[knitting] Lima Shawlette

I made a quick little shawlette for my sister:

Lima Shawlette

Pattern: 198 yds of Heaven (Ravelry-only link, sorry. If you Google "198 yds of Heaven", you can see other people's projects.)

Yarn: Rowan Lima, less than two balls

Needles: US 9

I did the pattern as written and it turned out very pretty. But small (more like a lace kerchief). I'd like to make another for myself with double the amount of yarn.

The yarn was interesting. I bought it because of the heathery color, how soft it is and the fact that it's chain-plied, which interested me. I found no knots in either ball but I did have a mishap where one of the chains broke and when I tugged the yarn, the chain unraveled back. My advice would be to use a wicked dull-tipped needle when you knit with it.

I pinned out the edges to a scalloped shape, rather than points.

Lima Shawlette- blocking

Yay for a blocking board, wires and t-pins. Long gone are my ghetto blocking days of bent safety pins and a bare mattress.


[misc] Murderface Monday

I'm into week 2 of my vacation and it's awesome. So awesome I knit Murderface a sweater..

Murderface in sweater

He hates it. I knit it with bulky leftovers in my stash, not wanting to invest new yarn or lots of time on something that might not fit right.

Murderface in sweater

The arm holes are too close together. Murderface can walk forward fine, but any attempts to move to one side or the other end up making him softly fall over onto his side.

Murderface's Sweater- back

Murderface's Sweater- Front

Yarn: Valley Yarns Berkshire Bulky, leftovers from the stash

Needles: US 10

Pattern: Cats Love Sweater

Only took about three hours to make. I was going to go with a nice angora worsted weight yarn but thought it might be better to go with fast and easy for the first sweater, so I can make the next one better.

Oh yes, there will be another one.

Poor Murderface.


[misc] Friday night

Having a fun Friday night. Dollar and I went to a very nice restaurant for dinner. We hardly ever dine out at the level that we did and when we do, I usually have a "What a freaking waste of money- I can cook that stuff at home" reaction. But I was able to score a half-priced gift certificate, so that might be why the dinner felt more enjoyable than normal. And the wine. Possibly the beer, too.

After the meal, finishing our drinks, we started having buzzed conversations like...

DOLLAR: Do you think my dad would like a Kimble for Christmas?

AMY: What's that?

DOLLAR: [tickled with himself] Oh! I can't believe you haven't heard of a Kimble! Miss I-Know-Everything. Miss-

AMY: Use it in a sentence.

DOLLAR: "I think I might get my dad a Kimble for Christmas."

AMY: Very funny. For real.

DOLLAR: Okay. "I like reading books on a Kimble."

AMY: Ha.


AMY: Ha ha ha. [take a sip of beer}] HA HA HA HA HA!


AMY: First of all, it's called a 'Kindle'. Second of all, they get questionable connectivity around here. Third of all, it's digital books, it's information about your taste in books stored in a database somewhere. If you get a book on how to make homemade bombs and another book about how much you hate America, that's... like, stored somewhere.

DOLLAR: [thoughtful] Hm.

AMY: Not that that'd be a problem for your dad. Or, you know, you. Yeah, your dad would totally love one. Just see if he's be able to get reception where he is.


I thought the Kimble/Kindle thing was very sweet. And it appears good food and beer make me kind of paranoid.


[misc] Murderface Monday

MF cleaning face

It's times like this when I want start banging Murderface's paw into his face, saying, "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself," etc. Dollar says I'm mean. I'm not mean, I won't do it... I just think about it.

It's been pretty cold recently and Murderface has started sleeping between Dollar and I near the top of the bed. We all lay on our sides, facing the same direction, with the cover pulled up over our shoulders- me, Murderface and Dollar. It's very cute.


[spinning] Shiny Rainbow

I have no before pictures of the merino/tencel fiber (because I was too excited to start spinning it), but I got it at the Sheep Shed booth at the 2009 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.

I had two 2 oz bumps and spun them fast, to make a bulky two-ply:

Wool and Tencel

Then tencel makes this yarn sooooo shiny!

Wool and Tencel

So colorful and shiny- I loves it!


