[crochet] A miracle, I tell you.

Do you believe in miracles? I have one to show you...

Catherine Wheel

Pattern: Noro Catherine Wheel Scarf by ellemenop (rav)

Hook: 3.75mm (F)

Yarn: 1.5 balls of multi-colored Shes Club Peacock (yarn I got last year in Korea- a superwash fingering weight) and 2 balls of Elann Devon (now discontinued) in an eggplant color

This project was very fun to work on. It goes fast and the pattern is very well written with helpful charts and everything.

Basically, you go back and forth, alternating solid and multicolored wheels. Then you go around the entire outside of the scarf with the solid color, making half-wheels... Then you going around the entire outside of the scarf AGAIN, making the pretty/frilly little picots. So you need to make sure to stop growing the scarf in length to ensure you'll have enough yarn leftover for the border.

Here's the miracle: I was able to finish the border with 6 inches of dark purple yarn left over. See?

Leftover yarn

IT'S A MIRACLE. The border was nerve-wracking. From start to finish, my thoughts went something like:

"I'll have enough yarn."
"I hope I have enough yarn."
"No, I totally have enough."
"Okay. If I run out of yarn, I'll just do the border in a different color."
"That would look stupid! I need to have enough yarn!"
"I don't have much yarn left."
"I'm going to run out of yarn."
"If I run out of yarn two inches from the end, I'll kill myself... I'LL KILL MYSELF!"

I finished the scarf with mere inches left over. It was meant to be. And it needed to be acknowledged. I went to find Dollar...

AMY: Do you believe in miracles?


AMY: I have something to show you that will make you believe. LOOK! [holds up multi-colored purple blob, and points at 6 inches of string hanging down from the end.] BEHOLD!

DOLLAR: Uh... Wow?



AMY: It's a MIRACLE! ... A MIRACLE! Don't you see?!

DOLLAR: Seriously, you have crazy-eyes and you're scaring Murderface.

AMY: Okay. I know. I'm just a little... [starts to sob]

DOLLAR: Oh sweetie [hugs AMY]

AMY: It's just, my stress level has been out of control finishing this thing... It's been, like, three hours of Russian Roulette...

DOLLAR: There there, everything's going to be-

AMY: [pushes DOLLAR away] It's a revelation and needs to be recognized by the Vatican!!! [shakes the scarf]

DOLLAR: I still don't even know what the miracle is! What? You finished that- What is that? A scarf?

AMY: I hate you! Why don't you get it? I thought I was going to run out of yarn- But I didn't!

DOLLAR: That's the miracle?

AMY: You don't understand! [runs to her craft room and slams the door]

End scene.

He didn't get it. Any-way... More pictures of the (miracle) scarf:

Catherine Wheel

Catherine Wheel

These were both yarns that I've had in my stash for a while and I'm happy with the way they look together. I don't crochet very much at all but this was a great project. Minus the insane amount of stress at the end.


Shelby said...

That came out great! I have some yarn I'd like to try that with eventually. Plus, I miss crochet sometimes.

Also, the mental image of you and your crazy-eyes scaring Dollar and Murderface is absolutely priceless...LOL

Sara said...

Oh, love the conversation! Men don't get it...unless they knit or crochet...

Love the scarf...and that you finished it with that little bit is a real nerve wracker...

Nicole said...

I certify this an honest to hook crochet miracle, a true-blue spectacle, a miracle come true. Those squeaker, race to see if there is enough yarn finishes are nerve-wracking, yet exhilarating. Congratulations!