[house] Progress

Went up to visit the house on Sunday and I spy siding!

Front of the house.

I almost wish I chose a darker color now but I think it looks nice with the shingles. The back of the house also has siding:

Back of the house.

Inside, the walls are looking more finished:

Family room.

Family Room.


Looking into the kitchen from the family room:


And vice versa (I love how light/bright the family room is):


And this is the side room in the basement, with windows and a door to the outside:

Basement side room

The cement floor is looking a little like the surface of the moon at the moment. They poured the foundation back in November and I guess some frost got in and messed it up a bit. So they're going to fix that.

I'm happy with the progress but I want to see floors! Still no idea when we'll be moving in but Dollar and I are getting pretty excited.

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