[knitting] Let's Rock Mittens... progress

Progress is coming along quickly on the mittens. The skull pattern on the palm:

And the back:

It's working up quickly and is an enjoyable pattern. I don't want to put it down. There's a slight error at the base of the wing to the left of the guitar. Two stitches that were knit in reverse order. Sigh, I was an inch away by the time I noticed it. I fretted (get it? fretted?) for a couple minutes about whether or not to rip back- but then I decided to just fix it with a couple duplicate stitches when I'm done. I'm just not sure whether I should do that before or after blocking...


Happy three day weekend! Hopefully I can finish the other mitten and do the thumbs by Monday. Then I've got to move on to other things- I mailed off my registration form for the fair and put down a couple things that aren't even made yet- gulp. Something made from handspun yarn and a hat. I think I have a hat pattern chosen. As for the handspun project, I just have to stash dive and find a skein or two. Then I'll place the yarn under my pillow at night and a pattern will come to me in my sleep. That's how people figure out what patterns they're going to do next, right?

I'll defrost some pumpkin puree from last fall and start making some yeasted pumpkin-shaped pumpkin rolls. I'm going to enter a couple baked thing sinto the fair so I'll to start practicing the recipes this weekend.


[vermont] Chelsea Arts on the Green

Last Saturday I went to the Arts on the Green market in Chelsea, VT with my sister and niece. For months I've been looking for a new sugar dish to keep by the coffee maker. I had a perfect little blue container that I got from a potter at a Quechee craft fair many years ago but I broke the cover last fall. It still holds sugar but I've been using a large plastic yogurt container cover as a top in the meantime. I was waiting to replace it with another handmade piece of pottery and I finally found it:

It's made by Blackbird Studio, who is a weekly vendor at the Chelsea Farmer's Market of Fridays. It's a good size (larger than a pint), I like how big the knob is on top and it's a really pretty design. Absolutely perfect and exactly what I wanted.

And I bought one of the potter's soap dishes, as well:

What a nice way to show off handmade soap. This bar is from the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival in May. It's my last bar and I'm looking forward to replenished my stock of handmade soap at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival at the end of September.

One other thing I got to try while I was on the green was gelato from Sweet Doe Dairy. Goat's milk gelato. There aren't many foods I dislike in this world but goat's milk is right at the top of the list. But I was listening to Vermont Public Radio a few weeks ago and a reporter was reviewing Farmer's Markets around the state. She mentioned trying this gelato at the Chelsea Farmer's market and how it didn't taste goat-y... at all. 

Psht. Yeah right. I don't believe you. Goat cheese, Mexican goat's milk caramel (cajeta)- it all has that dirty sock taste. When I was in San Diego this summer, I was at an event where appetizers were being walked around. I look a little piece of something from a tray, popped it in my mouth and said, "Goat cheese. What a terrible surprise." My fault for not asking what was on the cracker. I'm convinced that the only thing goat's milk is good for is soap.

Until I had this gelato. I walked up to their booth, asked for a sample of the new Chai flavor, grimaced and thought "Here we go..." 

It's so good. It just tastes like wonderful ice cream. No goat-y-ness at all. The farmer said that since the milk collected from the goats moves so quickly from the barn straight to the ice cream making facility on site, there isn't time for the milk to age and acquire that distinct flavor. I was skeptical but I'm a believer now- I'm positive that this is the only proper way to enjoy goat's milk. I'm stopping by the Co-op after work to bring a pint home.


[spinning] Tour de Fleece results

I finally skeined and washed my July Tour de Fleece results.


3.6 oz of Falkland spun into a low-twist, worsted weight single-ply. The company is The Spun Monkey DyeWorks and the colorway is "Night". My Ravelry notes say that I purchased it at the 2012 Wild and Woolly Weekend, which I have no recollection of. 


Not sure what I'll do with it but if I pair with Lamb's Pride Worsted, it might make a nice pair of Newfoundland Mittens

And my other skein:

Cool Spots

This took up 95% of my TdF time. 4oz Targhee by Friends in Fiber. Colorway is "Cool Spots".

Cool Spots

I chained plied the entire bobbin into a three-ply and the final yarn is about sport weight:

Cool Spots

It took four hours to ply but I'm super pleased with the final yarn. I'll be submitting this to the fair.


[knitting] Let's Rock Mittens

Started a pair of mittens:

🎹 Let’s rock... #knitting

Pattern is Let's Rock Mittens by Jorid Linvik. My tension is a little wonky- but blocking solves everything, right? I'm using Kollage square knitting needles (US3) and Louet Gems sport in black and white. 

