[amy] Back from Bonnaroo

Bonnaroo rocked. Hardcore. It was awesome. I am home and filled with post-Bonnaroo depression. We saw Seu Jorge, Damian Marley, Cypress Hill, The Streets, Atmosphere, Lyrics Born, Gomez, Oysterhead. We heard (but didn't actually see) Tom Petty, Bonnie Raitt, Phil Lesh, Soulive. We briefly saw Common, Mike Doughty, Rusted Root. There's more, but I can't remember it all. It was amazing. HOT and amazing. Dollar and I are already talking about next year.

Go to the Bonnaroo website and look at all the pictures. Make sure to check out the 'Atmospheric' pictures under each day- those show you what the whole scene was like. During the day there was lots to do/see. The arcade was cool. HUGE smoke signals (as big as houses) were sent up. At night there were fireworks going off all the time. People spinning fire. It was a good time.

Showers were $10 a pop, so we only took a shower once there. We had to. One evening we got back to the camp site and Dollar pulled off his socks. I said, "Oh! Look at your tan line!" He said, "Yeah, I don't think that's a tan line. I think it's a dirt line." I took out a moist cloth and wiped at it. I was in fact a dirt line. So gross.

Everyone there was cool. The cops patroled on horses but I didn't see them once hassling people. I think there were just making sure no fights or fires broke out. And a helicopter was patroling overhead every couple of hours. Inside Centeroo, it was packed all the time, but people minded their own business and were there for the music. People would pass out under trees, inside the (air conditioned) cinema tent, under bleachers- basically anywhere cool.

I could go on and on about this but I'm still tired. And actually a little sick. It came on Monday while we were driving back. I think my body just wore out but I'm glad it didn't come on until AFTER Bonnaroo was over.

Next year. Next year we'll do it up better and figure out a way to see and do more. I hope you go. I just heard the perfect quote: "To attend Bonnaroo is to suffer happily." For realz.

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