[food] A hater's review of pancakes

Dollar loves pancakes. I think they're stupid and boring. I'll tell you why:

1. They're stupid.

2. They're boring.

Making pancakes means you're chained to the stove for however long it takes to make however many you're making. I feel like The Pancake Prisoner while I wait three minutes for one side of four pancakes to brown in the pan... then three minutes for the other side to brown... then put those four pancakes onto a warm plate in the oven while I get another four going-

ARGH! Just writing that out makes me want to kill somebody.

I like Korean pancakes (pajun)- batter with savory stuff like scallions or kimchi added. You make one large pancake and then cut it into triangles or squares to eat. See? Not boring and not stupid.

But plain ol' pancakes? With real maple syrup? And a side of bacon? That's Dollar's ultimate and he whines for it on the weekends. I probably only make it for him once a month. If that.

(I know it seems unfair that Dollar does zero cooking and "if he wants pancakes so bad, he should make them himself." Well, that's true. But he doesn't know how to cook anything from scratch and I'm kind of a control freak about the kitchen and stove. Plus the thought of Dollar cooking bacon makes me want to rest a hand on our fire extinguisher- just to be safe.)

So what's better than pancakes, syrup and bacon for breakfast? Apparently pancakes, syrup and bacon for supper. Having "breakfast for supper" puts Dollar into a state of childish euphoria. Probably the same way some 8-year-old would feel if you handed him a bowl of ice cream for breakfast.

Last night Dollar had a friend over in the evening to play a game of Memoir '44 and I made them pancakes and bacon.They were both so happy that I offered to make "Pancakes and Memoir" a bi-weekly thing for them.

What did I have for supper? I made myself a kimchi pancake. A smart, exciting kimchi pancake :P


Joansie said...

Oh, Amy, I love pancakes. My grandchild has been making pancakes on Sunday morning since he was six years old. It was a real treat when I visited last weekend! The toppings are endless.

Barbara said...

Yeah, I'm not a huge fan of pancakes, so dry and blah. But I've had them with fried eggs served on top and those are really good with the yolk oozing over them, mixing with the maple syrup.

I agree though, kimchi pancakes are much more fulfilling!

Sara said...

Amy, the only time I get pancakes is if I go out for breakfast.

That is really sweet of you to do the bi-weekly pancake meal for Dollar and his friend!!!

gayle said...

So, how do you feel about waffles?
When I'm making lots of pancakes, I haul out several pans. Keeping track of lots of them at a time makes the process more interesting - more like juggling and less like drudgery... (Plus, you're done a lot faster!)

Scully said...

I love pancakes more than my spouse, and so I make them for myself usually on Wednesdays before my closing shift at the co-op. They don't have to be boring. Try spelling things or making shapes with the batter. Pour a dollar sign, let it cook for 15 seconds and then pour more batter over the dollar sign. When the pancake is done, you can give Dollar, silver dollar pancakes with dollar signs on them!