I'm enjoying the pattern so far. It's only 60 stitches around so it's easy to go, "One more round... just one more round... just one more round..." Hopefully these will be large enough for Dollar after blocking. If not, I'll probably be making another pair...


[knitting] Ammonites done... for now.

After making six ammonites, I've had to force myself to stop so that I can move onto a different project. I wasn't even tired of making these- I could easily have made six more. 

Ammonite #4


Ammonite #6

The designer of this also published a free potholder/dishcloth pattern that looks like a water lily, so I might have to give that a whirl once the Tunbridge Fair is over. Right now, I've started a pair of stranded mittens that I am hoping to finish in time to enter. I've got to fill out my form and mail it off this week!


[gardening] Japanese Anemone

It has taken a few years for my Japanese anemone to become established but it's doing so well this year. I purchased a small little thing at the Hanover Garden Club sale and I really thought it wasn't going to make it after the first and second year. It was a little bigger the third year- even had a few blooms. This year it's looking great- I had no idea it would get so tall (3+ feet). Hoping to divide it in a couple years and put it a few more places- it's a nice late summer bloomer and the critters leave it alone.


[cooking] Blueberry Breakfast Cake

It's blueberry season so I made a Blueberry Breakfast Cake:

Blueberry Breakfast Cake

I baked this in a 9-inch cake tin and it rose dangerously close to the edge as it baked and then collapsed down to about half that height as it cooled.

Blueberry Breakfast Cake

The cottage cheese I used had pretty large curds- you can see the white spots in the sliced pieces. I'm not bothered- I like the Cabot "Vermont Style" cottage cheese. I used thick Greek yogurt in place of sour cream. 

This "cake" has such a nice, smooth texture. I liked it more than the clafoutis I made earlier this summer. I like it even more straight from the fridge when it's cold- it's like cheesecake.

My mom did a couple blueberry picking trips this summer and my freezer is stocked for the winter. I usually just make a compote by simmering the berries with a little maple syrup and cinnamon- then I have a spoonful or two with plain yogurt for breakfast.


[knitting] More ammonites...

I was traveling for work last week and brought all kinds of cotton yarn to whip up more ammonite potholders...

I wasn't traveling far, so  there's only so much knitting I can do during a 75 minute flight. I imagined whipping up two or three (each way) but I really only completed the one above and this one:

Ammonite #3 with a variegated interior. #ammonite #knitting #knitdishcloth #ammonitepotholder #lilysugarncream

I like the variegated yarn for the inside- I think it just needs a darker border.

Working on a couple more. A few that I've made peak a bit in the middle but I think I have a system for increasing the spiral so that it lies flat for me. I want to have a trio that I'm happy with to enter into the fair.


[crafts] Tulle Wreaths

I managed to finish six wreaths in time for the anniversary party a couple Saturday's ago. They all looked like:

First, I spray-painted the green wire wreath frames silver. I cut 6-inch pieces of blue and silver polka dot tulle and attached them all to the wire frame with slip knots (three concentric circles). Each wreath used about one spool of each. Then I wrapped some silver ribbon about the inside two rings in a zig-zag manner. I found some white beaded decorations (like floral sprays) and attached some strands over the silver ribbon. Lastly I added a strand of wire fairy lights.

All in all they looked pretty nice on the tables. Of course, I didn't want to bring all six home so at the end of the night, I tried getting people to take them home by saying, "If you just add a little red tulle, you'll have a nice red, white and blue wreath for next 4th of July!" I still ended up with three.

It was a good learning experience. The tulle at Joann's is more expensive that the tulle at Michael's ($5 vs. $3) but it's a better fabric (nylon vs. polyester) and is softer with better drape. I needed 12 spools, which could have been expensive but it juuuuust so happened that the tulle at Joanne's was on sale for $3. I lucked out there. If I happen to see the tulle on sale again at Joanns, I might grab a few just to have on hand for a different holiday wreath.

Overall it wasn't a crazy expensive project- the wreath frames were from the dollar store. The silver ribbon and clear bead sprays were from the discount section of the craft stores. The fairy lights were $25 from Amazon (for sixteen ten-foot strands; we used the extras to place around the party ballroom).


[knitting] Grumio - finished

Finished my Grumio hat:


Using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, I cast on 48 stitches onto US 13 needles. Worked a k4p4 waffle pattern for a good long while. Then decreased rapidly over just three rounds. Close the top, added a pompom. Long and slouchy, even with a fold-over brim. 


