorway and thought a scarf to go with it would be nice. But there are too many yarn overs and double yarn overs. It's too open:

Lace Ribbon Scarf

How is it going to keep my neck warm with all those holes?!

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[misc] My blog

My blog is in today's edition of Valley News. Yay! I've heard from and informed pretty much every person I know. So... yeah.

Regularly scheduled knitting content will return shortly. I'm still in a Turkey-coma. It's like a walking-coma where you can still type but the thought-process is reduced to near zero because your brain is so full of gravy.

Mmm... gravy...


[knitting] Socks

New socks in progress:


Dollar's birthday was this past weekend and I gave him three new pairs of handknit socks (which I had been working on and saving since this summer). I was hoping the above pair would be done in time but I started them a week ago. So... not done yet.


[knitting] Christmas Tree Hat - Decorated

Last night's 'Trim Your Tree' event went well. Here is how mine turned out:

Christmas Tree Hat - Decorated

The gold ribbon I used as garland is a little loose and floppy (and only held in places by tiny safety pins) to ensure that the hat can still stretch over my head.

All the hats:

Christmas Tree Hats

Thanks to everyone who came to decorate!


[knitting] Harmonic Dishcloths

I knit a few much-needed dishcloths using leftover worsted-weight cotton in my stash.

Harmonic Dishcloths

Pattern: Harmonic Mosaic Cloth

Needles: US 7

Yarn: Misc. colored Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton

Mods: I left out the last repeat of rows 5 - 12.

This was a great stash busting project. They are wicked bright but Lois pointed out that when you're doing a crap job like dishes, it's nice to have something bright and cheerful to look at.


[knitting] I-Cord Gloves

Gloves are something I've never knit. I prefer mittens and the thought of making all those fingers on all kinds of double-pointed needles has kept me away. But I picked up a vintage Woolgathering that featured an ingenious way of making all those fingers: knit a 9 to 12 stitch I-cord, carrying the yarn across the back. When the finger is the desired length, use a crochet hook to pick up a stitch at the tip and keep picking it up the ladder.

Here are all my fingers. I used different colored cotton yarn to remember which fingers are which:

I-Cord Gloves

I am picking up the last thumb here. I've already picked up 5 or so stitches (below the crochet hook), with the rest of the ladder to go (above the crochet hook):

I-Cord Gloves

The picked up stitch is completely invisible. It perfectly blends in with all the other stitches. It's crazy. Crazy, I tell you!

It has only taken me a weekend to knit these gloves: fingers on Friday night, one hand Saturday, one hand Sunday. The worsted weight yarn helps to make this fast as well.

I-Cord Gloves

The only drawback is going to be all the ends to weave in and sewing together the crotches between the fingers. This pair is coming out small, so I think I might use a thicker yarn and bigger needles for the next pair.

By the way, these gloves are me procrastinating. I have lots of stuff I should be knitting for Christmas but... I just have to go with what my mood dictates and the I-Cord Gloves were calling to me.


[knitting] Sock yarn scarf

I started the Lace Ribbon Scarf:

Ribbon Scarf

I am using DK-weight sock yarn. I have a few balls of sock yarn laying around but I don't really knit socks. Well, I knit worsted-weight socks for Dollar because they only take a couple weeks. Socks using sock-weight yarn take me months to knit. So I am looking for other things to knit with the sock yarn that I have. Like this scarf.


[knitting] Mock-Cable Tam 2: Rise of the Angora

I made another Mock-Cable Tam, this time with an angora yarn:

Mock Cable Tam

Pattern: Slouchy Copy-Cat Hat

Needles: US 5 (ribbing), US 8 (body)

Yarn: Classic Elite Lush (50% wool, 50% angora), 1.1 skeins (BARELY used any of the second skein)

Mod: I did a rolled brim and then 1 inch of 1 x 1 ribbing. I did fewer pattern repeats to make this not so slouchy.