[spinning] Batts

Two batts I picked up from DyakCraft (formerly known as Grafton Fibers) earlier this year:

Grafton Fibers Batts

DyakCraft (formerly Grafton Fibers) Batts

DyakCraft (formerly Grafton Fibers) Batts

This was the first time I'd ever spun from batts and what a way to start. These batts were so soft, so gorgeous and so easy to spin. Opening up the batts, unfolding the fiber, I would murmur to myself, "Gorgeous, just gorgeous."

I'm not sure what to knit but it should be interesting, with subtle striping. I love these jewel-tone colors.


[misc] Murderface Monday

Gimme that treat!

MF with treat

Woe is the finger that gets between MF and his Greenie.


[food] A hater's review of pancakes

Dollar loves pancakes. I think they're stupid and boring. I'll tell you why:

1. They're stupid.

2. They're boring.

Making pancakes means you're chained to the stove for however long it takes to make however many you're making. I feel like The Pancake Prisoner while I wait three minutes for one side of four pancakes to brown in the pan... then three minutes for the other side to brown... then put those four pancakes onto a warm plate in the oven while I get another four going-

ARGH! Just writing that out makes me want to kill somebody.

I like Korean pancakes (pajun)- batter with savory stuff like scallions or kimchi added. You make one large pancake and then cut it into triangles or squares to eat. See? Not boring and not stupid.

But plain ol' pancakes? With real maple syrup? And a side of bacon? That's Dollar's ultimate and he whines for it on the weekends. I probably only make it for him once a month. If that.

(I know it seems unfair that Dollar does zero cooking and "if he wants pancakes so bad, he should make them himself." Well, that's true. But he doesn't know how to cook anything from scratch and I'm kind of a control freak about the kitchen and stove. Plus the thought of Dollar cooking bacon makes me want to rest a hand on our fire extinguisher- just to be safe.)

So what's better than pancakes, syrup and bacon for breakfast? Apparently pancakes, syrup and bacon for supper. Having "breakfast for supper" puts Dollar into a state of childish euphoria. Probably the same way some 8-year-old would feel if you handed him a bowl of ice cream for breakfast.

Last night Dollar had a friend over in the evening to play a game of Memoir '44 and I made them pancakes and bacon.They were both so happy that I offered to make "Pancakes and Memoir" a bi-weekly thing for them.

What did I have for supper? I made myself a kimchi pancake. A smart, exciting kimchi pancake :P


[gaming] Memoir '44 - Air Pack

Dollar and I picked up a few more expansions for Memoir '44 while we were at Carnage this year. (I think we have them all now, besides a couple Overload scenarios.) We tried the Air Pack first, which comes with 8 painted planes (and stands), new cards for every single Terrain, Special Rule, Action, Nation, Airplane, etc. This expansion also comes with a book of all the scenarios published so far, with revisions for new tiles and air rules.

I chose the Utah Beach scenario to set up. (By the way, I need to get a fishing tackle box and/or cases for all the troops, hexes, tiles, markers, blah-biddey blah-biddey blah. Looking for all the set-up pieces has me rummaging through the main box, the terrain pack, the eastern front, the pacific theater, the mediterranean theater, the air pack. Jeezum crow!)

Dollar and I usually play through once, re-set the board and then switch sides. This scenario started with Germany in strong defensive positions but they were way outnumbered by the US infantry and tanks. I played USA first and generally pushed all my troops up to overwhelm the Axis side. I was able to win 5 medals before Dollar was able to take any (having consistently awesome die rolls helped, too).

We set up again and I took the Axis side. Dollar could have done the same thing as me but he decided to be more... I don't know, slow and careful about it. Which resulted in higher losses for him. Allied still won, but it was close- 5 medals to Axis' 4 medals.

It was fun playing with the planes. Here Dollar's Lockheed P-38 Lightning intimidating some of my Germany infantry:

Utah Beach

I launched my Fieseler Storch to do some recon of the US troops (just to the right of the top center):

Utah Beach

I was able to perform a rescue of one of my lone infantry troops with the Storch as well.

It was a lot of fun with the addition of the planes. The planes click nicely into their stands and they are painted very well.


