[amy] Back and sicker than ever

It's been a week since my last post. I came back from Bonnaroo with some kind of bug that had me spending 6 hours in the emergency room this past Sunday. You name a symptom, I guarantee I had it. After three hours at the hospital, I didn't want to be there anymore and started crying. I asked the nurse to get Dollar from the waiting room. He comes in and sees me in a hospital gown, on a stretcher, hooked up to an IV and crying. Poor guy nearly lost his mind with worry. I told him I was okay, I just wanted to go home. But it turned out I had mad viruses.

So I haven't been doing anything other than feeling a little better, feeling a lot worse, feeling a little better, feeling a lot worse. I missed my high school reunion and a flight for work. I've been having crazy dreams about mushroom clouds, car crashes, cops, cotton yarn and other unsettling things that begin with the letter 'c'.

I did get some new music to help ease my pain. The Streets' The Hardest Way to Make an Easy Living (best performance I saw at Bonnaroo) and Goldfrapp's Supernature. 'The Hardest Way' is VERY good, 'Supernature' get's a "meh" vote (sounds like all the other Goldfrapp albums to me).

[amy] Back from Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo rocked. Hardcore. It was awesome. I am home and filled with post-Bonnaroo depression. We saw Seu Jorge, Damian Marley, Cypress Hill, The Streets, Atmosphere, Lyrics Born, Gomez, Oysterhead. We heard (but didn't actually see) Tom Petty, Bonnie Raitt, Phil Lesh, Soulive. We briefly saw Common, Mike Doughty, Rusted Root. There's more, but I can't remember it all. It was amazing. HOT and amazing. Dollar and I are already talking about next year.

Go to the Bonnaroo website and look at all the pictures. Make sure to check out the 'Atmospheric' pictures under each day- those show you what the whole scene was like. During the day there was lots to do/see. The arcade was cool. HUGE smoke signals (as big as houses) were sent up. At night there were fireworks going off all the time. People spinning fire. It was a good time.

Showers were $10 a pop, so we only took a shower once there. We had to. One evening we got back to the camp site and Dollar pulled off his socks. I said, "Oh! Look at your tan line!" He said, "Yeah, I don't think that's a tan line. I think it's a dirt line." I took out a moist cloth and wiped at it. I was in fact a dirt line. So gross.

Everyone there was cool. The cops patroled on horses but I didn't see them once hassling people. I think there were just making sure no fights or fires broke out. And a helicopter was patroling overhead every couple of hours. Inside Centeroo, it was packed all the time, but people minded their own business and were there for the music. People would pass out under trees, inside the (air conditioned) cinema tent, under bleachers- basically anywhere cool.

I could go on and on about this but I'm still tired. And actually a little sick. It came on Monday while we were driving back. I think my body just wore out but I'm glad it didn't come on until AFTER Bonnaroo was over.

Next year. Next year we'll do it up better and figure out a way to see and do more. I hope you go. I just heard the perfect quote: "To attend Bonnaroo is to suffer happily." For realz.


[amy] Still a bad person

What a busy weekend. Friday night I went out and got most of the remaining items for Bonnaroo. I'd say Dollar and I are 99% good-to-go. I just need to run up to my mom's to get her coolers, pick up some ice and PACK EVERYTHING.

Saturday afternoon I baby-sat for a co-worker. It consisted of me knitting on the couch while the kids slept. I heard the baby talking at one point and instead of letting her go back to sleep, I selfishly said, "Oh okay, you want to get up? Okay. More baby time for me, tee hee." The baby got up, ran around, wanted to go outside. I sat on the couch, thinking, "Maybe this wasn't such a hot idea. I just wanted her to sit quietly next to me and look adorable." So by 6:00 pm, baby was tired from not having slept enough and had a little baby-meltdown. But both kids were easy. The older one helped me translate what the younger one was saying: "Moh gee? Moh gee? What does that mean?" "She wants more juice." "Oooooh. Okay."

Saturday night I... What did I do? Oh yeah, I re-affirmed the whole "Amy's a terrible person" thing. Basically I felt like crap all of Friday. I was going to do some random acts of kindness to make up for it. Saturday night Dollar and I went out to dinner at our favorite Thai place. When the bill came, it was only $26. We've gotten cheap bills at this place before- which is why we like to go there. We remark on how great the bill is and I slur, "An that's wif my Fog Cutter an ev'rythan." Dollar looks for the Fog Cutter on the bill and sees it marked on the back. With the chicken teriyaki. They totally didn't charge us for some stuff. So I'm like, "We should tell them." Dollar laughed. I go back and forth between "tell them... no, it's their mistake, no TELL THEM, no wait, maybe God knows how we have to save our money for Bonnaroo so this is, like, a break or something... no, we have to tell them." So after much Amy-on-Amy debate, which Dollar watching with growing fear, I let him go up and pay the bill (he didn't tell them). I ran out to the truck, threw myself across the front seats and wailed, "Oh I AM and bad person, I AM. This was my chance for a random act of kindness and I pooped on it! WHY?!?! WHY?!?!"

