[misc] Random random

I had to use my iMac's Photo Booth to snap a picture of the cat that has been staring at me all day from my page-a-day calendar:


Is the cat panting? Is it on ecstasy? I started out the morning thinking, "Hah hah hah, isn't that cute." Now I'm wondering what's wrong with it.

In Photo Booth, I had to take a couple of me, too.

Playing with photo booth

Messy Office

These pictures are nice, I think. I don't know why my sister has to post such bad pictures of me on Facebook. Are you listening to me, Brahbrah? Take them down!

I had my birthday this week. It was very good. Except I think Murderface forgot. He didn't get me anything. Jerk.

Does anyone watch Dancing with the Stars? Hulu just started showing it and I am in love with this show. It's inexplicably entertaining to me. And inspiring and funny and impressive. I'm serious. I've actually starting spinning to it (I call it Spinning with Dancing with the Stars, or SWDWTS) and have managed to fill a whole bobbin just during the [3 part, 6 hour] season premier. This will be a good way to get through my huge fiber stash this winter.


Joansie said...

I am so addicted to DWTS that I schedule my knitting classes on other I've watched it regularly since Season 2. That is no sooner over with and then American Idol starts and I'm addicted to that also.

gayle said...

That cat *is* a little scary-looking...
Nice photos of you, though!
I haven't seen DWTS. I'll have to go look.