[misc] I heart VERMONT

A few pictures from our drive up to Burlington last week:


It was such a nice day. I was thinking, "I love Vermont. Why would you want to live anywhere else?" Then we passed a farm and the smell of manure filled the car. So... There is that, I suppose.


I love Vermont in the Summer- I think even more than Autumn. I like everything GREEN.



Joansie said...

Living in Vermont is wonderful. Overlooking the lake at sunset towards the Adirondacks is magnificent. However, having lived in Addison County at one time, I can tell you that the manure smell can really get to you by the time you get to Burlington. You want to hop in the a shower!

gayle said...

My grandfather used to say he preferred the smell of manure to the smell of roses. He was a farmer through and through.
Our little place generates a little bit of his favorite perfume...