[spinning] Tampa

I've been spinning more than knitting recently. I wrapped up a sport-weight two-ply:

J. Knits Our Best Roving

The original fiber is J. Knits Our Best Roving in the Tampa colorway. I had already spun another 4oz in a different color and wouldn't really classify it as "best". Both bumps were really matted and dense and require a frustrating amount of pre-drafting: ripping the fiber into thinner strands (almost pencil roving) and then opening THAT up, so that the fiber would draft/pull smoothly and evenly.

In the end, I had the following two-ply:



It's a lot more even than the brown one and I'm planning on knitting it into a baktus scarf. Barber-pole two-plies really look their best in garter stitch, I think.


Shelby said...

very pretty! There's something about pink and grey together that I just love.

gayle said...

I'm really fond of that colorway, too!
Very pretty yarn - can't wait to see you Baktus.