This one is going to my mom for shizzle. I'm keeping the slouchier rust-colored one.


[gaming] Carnage 11

I spent a long weekend up at the Lake Morey Resort in Fairlee for the 11th annual Carnage Convention.

It started Thursday night with a role playing game. The game started around 7pm and I didn't get home until 1:30 am. My bedtime is usually around 10pm and by 1 am, my head was literally lolling and nodding at the table. Looking for an exit for my character, I said, "So, the other character was just shredded by an M60 at the end of the tunnel? What am I going to do? Uh... Uh... I go running down the tunnel in the direction of the M60. ... I die? Okay, I'm going home." It was a good game, though, with good effects and material.

Friday Dollar and I checked out the vendors and bought a couple games. We got home and immediately played the Catan Dice Game. Simple and fast, every time we finished a game, I had to say, "More. Moooooore. Dice good. Game fun." (After hours of rolling dice, I think my mind started to get a little mushy.)

Saturday afternoon we both played in the Bang! tournament and Dollar won (for the 2nd year in a row). It was amazing, actually. The game was three rounds and he was the point leader after the first round. For the next two rounds, everyone was targeting him and he was eliminated early. But he still won. The trophy he was meant to receive this year for winning last year was not done, so they promised him TWO trophies next year. He said, "Okay, but if this happens again next year and you guys say something about getting three trophies the year after, I'm going to start to get suspicious."

Sunday morning we were able to motivate at get up to Fairlee for an 8am game. I played Pirate's Cove for the first time and loved it. I am picking this game up for sure.

So that was the convention for us. As always, everyone is fun and nice and great to hang out with. We're all just there to have a good time. I love it.

Carnage 12, I can't wait. What could the theme be? The Dirty Dozen? 12 Monkeys? Twelfth Night? 12 signs of the Zodiac? Or, related, the 12 Colonies of Kobol from Battlestar Galactica? I like the idea of the 12 signs of the Zodiac.


[knitting] Ridged Lace Cowl

I am using my handspun Kool-Aid dyed fiber to knit a cowl:

Ridged Lace Cowl

I love the nubbley texture. My only complaint is that it looks a little drab in natural light. I think the Kool-Aid coloring is already starting to fade. I might overdye this cowl in he future.


[knitting] Mock-Cable Tam

Mock Cable Tam

Mock Cable Tam

Pattern: Slouchy Copy-Cat Hat

Needles: US 5 (ribbing), US 8 (body)

Yarn: Plymouth Galway, most of one ball

Mod: I did a rolled brim and then 1 inch of 1 x 1 ribbing. I don't think I went as far as 8.5 inches from the cast on edge before starting the decreases. Probably more like 7 inches. It was very hat-like but I performed my new favorite tam-blocking technique: threading a needle with sock yarn under ever other knit stitch on the last row of ribbing. Soak the hat, roll out the water, insert a large dinner place and cinch the sock yarn tight. Tamified!

I think this hat will be for me. I will knit the pattern again with a nice light blue angora wool for my mom. Maybe. I just picked up a lace scarf that I haven't worked on since June and, being accustomed to instant gratification projects, knitting ONE INCH of the scarf in ONE HOUR is a little depressing. But I want to finish this scarf up as a Christmas present for her.


[spinning] Aubergine avec les sparkles

Here is the bulky dark purple yarn I spun and plied with sparkly thread:

Bulky Yarn with Sparkles

The color here looks a little milk-chocolatey but it is a deep eggplant color. The sparkles were also hard to capture. I have a blurry shot to show the effect of the thread:

Bulky Yarn with Sparkles

Oh la la, c'est tres jolie.

Dollar and I are off to Boston for the night, to witness the angry rambling and pontificating of Henry Rollins. We're taking the Dartmouth Coach down to South Station and we'll ride the T from there. We're staying with a friend overnight and coming back tomorrow. I'm happy I don't have to drive.