I'm trying to make six tulle wreaths to be table centerpieces for an anniversary party this Saturday. I'm teaching this week (last class of the year, wooooooooo) so I'm getting home late and exhausted but I think I have a design plan (thank you, Pinterest)... I just have to cut all the tulle pieces and attach them to the wire rings in slip knots. I'll put on a long movie tonight... pour a 24oz glass of wine (aka the entire bottle)... and get to cutting/knotting.


[knitting] Ammonite Potholder

New potholder/dish cloth:

Ammonite hotpad. First attempt at the pattern. The middle is a little wonky and my stitch count is off but I think I have the hang of it now. More ammonites to come... #knitting #ammonite #dishcloth #hotpad

The pattern is free on Ravelry: Ammonite Potholder. I made this with Lily Sugar 'n Cream cotton on US 4 needles. I can't remember the last time I used this yarn for anything but it's like coming back to an old friend. I used it so much in my early knitting days for potholders and dish cloths- I have a pretty good stash of miscellaneous colors.

There was a definite learning curve to this pattern- my stitch count was off on the outer sections but I love how it turned out and I've already started a second (which is going much more smoothly). I think I'll stick to this pattern for a while and make quite a lot for holiday gifts. And choosing different colors for every single one should keep this from getting too boring.


[knitting] Grumio

A friend recently turned me on to the show Plebs on Hulu. It's a British show set in ancient Rome- very hilarious. My favorite character is the slave, Grumio, who is ambivalent about everything except food. There's one episode in season three when Marcus' mom comes to visit and brings all kinds of handknit items as gifts. They all get new tunics, Stylax gets a cardigan (which features prominently into the story), Marcus gets a work 'briefcase' and a scarf, Grumio gets a hat:


I've rewatched the episode and tried to take pictures so I can figure out the pattern. I think it's just a very loose knit 4 purl 4 pattern. Very long to make it slouchy with a little pom pom at the end. 

I'm giving it a try: 

Grumio hat

The waffle pattern is coming out a lot more defined and poofier. I'm using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and US 13 (9mm) needles. I only had to cast on 48 stitches so the hat working up quickly. I almost wonder if the knitter who made the hat for the show used a DK-weight alpaca; the stitches look more relaxed and open on the show.

Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend. I'm taking a day trip to Hmart with my mom and sis tomorrow- going to by all the Korean foods and supplies!


[cooking] Marvel-ous dinner

We got the digital copy of Avengers: Infinity War this week and I made a Marvel dinner to go with our viewing at home.

Thor acquires a new weapon this movie after meow-meow, sorry, Mjolnir was destroyed. It's a hammer-axe called Stormbreaker. I made the edible version:


Not bad. I took some no-knead dough out of the fridge and let it come to room temp so it was more malleable. Then shaped the axe head and rolled/twisted some pieces for the Groot handle. The little blob at the bottom is just extra dough that still deserved to be baked.

Re-ignite a dying star, set your forge to 350F and bake for 40 min. I noticed that it had gotten no color even though it was done cooking so I brushed the top with melted butter and broiled it for a couple minutes. 


It lost some of the definition during baking but I'm so happy with how it looked AND tasted.

The entire meal:

Marvel-ous dinner

Stormbreader (see what I did there?), orange soul stone maple-glazed carrots, Hulk-smashed potatoes, Steve Rogers' all-American meatloaf. (Okay, okay, I know I'm reaching with a couple of these.)

That's my Infinity Gauntlet oven mitt in the middle that I got in a Loot Crate ages ago. There was a recall but they can't make me give it back, even if I do end up burning my hand whenever I try to pick up anything hot with it.

We also brought out the large Infinity Gauntlet that I crocheted for the movie premier:

Thanos is ready to eat

It was difficult to eat with. But the meal and movie were awesome!


[crochet] Agnes Doily- Finished! ... Kind of.

Finished and blocked the Agnes doily:

The doily is done ✅ Ran out of yarn so I wasn’t able to do the last two rounds buuuuuuut it’s fine. #crochet #doily

I ran out of yarn so I wasn't able to complete the last two rounds. It's definitely meant to have a more intricate picot edge but I used a heavier fingering-weight cotton (rather than thread cotton), so the skein disappeared rather quickly. Still, I blocked it out nicely and it's roughly 18 inches in diameter. Good size. Will save it for the fair.

Speaking of the fair... I gotta get on that. I have six weeks and I need to start organizing (and making!) everything I want to enter.