Sunday I went on a walking tour of White River Junction. Very informative and unsettling. Then I went up to my dad's to borrow a 6-gallon water jug. I came home, did some chores and helped Dollar set up a temporary gazebo that we're bringing down to Tennessee. I pulled the table out of the back of my CR-V (which is the rear storage well cover), set up the new camp stove on it and practiced cooking outside. It really is a whole new cooking experience. To prepare, I brought a cardboard box into the kitchen, put all the cooking things I thought I'd need in it and went outside to chop/cook. I only ran inside for a couple things but we were able to have a red and green pepper stir-fry with chourico. No franks and beans on this camping vacation.

Then we stayed outside at the table with a citronella candle burning, enjoying the night.


[knitting] Eunny used to be so cool

Eunny knits posh stuff. I bought her vest pattern (but still have as-yet to knit it). Her online tutorial series on steaks and lace have been very informative. Unforch, somewhere along the line something crawled up her butt and made a home for itself. Check out this post. While I rolled my eyes a bit at her beach read (Faulkner? Please. What a coincidence that he's Oprah's summer author of choice!), I took some offense to her fashion snobbery. I run around in clothes that don't match and I love my cheap-ass flip flops that only cost $5. I don't want to spend any more than that because I don't expect them to last more than a summer (trust me, anything longer gets a little smelly).

There's something to be said for getting all gussied up and going out. There's also something else to be said for women who actually have jobs and work 8-10 hours per day, have kids, have to get supper ready, do the dishes, do the laundry, do the vacuuming, attend community meetings, and still try to work in time for ourselves. So it becomes difficult to make sure the bra matches the underwear, the shoes are dead sexy, the bag is to die for, the clothes are fresh off the iron and the hair/makeup/nails are done to perfection. FUCK YOU. SOME OF US AREN'T TROPHY WIVES. I've often thought about what it would take to primp to perfection and you know what? All the waxing, exfoliating, scrubbing, moisturizing, making-up and perfecting would make the daily "getting ready" experience a 2-3 hour routine. Is it so wrong to just shit-shower-shave?

Someone please take this 23-year-old girl, fill her full of tequila, undo her chignon and let her loose at some spring break somewhere. Sister needs to go wild or she's going to regret her boring-ass life later down the line.

I'd like to point out that Eunny posted a comment about this entry. She's right. I don't know anything about her and apologize for my hate comments. The fact that she was able to respond in a civil manner shows she's a bigger person than I (I would have probably responded with "FUCK YOU! YOU DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME!") In my defense, I have issues with... Well, I just have issues. I talked about what her post meant to me with a co-worker and with my boyfriend when I went home for lunch. I realize that my comments read more like hating-on-someone-I-don't-know.

In an effort to get the negativity out and the positive back in, I need to look at this from all angles. This is just a person who likes to knit and has specific likes and dislikes. Like anyone else. Like me. I can be outspoken and regret what I've said.

This isn't the first time I've put my foot in my mouth. As penance, I'm going to go out and perform some random acts of kindness this weekend. And I'll try not to get so worked up when I read something and take it a wrong way. Valium might help.


[knitting] Starsky's Back and a Library/Craft Room

I'm almost done with the back of Starsky:

I haven't felt much like knitting it lately. I've been more concerned with my Library. It was basically just a junkpile of books and whatever else I shoved into the room because I didn't have any other place to put it. I never spent much time in there- I would just get a book or put one back. I have since put in a desk and shoved spare yarn into an empty bookcase.

The room is still called the Library, but it will also serve as a craft room. I'll wind balls of yarn here, plan patterns, store knitting (and misc craft) material. I need to tidy some more and maybe add some decorations. The walls are looking a little bare.

[knitting] A Quick Hat with Ears

Starsky has stalled at the top of the back. I wanted a quick project to make so I wound a single skein of Colinette Point Five with my handy-dandy new ball winder and umbrella swift.

I cast on 32 stitches onto US size 15 (16 inch circulars) needles, knit all the way up (for a rolled brim) and closed off the top using the kitchener stitch.

Because I didn't decrease for the crown and closed off top straight, there were naturally ear-looking corners. I used spare yarn to define them more and voila.


[books] Additions to the library

I helped Dollar move in a lot of his stuff over the weekend. My favorite part was last night, after I showered and put on clean pj's, sitting on the floor of the library, starting to go through tubs and tubs of his books. Lots of psychology, criminal pathology and sociology books. I asked him if he sometimes silently profiles me. He assured me he doesn't but I'm not so sure. He's probably thinking, "Clearly the debate between nature versus nurture cannot be better personified by Amy's action of slapping me across the face every time I try to hug her. Her mother probably didn't hug her enough as a child. Either that or Amy's a closet lesbian." Get out of my head!

He has lots of guy books: Stephen King, Tom Clancy, military thrillers/mysteries up that wazoo. The book I chose to bring to bed and read until I fell asleep was Masochism: Coldness and Cruelty & Venus in Furs. The first half of the book was scholarly essays on Masoch and his predilection towards pain. I skipped over it and instead started Venus in Furs. The crux of the book seems to be: Withhold affection and be kinda mean to make someone like you/want you more. I've tested this and it appears to work but it IS kinda mean.

More books to go through tonight. I got some new knitting books (Sexy Little Knits, Alterknits) and went a little crazy at the Dartmouth Bookstore's weekend sale. 50% of bargain books. I got about $200 worth of books for $40. Good deal. As I was hauling my heavy bags back to the car, a man passed me in the parking lot and said, "Oh good, the bookstore's still open."