[knitting] Pamuya

I finished this small shawl a while ago but only just got around to taking a picture of it.


Pattern: Pamuya (rav)

Yarn: Schachenmayr nomotta Regia Extra Twist Merino Color, the blue colorway. I used 2.54 balls to knit this pattern as written. I got the yarn at Country Woolens in Lebanon, NH.

Needles: US 4


Notes: The pattern is good, with explicit instructions for each row and a stitch count in case you want to check after each repeat. You won't get bored knitting this- by the time one stitch seems tedious, it's time to move on to the next stitch.

This was my first time doing those loopy yarnover waves and they were pretty fun.


Great little shawl with lots of visual interest.


[crochet] Potholder Swap 2011

I just received 5 crocheted potholders back in the 2011 Potholder Swap:

Potholder Swap 2011

I love them. They are all knit with worsted-weight cotton and are all double-thick.

Potholder Swap 2011

I brought them over to Murderface to see what he thought:

Potholder Swap 2011

He got up and sniffed them, and wondered...

Potholder Swap 2011

"Why is there no food on them?"


[crochet] Leo the Lion

If you're very, very quiet, you might catch a glimpse of the newest amigurumi I made:

Leo the Lion

He's very shy and likes to hide in his throw pillow cave. But I was able to lure him out:

Leo the Lion

He looked left:


He looked right:

Leo the Lion

Then he ran back to his cave:

Leo the Lion

Pattern: Little Amigurumi Lion from Lion Brand's Easy Crochet Critters

Hook: US E

Yarn: Leftovers of Green Mountain Spinnery's Mountain Mohair (body) and Rowan Lima (mane). Used black safety eyes. Little bit of Frog Tree Alpaca Sport in brown to embroider nose, mouth, whiskers.

Note: Poor Leo is hearing-impaired. And by that, I mean "stone-deaf"; I didn't make him any ears. Maybe someday he'll go under the needle for a pair but I'm too busy crocheting up other adorable little things.


[house] Progress

Went up to visit the house on Sunday and I spy siding!

Front of the house.

I almost wish I chose a darker color now but I think it looks nice with the shingles. The back of the house also has siding:

Back of the house.

Inside, the walls are looking more finished:

Family room.

Family Room.


Looking into the kitchen from the family room:


And vice versa (I love how light/bright the family room is):


And this is the side room in the basement, with windows and a door to the outside:

Basement side room

The cement floor is looking a little like the surface of the moon at the moment. They poured the foundation back in November and I guess some frost got in and messed it up a bit. So they're going to fix that.

I'm happy with the progress but I want to see floors! Still no idea when we'll be moving in but Dollar and I are getting pretty excited.


[misc] Murderface Monday

Dollar, holding Murderface in my craft room.


They are BFFs.

[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface in the morning

I finished the Pamuya shawl (just need to sew ends and block) so hopefully I can show that this week. I immediately cast on for another- Shaelyn using baby alpaca dk. I'm pretty sure that when it done it's going to be the softest thing on the planet.

Work was pretty busy last week. I got a new cell phone that seems to be able to do a million things BUT take/receive intelligible phone calls.

I suffered from a massive attack of road rage on 12-A in West Leb Saturday afternoon. It was all just a nightmare of people running red lights, blocking lanes of traffic, horns honking, having to sit through multiple red lights because no one could go anywhere. I didn't honk my horn or give anyone the finger, I just had to go home a different way. I got home, slammed cupboards as I put things away and yelled at poor Dollar about all the stupid drivers out there. I crawled into bed and MF made it all better by purring and drooling all over me.

Seriously, though. I think West Leb NEEDS to have a freaking cop to direct traffic every Saturday between 11 am and 3 pm. And to write tickets for every stupid driver that thinks causing gridlock is acceptable. Think of all the money they would make!