[misc] Murderface Monday

During the weekend mornings, Murderface and I have our routine. He and I wake up in the bedroom, stretch, leave the bedroom and close the door (because someone likes to sleep in until at least noon) and go downstairs. I give him his cereal (dry food) and make my coffee. When my coffee's done, I let him out to go to the bathroom. I head upstairs to my craftroom to knit and catch up on tv shows. When it's time to make my 2nd cup of coffee, I go downstairs, let MF back inside, make my coffee and we both go back upstairs. He either gets back into bed with Dollar or comes into my craft room.

MF napping

Because it's time for a nap. Eating breakfast and going to the bathroom outside is really tiring. So he naps next to me on the spare bed. I like listening to his high-pitched honk-zzz... honk-zzz... snoring.


[knitting] Another Shawl

Deep Forest Multnomah

Looks like a smiley face to me (which is an example of pareidolia). If I had to take the picture over again, I'd turn the mouth upside down to make a sad face. I'm slowly but surely plugging along, but my wrist is starting to hurt. Too much knitting lately?


[knitting] Haruni


Pattern: Haruni

Yarn: Ball and Skein Super Sock 416, colorway "Olive not drab"

Needles: US 6 (4mm)

I love this shawl. I wish it was a bit bigger- I did 10 stems on either side rather than 12 because I was worried about running out of yarn (I think I made the right choice- I don't have much leftover yarn).

It is gorgeous. Delicate and pretty, but pretty easy and fast to do. It only took me about a week of causal knitting to make.


The yarn was a birthday gift from my sister last year- which she picked up at the Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival. I like the color- an olive tonal with flecks of cranberry throughout...



I like the double leaves...



The crochet bind of was even pretty easy. Everything lines up just right, so that the 3 stitches you crochet together closes the leaf tips. The only problem came when I finished the bind off and realizes that I must have dropped a stitch- for most of the 2nd half of the shawl the leaves weren't close properly.

I said, "Bleep-beeping bleep bleep bleeper-bleeper!!!" and set the shawl down. I went into the game room where Dollar was playing a video game and threw myself on the futon. The thought of tinking back hundreds of stitches to fix it was depressing. I tried explain the daunting task to him and what a tragedy it was, etc etc, end of world, etc. Then I got up, went to fix it and... It wasn't so bad. I was all done in 30 minutes.

I totally plan on making this shawl again- with 12 or 14 stems on either side... and with beads!


[misc] Murderface Thursday

I was lounging on the bed in my craft room, watching terrible "reality" television, when Murderface came in, plopped down on a pile of stuff (papers, magazine, bags that need to be either organized or recycled) and passed out...

napping on stuff

Passed. Out. He had spent the afternoon outside and it was hot out- he was just beat. I thought it was nice of him to come and hang out with me.


[knitting] Baby Hats for APD

We're doing another Baby Hats for Alice Peck Day Hospital at White River yarns. I've started mine:

Baby Hat

We'll collect all the hats at the end of the month at the shop and they will be donated to APD for newborns to be sent home in. I'm going to give a few skeins of my handspun as prizes for those who knit the most hats. Now I just have to figure out what I can bear to part with...


[spinning] Tour de Fleece: Results

Well, I only got half of what I wanted done for the Tour de Fleece.


Campfire, in a dk-to-worsted weight.

Pharoh's Gold

Pharaoh's Gold, bulky.

I did spin both on my Ashford Traveler. I started a tiny bit of the Vineyard sw-merino, but didn't get too far. My spinning fit has passed and I feel more like knitting right now. I didn't want to start the vineyard, stop for months, pick it back up again only to spin a different weight of yarn. Best to do it all at once when the inspiration strikes again.

My fiber stash is going down, though, which is a good thing. Vermont Sheep and Wool is coming up in early October...


[knitting] Hell's Baktus

Had a lone skein of Colinette Jitterbug in my stash for ages:


Decided to make a Lacy Baktus:

Lacy Baktus

Just a scarf shaped like a long triangle, with lots of yarn-overs. This scarf starts at one tip, increase along one edge until you use up half of the yarn, then decrease along that same edge. You will need a scale to do this pattern.

I like this pattern for this yarn. There's no pooling because the stitch count is constantly changing. The color is good: splotchy, mushroom-y shades. The yarn is soft (for a sock yarn), tightly coiled, bouncy and a little heavier than most fingering weights (which might be why the yardage is a little less than most 100 gram sock yarns). I still have to sew in the ends and wash/block. I hear that is yarn can bleed a lot, so we'll see how that goes. If it's not too bleedy, I would give this yarn five stars.

Oh, and I'm calling this Hell's Baktus because I made it while watching past and current episodes of Hell's Kitchen. Which I had never seen before but am totally addicted to now. I've convinced myself that if I took two years of culinary school and maybe one year as a line cook in a professional kitchen, I'd be able to go on the show and win. I told Dollar and he said that while I do have the cooking skillz, the moment Chef Ramsey shouted, "Are you f*#&ing having a laugh?! This risotto is bullets! Are you f*#&ing stupid, you f*#&ing cow?! Don't you know how to cook risotto?! F*#& off out of here back to the dorm!!" in my face, I'd start crying. ... Maybe. Whatever. ... I also have a crush on Chef Scott.