[spinning] Denim

I got a 4oz bag of wool and mohair pencil roving from Foxfire Fibers at the the 2009 NH Sheep and Wool Festival (back in May) and spun it up as a single:

Single Ply Mohair

The semi-solid denim colorway and sheen from the mohair really drew me in. The finished yarn might not be next-to-the-skin wearable. Still trying to brainstorm what to make with this. Lace, so that I can block the project and terminate any sort of bias that naturally comes from an energized single... Maybe a lace shawlette...


[misc] Murderface Monday

Dollar treated himself to a new bass guitar. Murderface likes the new hardcase:

MF on new guitar case

MF on new guitar case

He likes face rubs even more:

Face rub


[spinning] Black Alpaca

About 14oz of black alpaca, heavy worsted weight:

Black Alpaca

This was crazy boring to spin, but the yarn has a nice soft hand and drape. I'm thinking... Infinity scarf?


[food] Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving. May your day be filled with turkey, football and Pocari Sweat:

Pocari Sweat

Okay, maybe not Pocari Sweat. This is an "Ion Supply Drink" that I got at H Mart solely because of it's name. The name makes me think of sweat collected from mysterious animals called "the pocari". Or sweat collected from a here-to-fore unknown Amazonian tribe called "the pocari". But really- it's just an drink meant to resupply ions, I guess.

What does it taste like? Stale Alka-Selter drink, if you let all the effervescence go away. Not so yum.


[food] H Mart

An H Mart opened up in Burlington, MA in the end of September. The Boston Globe has a good article about it. The most interesting facts:

- this H Mart is the 30th store for the New Jersey-based chain owned by Korean businessmen (although in the video, it sounds like the President of H Mart says this is the 31st store), and the first one in New England
- H stands for hanahreum, literally “armful’’; the company says it means “love and care for the customers.’
- the store's footprint is the size of a football field

My sister and I took trip down this past Saturday. I had gotten some advice from other people who had gone ("It's crowded as [bleep]. Everyone in New England is there on weekends." I heard that parking was the biggest problem. So... I got my ass out of bed at 6:30 am on a freaking Saturday, put the coolers into the car, filled up the gas tank and picked up my sister a 7 am. We got to H Mart at 9 am and the lot was already 80% full. But we made it!


The store was already filling up fast. We grabbed a cart and went through produce first:


There were some great mushrooms here- some I had never seen before: White Beech Mushrooms, Brown Beech Mushrooms, Maitake Mushrooms and King Trumpet Mushrooms (all four of the exact kind sold at H Mart can been seen here). I got a package of the maitake, brown beech and enoki.

A whole section of refrigerated wall for bean sprouts and tofu:


Then around the corner to the Kimchi section... A whole department of kimchi and banchan!!!!


I got a tub of cabbage kimchi, young radish kimchi, sliced radish kimchi and small anchovy and shrimp banchan.

The onto meat and seafood:



The meat section was busy but the seafood section was completely backed up with more than a dozen people waiting.

The back corner of the store had housewares, with lots of comforters, pillows, dishes, cooking tools and rice cookers. I wanted a new rice cooker but instead got a very pretty spoon and chopstick silverware set. I had a long Korean spoon that died in a cooking accident and have been wanting to replace it for a while now. The set came in a nice burgundy velvet box.

After that, we went up and down all the grocery aisles. In the cookie aisle, we liked the description of these cookies:


"Original sweets covering good taste cookies. Enjoy nice time by sweets tastes." MMm, who doesn't want to enjoy nice time with good taste cookies? And it's a little hard to read, but the slogan above the Lily brand logo says "Taste, Cool Life, Health". I'm sure the cookies can deliver on taste and possibly health... but Cool Life?

We got snacks and tea and ice cream and frozen dumplings. We checked out and pushed the full cart through the parking lot to my car. The plan was to unload the frozen/cold stuff to the coolers we had brought, then go back inside to the food court for lunch. Of course, as we're walking, I can feel a car following us. The parking lot is totally FULL and many cars are prowling through the lot like big metal sharks.

