[misc] No pictures

Flickr did a major overhaul earlier this week. New web design and pricing/policy changes. It's all quite shitty. I understand that periodically you have to get used to new software and changes but there was no forewarning that this change was coming, load times are incredibly slow for me at home now, prices have doubled, etc etc etc. It's been three days and there are tens of thousands of feedback comments on how we don't like it. And not a comment from staff other than vague "We're listening." That's nice. That's... really helpful. Are you guys going to DO anything? Like offer a "Classic View" for people who want a simpler, more stream-lined look? 

So, I'm not uploading any new pictures to the site. In fact, I've downloaded all my pictures from Flickr and I'm going to move to ipernity if this indifference on Flickr's part keeps up. I've been w/Flickr since 2004 and a paying Pro member but if this is how they're going to treat users, I'm done.


[vermont] Mr. Grumpy Woodchuck

This guy doesn't look happy about anything:



Why so grumpy? You have all the food you could eat and I'm not actively firing a shotgun at you. (Which is pretty much what everyone is telling me to do but I can't kill anything larger than a spider.) 


Weather this weekend was nice and I spent most of it outside "gardening". I say "gardening" because it feels like all I'm doing is weeding. Ripping up weeds popping up in the mulched beds, weeding around a flower bed, weeding, weeding, raking, weeding. 

I want it to look like this around my house:

Cambria Pines Lodge

But I feel like it looks like this:

And now it looks like rain all week. Guess I'll just put all the containers of herbs/vegetables that I bought this weekend outside and properly plant them next weekend.


[knitting] Large Money Bag

Five years ago I knit a couple small dice bags for Dollar. He happened to ask for a larger one and I happened to still have the same yarn leftovers in my stash. 

Dollar Bag

Same pattern using the Turkish Cast-on method (SOOOOOO much faster and easier than doing a provisional cast on and grafting the bottom closed). This pouch is 80 stitches around. I charted out a larger letter "S" for this one and used duplicate stitch to add it on after all the knitting was done. 


[misc] Santana Monday


This weekend went by way too fast. Went to a BBQ at my sister's on Saturday. I had every intention of going to NH Sheep and Wool but after seeing my mom in the a.m. for Mother's Day and running errands, I just went back home and napped for 4 hours. I'm sad to have missed the festival but I enjoyed napping with Penny more.  



[cross-stitching] Norwegian Biscornu

Finishing up the 2nd side of the biscornu:

Norwegian Biscornu

Hopefully I'll finish it up this weekend. Also, the NH Sheep and Wool Festival is this weekend- I hope the weather isn't too rainy!


[crochet] Small Doily

I finished a small doily during the coherent moments of my flu last week.

Small Doily

It's only about 7" in diameter. The pattern is Doily #14 from 99 Little Doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen. This is only the 2nd doily I've made from the book (the other being quite... hairy) and so far the patterns have been great. They're all written and I'm a chart-loving person, but they're only 12 or so rounds to work, so they're over fast. 


[vermont] Porcupine

Sunday morning, I saw Santana sitting at a window she doesn't normally sit at and intently staring down at something outside. I looked and it was a porcupine! I ran to get my camera and quietly crept to the end of the deck to take pictures.


It was big, probably the size of a small bear cub, having breakfast without a care in the world. It would flinch every now and then when it heard my camera's shutter snap but it just kept on eating. It was really dexterous with it's hands, picking up vines and chomping all the green buds off like it was eating corn on the cob.



It was sooooooo cute. I couldn't resist trying to get a closer picture. I went down and tried to get closer. Then it did this:


When I got within 20 or so feet, it's hackles rose and it turned into a big, spiky triangle. Then it went back into the brush. I felt bad for ruining its breakfast. Sorry, guy.


[misc] Murderface Monday

Was a bit congested early last week, which developed into a cold but actually, no, it was the flu. It just went downhill as the week progressed. It was a haze of orange juice, NyQuil, Vicks Vapo Rub, Mucinex, Robitussin and... who knows what else. If I had any memory of sleeping through beautiful, sunny days under a pile of winter blankets, I'm sure I'd be upset. Oh well.

But I feel better now!

Murderface and Penny enjoyed the nice weather in the band room windows:



I felt so good, I tackled the laundry:


Oops. Sorry, Banana. I didn't know you were sleeping there.