[misc] Penny Tuesday

Sunday morning Penny.

Busy weekend. We attended a wedding Friday night. Then I made a trip to Hmart with my mom on Saturday. Sunday Dollar and I attended the 5th annual Mac and Cheese Challenge in Windsor and then booked it down to Claremont to catch IT at the theater (yes, so scary, so good).

Last Thursday was the NFL regular season opener at Gillette. I made a pizza for the game:


After baking:


This actually wasn't that hard to do and I might try making more pictures/designs on pizza with vegetables. I'm not going to use pepperoni anymore, though. We usually just have onion and peppers on our pizza and after not having pepperoni for such a long time, I was put off by all the grease. Maybe turkey pepperoni would be okay.

Trying to finish up the dragon baby blanket. To drop off at the Fair. Tomorrow.


[misc] Kitty Wednesday

A collage of the cats from this past weekend:


Busy at work- prepping for Hurricane Irma. I probably won't have to go back down to DC next week and will be able to support from home. Which is good- I'm going to Hmart with my mom on Sat, Dollar and I are going to the VT Mac and Cheese Challenge at the Harpoon Brewery on Sunday. I'm taking next Thurs/Fri off for the Fair.

Tonight is the first regular season Pats game! So excite! Pizza is on the menu at home but I don't know if I should put a Patriots logo on it... or a certain clown face. Hm...


[knitting] Dragon baby blanket- halfway

I was not able to do any knitting in DC (too busy), only a few hours worth during the flights to/from. The blanket is currently at the half-way point:

Blanket 50% done. Starting to look like... something. #knitting

I have to bring all my fair stuff next Wednesday, so that leaves me 7 days to finish. Gulp.


[misc] Winter is Coming

We had a hard frost at our house Saturday morning:

Hard frost this morning.

It didn't seem to do much damage to the flowers- just affecting a bit of coleus behind the house.

I was in DC last week, doing mapping work in support of Hurricane Harvey. It was crrrraaazy busy: work from 6 am to 10 pm, go to the hotel, sleep, wake up and do it again. I got home Friday evening and crashed. I had a bit of work to do remotely over the weekend (Sat-Mon) but it didn't take up more than a couple hours each morning. 

Was so nice to return home to sleep and chill and cook homemade food. Since the weather is dropping, I've been craving chowders and stews. Kimchi jjigae is going to be a weekly dish, I think:

Dinner #kimchijjigae 🍲

The rest of the weekend I put together a couple new shelving units and started organizing my craft room (which was such an embarrassing mess). I think I'm going to have a lot of stuff to get rid of and bring to the dump. 

My pre-reg form was sent to the Tunbridge Fair (mailed from DC) and I've got to start gathering (and MAKING?) some of the stuff that I said I would enter. Gulp. The baby blanket is progressing but it's slow going.