At my car, we swing open the trunk door and start shoving things into coolers. A car approaches, stops, turns on their blinker. I snicker. I step back and attempt to wave them away. The driver opens their window and asks, "Are you guys not leaving?" We shake our heads. That car drives away and another one pulls up. I wave them away. This happened three for four more times. I was simply filled with evil glee about it. It's my reward for getting up on a Saturday while it's still dark out and being on the interstate by 7am. I'm sure I had the snotty, "Well, I guess you should have gotten here earlier. Maybe then you would be able to have a parking spot." look written all over my face.

Anyway, we went back inside for eats. I did stop by the Tout les Jours bakery to buy pastries and rolls for Dollar. I got a box and got some phyllo sticks, dinner rolls, a custard roll, honey buns (Dollar's a bread/carb junkie) and wondered, "Am I grabbing too much? Am I being greedy?" I look around and everyone is grabbing more stuff than me. I'm telling you, it's like Supermarket Sweep all day everyday at this place. People are getting food like they're feeding a family of 12 and they're not coming back for more food for months. I think everyone was trying to shut down the bakery by noon.

There were different counters to order food from and tables to sit at. There was a Japanese, Chinese and Indian counter. We went to the Korean one:


And ordered two kimchi chigaes. Since Dollar enacted a kimchi stew ban on the house, it's the only thing I order when given the chance.


Come on. How good does that look. I like that it's served in the dish that it's cooked in, so it's still furiously boiling when it's brought out. This one tasted very good. It had kimchi, tofu, pork belly and rice cakes in it. I totally ate it all and then had to waddle out to the car for the drive home.

As we were leaving, the parking situation was so bad that police were directing traffic in and out of the lot. Which I think is just the norm for a Saturday at H Mart. I was also noticeably more aggressive driving away from H Mart than I was going there. I was cutting in on lines of cars, my sister was shouting at people that honked at us, I was weaving in and around traffic. I'm just saying, when you leave H Mart, you feel like you've gone through hours of intensive combat training and you're kind of itching for a fight.

All in all, I highly recommend going. It's so awesome in so many different ways. All I can say is: GO EARLY OR YOU WILL NOT GET A PARKING SPACE. Also, by the time the parking lot is full, all those people have to be somewhere, right? They're all inside hovering around you as you're looking at the meat; or standing in front of the meat and not moving to let you see the meat; or abandoning their carts diagonally in the middle of an aisle so they can get a free sample of food. You can't let these things drive you crazy here- it's just how this place operates.

Last night, I was finally able to have some rice and kimchi and radish and sauteed maitake mushrooms. As I sat there, I thought, "It was totally worth it."

H Mart: Burlington, MA
3 Old Concord Rd.
Burlington, MA 01803
(for GPS, use 43 Middlesex Turnpike, Burlington, MA 01803)


[misc] Murderface Monday

Murderface napped on the spare bed in the craft room on Sunday while I worked at my spinning wheel and listened to Dan Carlin's Hardcore History.

Murderface - napping in the sun

I will have lots of nice, new handspun yarn to show this week. Plus, an extra-long Thanksgiving weekend will give me lots of time to spin.


[crochet] A miracle, I tell you.

Do you believe in miracles? I have one to show you...

Catherine Wheel

Pattern: Noro Catherine Wheel Scarf by ellemenop (rav)

Hook: 3.75mm (F)

Yarn: 1.5 balls of multi-colored Shes Club Peacock (yarn I got last year in Korea- a superwash fingering weight) and 2 balls of Elann Devon (now discontinued) in an eggplant color

This project was very fun to work on. It goes fast and the pattern is very well written with helpful charts and everything.

Basically, you go back and forth, alternating solid and multicolored wheels. Then you go around the entire outside of the scarf with the solid color, making half-wheels... Then you going around the entire outside of the scarf AGAIN, making the pretty/frilly little picots. So you need to make sure to stop growing the scarf in length to ensure you'll have enough yarn leftover for the border.

Here's the miracle: I was able to finish the border with 6 inches of dark purple yarn left over. See?

Leftover yarn

IT'S A MIRACLE. The border was nerve-wracking. From start to finish, my thoughts went something like:

"I'll have enough yarn."
"I hope I have enough yarn."
"No, I totally have enough."
"Okay. If I run out of yarn, I'll just do the border in a different color."
"That would look stupid! I need to have enough yarn!"
"I don't have much yarn left."
"I'm going to run out of yarn."
"If I run out of yarn two inches from the end, I'll kill myself... I'LL KILL MYSELF!"

