[spinning] Shiny Rainbow

I have no before pictures of the merino/tencel fiber (because I was too excited to start spinning it), but I got it at the Sheep Shed booth at the 2009 Vermont Sheep and Wool Festival.

I had two 2 oz bumps and spun them fast, to make a bulky two-ply:

Wool and Tencel

Then tencel makes this yarn sooooo shiny!

Wool and Tencel

So colorful and shiny- I loves it!


gayle said...

Oh, that's just beautiful!!
I got some merino/tencel, too - and I love it to death. Next time I'm going to buy *more* - 4 oz wasn't near enough fun!

MissingRib2 said...

This yarn looks exciting and beautiful.

Kristen said...

Gorgeous! Looks like candy :)