[knitting] Double garter Baktus

Manos del Uruguay was recently hosting a design contest through Ravelry. I picked up two skeins of the classica- one teal, one variegated- and made a double garter stitch Baktus:

Double garter scarf

I didn't end up submitting the pattern to the contest, so I'll post it here:

Yarn: 2 skeins Manos del Uruguay Classica- one solid (Main Color, MC), one variegated (Contrast Color, CC).

Needles: US 10


Cast on three with MC.

Row 1 (MC): k1, yo, k to end
turn work
Row 2 (CC): k (knit yo through back loop)
slide work to opposite end of needles
Row 3 (MC): k
turn work
Row 4 (CC): k
slide work to opposite end of needles

repeat rows 1 - 4 until half of yarn from each ball is used.

Knit the same for the first half, but with k2tog decrease in place of yo increase.

Double garter scarf

This made a good sized, triangle shaped scarf. And it looks the same on both sides, so it's reversible.

I'd be willing to make another one of these, and start with the CC yarn- I think it would make a very different looking scarf.


[knitting] Another Novelty Scarf?

Here the other ruffly scarf that I whipped up in less than one Batman movie:

Ruffle Scarf

Yarn: Euro Yarns Tinseltown, brown, 1 ball

Needles: US 8

Pattern: Comes on the inside of the ball band. Just garter worked across 8 stitches.

I love this scarf- so pretty. The yarn itself is more structured than the Flounce from yesterday and you have definite, regular holes to work. My only issue is that it's not really soft. Not really wearable for long periods of time- It's more of a "Look at this! Look at me!" accessory.

Ruffle Scarf

It's a good one-skein project and would look posh wrapped around the neck, slightly tucked into a winter coat with lapels. 


[knitting] Novelty Scarf?

It's been a long time since I've used novelty yarns but for some reason I picked up a couple balls. I think I just wanted some quick projects to give me that feeling of instant gratification. This Catan afghan is sucking the love of life out of me.

 So I made:

Flounce Scarf

Yarn: Flounce by Knitting Fever (1 ball)

Needles: US 8

Pattern: Just garter stitch across 8 stitches until you run out of yarn.

It helped to search YouTube for a video on how to knit with this net yarn. You can kind of be messy and irregular and the scarf will still turn out nice and ruffly. This yarn is really soft and pleasant to touch for being 100% acrylic.

Flounce Scarf

Not a bad one-skein project and the whole thing works up in less than two hours. I plan on giving this one to Dollar's three-year-old niece for Christmas. 


[misc] Santana and Murderface

Santana in profile:


Murderface in profile:


They are so similar in appearance, sometimes the only way I can tell them apart is by Santana's tail or the white on her nose. MF went to the vet on Saturday to get an annual exam and rabies shot. He's "the picture of health" according to the vet, which was nice to hear. Other than that, just... puttered around all weekend. Gave the house a thorough cleaning (cat-fur dust bunnies were starting to take over the stairs) while Dollar put together a new treadmill. Got some stamping stuff for my nails in the mail last week and already I've done:




I haz a new addiction.

[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface, working on his emo album cover:



[misc] Cylon City

I painted my nails a wonderful chrome called Celeb City:

Silver nails

It's awesome- shiny! So metal! But... I kind of wished I had a red nail polish art pen to draw a line across the top. Then my nails would look like Cylons, right?!

I actually found nail art polishes at Rite Aid! In the Powerhouse Plaza! I can't believe they had them there! They have tons of colors and they're $1.99 each!

So I got home, did a Google Image search for "cylon head" to see what major features I had to draw to get the look right, and ...

Cylon nail

A CYLON! It's totally messy because I'm not so good with precision but it's recognizable. I ran to show Dollar and he thinks it looks awesome. He's so supportive, awwww.

My little army of Cylons:

Cylon nails.

I didn't even try to draw on my right hand with my left hand. Instead, I just put stickers on my nails to see how decorating nails like that would turn out. I like it fine but the stickers depict cartoon-y things like, panda bear heads (which I do like), a yellow canary wearing a pirate eye-patch and other random/weird things. I'll see how long the stickers last before they fall off.


[misc] Santana Tuesday


She's still got her mean streak, but it's receding. I think sometimes she just wakes up on the wrong side of the bed but overall her attitude has improved leaps and bounds. She loves to nap on your lap. She sleeps next to me on my side of the bed. She kisses me (real licks on my arm or leg, not the toothless/gummy bites she usually gives as a "kiss") every now and then. We loves her.


[misc] Nails Nails Nails

OMG, I have a new obsession. Nails. Crazy-ass nails. I just did mine:


Green nail polish with sparkly nail polish over it! It's like a birthday party threw up all over my finger nails! I loooooooves with frightening abandon. I've done everything but crouch on the floor, stroking my nails, saying, "My own... my love... my precious... ch'ollum ch'ollum".


Poor Santana in the background. She gets no play time when I applying 6 coats of polish to my nails.

I kind of went on a polish shopping spree, but thankfully I'm getting the cheap-o bottles at CVS and Walgreens (for .99 or 1.99). In 2 days I've acquired:

New Hobby

I know, I know, but... I must have them all. Pink nails? I think not. I've decided I want either crazy-fun-time nails (like above) or trashy ho-bag nails (e.g. zebra and leopard prints- so skanky, I must have them!).

I avoided painting my nails ever since I've had Murderface. He hates the smell and I feel bad when he comes up to me for cheek skritches, gets of whiff of the fresh polish, recoils and gives me the squinty-eyed look of abject suffering at the hand of my intentional betrayal and disregard for his happiness. He's a little melodramatic. But after giving myself a manicure a couple times already (sequestered in a far away room in the house), he hasn't noticed when I pet him on his head or give him dinner. After a day, there's no smell so I can give him all the cheek skritches he wants.