I finished the scarf with mere inches left over. It was meant to be. And it needed to be acknowledged. I went to find Dollar...

AMY: Do you believe in miracles?


AMY: I have something to show you that will make you believe. LOOK! [holds up multi-colored purple blob, and points at 6 inches of string hanging down from the end.] BEHOLD!

DOLLAR: Uh... Wow?



AMY: It's a MIRACLE! ... A MIRACLE! Don't you see?!

DOLLAR: Seriously, you have crazy-eyes and you're scaring Murderface.

AMY: Okay. I know. I'm just a little... [starts to sob]

DOLLAR: Oh sweetie [hugs AMY]

AMY: It's just, my stress level has been out of control finishing this thing... It's been, like, three hours of Russian Roulette...

DOLLAR: There there, everything's going to be-

AMY: [pushes DOLLAR away] It's a revelation and needs to be recognized by the Vatican!!! [shakes the scarf]

DOLLAR: I still don't even know what the miracle is! What? You finished that- What is that? A scarf?

AMY: I hate you! Why don't you get it? I thought I was going to run out of yarn- But I didn't!

DOLLAR: That's the miracle?

AMY: You don't understand! [runs to her craft room and slams the door]

End scene.

He didn't get it. Any-way... More pictures of the (miracle) scarf:

Catherine Wheel

Catherine Wheel

These were both yarns that I've had in my stash for a while and I'm happy with the way they look together. I don't crochet very much at all but this was a great project. Minus the insane amount of stress at the end.


[knitting] Lace Scarf with Baby Alpaca Brush

Lace scarf

Pattern: Lace Scarf from Plymouth Yarn

Needles: US 9

Yarn: Plymouth Baby Alpaca Brush, less than 2 balls

This is a really nice scarf. The pattern isn't free but it comes with three scarf patterns on one page. I'm amazed that I stopped well before finishing the 2 ball. The scarf is very soft and very light. The yarn is a pain to rip back if you make any mistakes but the finished product is so pettable and soft. I think this is going to my mom for Christmas.


[spinning] Tampa

I've been spinning more than knitting recently. I wrapped up a sport-weight two-ply:

J. Knits Our Best Roving

The original fiber is J. Knits Our Best Roving in the Tampa colorway. I had already spun another 4oz in a different color and wouldn't really classify it as "best". Both bumps were really matted and dense and require a frustrating amount of pre-drafting: ripping the fiber into thinner strands (almost pencil roving) and then opening THAT up, so that the fiber would draft/pull smoothly and evenly.

In the end, I had the following two-ply:



It's a lot more even than the brown one and I'm planning on knitting it into a baktus scarf. Barber-pole two-plies really look their best in garter stitch, I think.


[knitting] Regenbogen

A new pair of socks:


I'm calling them Regenbogen, which is German for "rainbow".

Yarn: Schoppel-wolle Zauberball, color #1564 "Tropical Fish", less than one ball.

Needles: US 2

Pattern: No pattern, just followed a generic toe-up recipe from More Sensational Knitted Socks by Charlene Schurch. I cast on 28 stitches for the toe, increased up to 60 for the foot, did a short-row heel and kept going up the leg on 60 stiches again.

Notes: In theory, I like toe-up socks but they never turn out all that well. The short-row heels are a pain to work (e.g. Pick up a wrap and purl three together through the back of the loop? That's about as much fun for me as playing Operation.), the short rows always end up holey/gappy on one side of the heel, and my bind offs on the leg are never stretchy enough not matter how loose I do them. If I do socks, I'll just go back to doing them from the leg down, with a proper heel flap.

Also, this sock yarn is a single ply, which makes me a little nervous. Going back-and-forth for the short row heels really made the yarn fuzz-up there. I think these are going to be bed socks, never to be worn with shoes. I get the feeling that the slightest agitation will wear though socks fast. But this yarn is soft and would make a nice scarf or shawl.

Also also, you can see I tried to make the colors match from the toe-up. I started the dark blue too early for the 2nd sock (the one on the left) and you can see that the colors really start to un-match from the heel up. Frick!


