[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface in the morning

I finished the Pamuya shawl (just need to sew ends and block) so hopefully I can show that this week. I immediately cast on for another- Shaelyn using baby alpaca dk. I'm pretty sure that when it done it's going to be the softest thing on the planet.

Work was pretty busy last week. I got a new cell phone that seems to be able to do a million things BUT take/receive intelligible phone calls.

I suffered from a massive attack of road rage on 12-A in West Leb Saturday afternoon. It was all just a nightmare of people running red lights, blocking lanes of traffic, horns honking, having to sit through multiple red lights because no one could go anywhere. I didn't honk my horn or give anyone the finger, I just had to go home a different way. I got home, slammed cupboards as I put things away and yelled at poor Dollar about all the stupid drivers out there. I crawled into bed and MF made it all better by purring and drooling all over me.

Seriously, though. I think West Leb NEEDS to have a freaking cop to direct traffic every Saturday between 11 am and 3 pm. And to write tickets for every stupid driver that thinks causing gridlock is acceptable. Think of all the money they would make!


Sara said...

Seriously, I have quit going to West Leb for those reasons! The traffic is miserable.

When I do go - I only go to LL Bean and Lui Lui's...then I go back to route 4 and go home that way!

Patricia said...

Cat drool! A love/hate thing for me:)