[misc] Getting stuff done

I'm finally crossing things off my list. I spent the weekend doing nothing but playing waste-of-time games on Facebook: Farmville, Cafe World, Rollercoaster something-er-other, Bejeweled blitz. It was awesome but now I have to pay the price: unwashed dishes, unfolded laundry, unclean bathroom, etc. Siiiigh.

I finally have Dollar's and my Carnage pre-registration choices and check to mail off. When are they going to make this registration process available online? I would like to be able to fill out an online form and pay via Paypal. Dude, I would so get my registration in first, rather than having to... you know... handwrite stuff and write a check and mail it with, like... postage and stuff. What is this, the 1890's?

And the super-good news is that I finished making digital custom cards for a game I am running this year. They've been uploaded to the printing website and should arrive via FedEx next week.

Alas, I will be in DC next week. Which I'm not really feeling too thrilled about. I've got to figure out what knitting to bring. Or crochet.

Crochet, you say? I may. Actually, I did start this Catherine Wheel Scarf with some sock yarn in my stash. It's coming out very pretty, although I might use it as a table runner if it doesn't feel good around my neck.

I know I haven't posted pictures of Murderface in ages. He's fine. There's been construction going on in the street in front of my house that vibrates the entire house. So Murderface spends his days hiding out on the stairs or in the basement, staring fearfully at the ceiling or the backhoe outside. I don't know what's taking these guys so long. They started this project well before I left for Germany and the street has looked post-apocalypic ever since.

One last thing- a knitting retreat that was supposed to take place Nov. 13 - 15 at the Comfort Suites in White River Jct. has been cancelled but Lois at White River Yarns is planning on making her own Holiday Knit In that weekend to replace it. I will be there running one or two sheep/wool themed games. The hotel will still be offering a $99/night rate (including breakfast) for the weekend. Things will be taking place at her shop, as well as other rooms in The Junction Marketplace.

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