[misc] Murderface Monday

Mondays haven't been the same around here without Murderface. When I was sick last week, he stayed in bed with me:

MF napping

I was a little worried that he had the flu himself (I may have accidentally coughed on top of his head one time), but I think he just sleeps a lot.

Next to him in the bed there is a tea bag... Filled with catnip. Cute, right? It's a fabric tea bag, string and little cardboard tag at the end of the string.


[knitting] Good Luck Cowl

I finished this cowl ages ago and it just kind of languished around until I finally gave it to my sister this past weekend.

Good Luck Cowl

Pattern: Good Luck Cowl by Drop Stitch Knitter (rav)

Needles: US 4

Yarn: Plymouth Happy Feet, color #22, one skein

This was a very nice project. Easy pattern and a good one-skein project. A skein of Happy Feet is only $6 or $7, so this is a nice economical project. I might go for a solid color next time, for me. This is a good colorway for my sister, so it went to her. There's some colorpooling, you can see, but she doesn't mind that (and it pretty much disappears when you have the cowl on and it's scrunched up).


[misc] Recovering

Wow, I haven't posted in ages. I was out of town for work, back at work, spent last weekend at Carnage Con playing boardgames and, unfortunately, catching the flu. Friday was fine, Saturday afternoon was okay, Saturday evening I was a little *koff koff* "I don't feel too good." Sunday was fever, chills, body aches (which felt like someone took a baseball bat and beat every part of my body), Monday was just as bad as Sunday, but with added coughing, runny nose... You know what? Let's just say Sunday, Monday and Tuesday I was a mess. Today I can actually dress myself and put on real clothes. Which is good because I remembered last night that I have a car appointment this morning.

Damn youse, Carnage! [shaking fist] Damn youse! Next year I'm either (a) not coming, or (b) wearing a SARS mask the entire time.


[gaming] I can't wait for Carnage!

Nice, I checked on the status of the custom game cards and FedEx says they should arrive tomorrow. I'm hopeful but... they left the printing facility in Hong Kong this morning. And they should arrive to my house tomorrow? Oh... kay... I really hope so- I would like to see the cards before I leave for DC on Sunday.

Also, a couple new games are coming via UPS tomorrow. An expansion for Shadows Over Camelot (which I am running at Carnage) and a new sheep game called Wool Rules. Another sheepy game. I actually did a search through BGG and there are lots of games with "sheep" and "wool" in the title. I'll have to collect them all!


[misc] Lack of interest, boredom or depression

AMY: siiiiiiigh

DOLLAR: What's the matter, sweetie?

AMY: I'm filled with ennui.

DOLLAR: Maybe you should go to the bathroom then.

AMY: ...

DOLLAR: I don't know what that word means.

AMY: I could tell.


[misc] Getting stuff done

I'm finally crossing things off my list. I spent the weekend doing nothing but playing waste-of-time games on Facebook: Farmville, Cafe World, Rollercoaster something-er-other, Bejeweled blitz. It was awesome but now I have to pay the price: unwashed dishes, unfolded laundry, unclean bathroom, etc. Siiiigh.

I finally have Dollar's and my Carnage pre-registration choices and check to mail off. When are they going to make this registration process available online? I would like to be able to fill out an online form and pay via Paypal. Dude, I would so get my registration in first, rather than having to... you know... handwrite stuff and write a check and mail it with, like... postage and stuff. What is this, the 1890's?

And the super-good news is that I finished making digital custom cards for a game I am running this year. They've been uploaded to the printing website and should arrive via FedEx next week.

Alas, I will be in DC next week. Which I'm not really feeling too thrilled about. I've got to figure out what knitting to bring. Or crochet.

Crochet, you say? I may. Actually, I did start this Catherine Wheel Scarf with some sock yarn in my stash. It's coming out very pretty, although I might use it as a table runner if it doesn't feel good around my neck.

I know I haven't posted pictures of Murderface in ages. He's fine. There's been construction going on in the street in front of my house that vibrates the entire house. So Murderface spends his days hiding out on the stairs or in the basement, staring fearfully at the ceiling or the backhoe outside. I don't know what's taking these guys so long. They started this project well before I left for Germany and the street has looked post-apocalypic ever since.

