[misc] Friday night

Having a fun Friday night. Dollar and I went to a very nice restaurant for dinner. We hardly ever dine out at the level that we did and when we do, I usually have a "What a freaking waste of money- I can cook that stuff at home" reaction. But I was able to score a half-priced gift certificate, so that might be why the dinner felt more enjoyable than normal. And the wine. Possibly the beer, too.

After the meal, finishing our drinks, we started having buzzed conversations like...

DOLLAR: Do you think my dad would like a Kimble for Christmas?

AMY: What's that?

DOLLAR: [tickled with himself] Oh! I can't believe you haven't heard of a Kimble! Miss I-Know-Everything. Miss-

AMY: Use it in a sentence.

DOLLAR: "I think I might get my dad a Kimble for Christmas."

AMY: Very funny. For real.

DOLLAR: Okay. "I like reading books on a Kimble."

AMY: Ha.


AMY: Ha ha ha. [take a sip of beer}] HA HA HA HA HA!


AMY: First of all, it's called a 'Kindle'. Second of all, they get questionable connectivity around here. Third of all, it's digital books, it's information about your taste in books stored in a database somewhere. If you get a book on how to make homemade bombs and another book about how much you hate America, that's... like, stored somewhere.

DOLLAR: [thoughtful] Hm.

AMY: Not that that'd be a problem for your dad. Or, you know, you. Yeah, your dad would totally love one. Just see if he's be able to get reception where he is.


I thought the Kimble/Kindle thing was very sweet. And it appears good food and beer make me kind of paranoid.

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