[misc] Muderface Monday

Oh to be a cat and to sleep in all the time:


I started playing some new boardgames on the Xbox. We've had Catan for a while but I finally tried Carcassonne and Ticket to Ride. Both are very fun and cute.

With Carcassonne you can play with or without The River expansion. There is also a couple expansions you can get (King & Baron, River II) but the regular game is very good. After roads and cities and monasteries are completed, they pop out of the board in 3-D and look different than unfinished tiles. It's very cool looking.

Ticket to Ride is very good as well. The game really helps you out by highlighting the cities that are on your destination tickets, then putting a green check mark on the destination tickets that you've completed. There are also an expansion for a Europe board that you can get. One small thing I like are the hot air balloons and zeppelins floating across the board- it's just a small background thing happening, but it's cute.

Sunday I ended up getting up at 7:30 am. I did some things around the house and at 9 I settled in with coffee to try out Carcassonne. When Dollar got up and came into the game room, I turned to him with bleary eyes and was like, "What are you doing up so early?" It was noon. Oops.


[spinning] Autumn Sparkles

Picked up this fiber at the 2009 Sheep and Wool Festival:

Autumn Sparkles

Foliage colors with lots of angelina for sparkle.

It was a really fast and easy spin:

Sparkley yarn

I don't have too much of this yarn (just the one skein), so I'm not sure what to do with it. The color actually isn't too far off from a couple batts I spun. I could use them together for a bit of sparkle...


[misc] Herb Garden

I planted some herbs a while ago and most of them are all doing really well:

Herb garden

Thriving are the chives, cilantro, parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme, oregano. The catnip is barely hanging on:

Catnip. Or, was catnip.

The neighbor's cat pretty much ate it all.

I have some sweet basil and thai basil that aren't going to make it. The basil isn't growing and the thai basil... well, it wasn't looking too good. I went over to touch it and all the leaves fell off. Oops.

Murderface's outdoor water dish is back here, so it's a nice little sanctuary for him.

MF at his water dish in the herb garden

And I like to pull off a leaf of catnip for him to eat:


[misc] Murderface Monday

MF by the canoe

Murderface, wondering why I stopped playing with him with a long piece of grass.

[misc] Murderface Monday

What a gray, sleepy weekend. Murderface didn't want to get out of bed:

MF sleeps in the middle of the bed

Last night, he slept on my right shoulder. When that got uncomfortable, he moved to an open patch of bed next to my head. He flopped down half on my face and pushed his hind feet into my neck. I had bad dreams all night about getting acupuncture in my neck.


[spinning] Bamboo Forest

A single I spun, 60% merino and 40% bamboo:

Bamboo Forest

Very easy to spin and the bamboo gives it a nice, light, white sheen.

Bamboo Forest


[spinning] MerSea Me. Again.

Back in April, I spun the first of two 4oz bundles of MerSea into a two-ply. On my vacation last week, I finished the other 4 oz:

MerSea 2

I love it. But.


It's different than the first skein:

MerSea- tension difference

The newer one is on the left, the older one on the right. As far as I know I spun and plied them with the same ratio, but the newer one has a tighter corkscrew ply and looks like a finer weight.

See a close up:

MerSea- tension difference

Ugh, I'm so disappointed. I had hoped that I would be able to use then together, for a shawl or something, but I think they are too different.

This makes me reaaaaaally nervous about spinning the 2.5 lb sack of gray wool I have- enough for a sweater. I wonder if I'll have to sit down and spin it all at once (with only potty breaks) just to make sure tension/twists per inch remains consistent.


[misc] I heart VERMONT

A few pictures from our drive up to Burlington last week:


It was such a nice day. I was thinking, "I love Vermont. Why would you want to live anywhere else?" Then we passed a farm and the smell of manure filled the car. So... There is that, I suppose.


I love Vermont in the Summer- I think even more than Autumn. I like everything GREEN.



[misc] Murderface Thursday

Murderface on the bed:


This is how we left him when we were getting ready to go up to the Lil' Kim concert. We didn't have the heart to wake him up to say good bye.


[misc] Murderface Wednesday

Murderface laughing at something funny I just said:

MF laughing at something funny I just said

Dollar and I went to Cleveland over Memorial Day weekend. It was good- we ate great food and visited the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It was hard leaving MF (even if it was just for two nights) but he was soooooo happy to see us when we got back. He was Mr. Purry Pants and has been hanging out with us.

We're off to Higher Ground in Burlington for tonight, to see a Lil' Kim concert. Dollar keeps calling her "Little Kim". *sigh* Noooo. It's Lil' Kim. Anyway, it should be an interesting show.