One last thing- a knitting retreat that was supposed to take place Nov. 13 - 15 at the Comfort Suites in White River Jct. has been cancelled but Lois at White River Yarns is planning on making her own Holiday Knit In that weekend to replace it. I will be there running one or two sheep/wool themed games. The hotel will still be offering a $99/night rate (including breakfast) for the weekend. Things will be taking place at her shop, as well as other rooms in The Junction Marketplace.


[misc] Carnage is coming...

Cold weather is here and I think it's here for good. Reports were coming in yesterday from all over Vermont- snow. We got a wee bit of slush mixed in with rain. No snow. Yet. But this morning my car was covered with thick frost and I had to pre-heat.

Dinner last night was a very simple but yummy salmon, potatoes and asparagus. I use filets, rather than steaks. It's so easy and I love that it's all done in one pan. Tonight I have plans to make bacon wrapped scallops; we were at a wedding this past weekend where they were served but they were gone before Dollar had a chance to have some. So, these will be for him (xoxo).

I'm totally procrastinating on sending in my registration for Carnage Con. We probably won't get our first picks for games. But for the first time, I'll be running two games this year!

Spinning is going well. I have 4 bobbins full to start plying- some purple-gray merino and some black alpaca. I had a little set back this weekend when the leather strap that connects my right treadle to the footman broke mid spin. I bought some new, pink leather trim to use. Anything to make my spinning wheel more girlie. And now I have spare on hand in case it happens again.


[misc] Random random

I had to use my iMac's Photo Booth to snap a picture of the cat that has been staring at me all day from my page-a-day calendar:


Is the cat panting? Is it on ecstasy? I started out the morning thinking, "Hah hah hah, isn't that cute." Now I'm wondering what's wrong with it.

In Photo Booth, I had to take a couple of me, too.

Playing with photo booth

Messy Office

These pictures are nice, I think. I don't know why my sister has to post such bad pictures of me on Facebook. Are you listening to me, Brahbrah? Take them down!

I had my birthday this week. It was very good. Except I think Murderface forgot. He didn't get me anything. Jerk.

Does anyone watch Dancing with the Stars? Hulu just started showing it and I am in love with this show. It's inexplicably entertaining to me. And inspiring and funny and impressive. I'm serious. I've actually starting spinning to it (I call it Spinning with Dancing with the Stars, or SWDWTS) and have managed to fill a whole bobbin just during the [3 part, 6 hour] season premier. This will be a good way to get through my huge fiber stash this winter.


[travel] Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival 2009

Saturday my sister and I braved the chilly wet weather to attend the 2009 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival, for the first year at the Tunbridge Fairgrounds in Tunbridge, VT.

The festival looked like a ghost town compared to the World's Fair...


But I thought there was a good turnout considering the weather...

sheep fans

Misty fog settled into the surrounding hills:

gray day

fog and foliage

There was a sheep-herding demo (it looks like he's conducting the animals like a symphony... I'm sure one could find an analogy between the two):

herding demo

Animals to visit:


Friends to see, bunnies to pet, yarns to buy, fiber to pet and then buy, etc... I wore my holographic handspun scarf and brought it to the Fantom Farm vendor to show. The woman there was happy to see it, saying, "We never get to see our stuff."

Feeling a little soggy and cold, we left after a few hours. I saw some people walking around in wellies with their jeans rolled up. Me?


Yeah. I'll get it right next year.

I hope that the festival stays in Tunbridge. It's a good arena (lots of buildings) and I like how close it is to me now. My only complaint was the food vendors. I think there were only three. I waited in line at the lamb vendor for lamb chili and I have to say, the chili wasn't even warm. Standing in line for 20 minutes in pouring down rain for cold chili pissed me off. Next year it might be worth bringing a cooler with homemade sandwiches and drinks.

When I got back home, I took a looooooooong hot shower and then got into bed. Later than evening, Dollar took me out for an early birthday dinner. First, though, he surprised me with a stop at a jewelery store and I picked out a couple pairs of earrings. Very nice of him. Dinner was sushi and japchae at Yama. I know japchae isn't the fanciest thing in the world but I love it and I can't make it at home, so it's my favorite thing to order.