[misc] Murderface Monday

MF cleaning face

It's times like this when I want start banging Murderface's paw into his face, saying, "Stop hitting yourself, stop hitting yourself, why are you hitting yourself," etc. Dollar says I'm mean. I'm not mean, I won't do it... I just think about it.

It's been pretty cold recently and Murderface has started sleeping between Dollar and I near the top of the bed. We all lay on our sides, facing the same direction, with the cover pulled up over our shoulders- me, Murderface and Dollar. It's very cute.


Joansie said...

That kitty certainly is beautiful!!

Shelby said...

Mark, Junior and I do the same thing, except Mark and I lay facing each other, and Junior lays between us, usually on his back with his little feet up in the air and a blissed-out look on his face. :)

Anonymous said...

Meaty gets the shaft, he lays on his doggy bed at the foot of our bed. I'll let him know that he can come spend the night at you're place so he can sleep on the bed :-p

gayle said...

He looks like he's saying "Doh!"