[knitting] Grumio - finished

Finished my Grumio hat:


Using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool, I cast on 48 stitches onto US 13 needles. Worked a k4p4 waffle pattern for a good long while. Then decreased rapidly over just three rounds. Close the top, added a pompom. Long and slouchy, even with a fold-over brim. 


I'm trying to make six tulle wreaths to be table centerpieces for an anniversary party this Saturday. I'm teaching this week (last class of the year, wooooooooo) so I'm getting home late and exhausted but I think I have a design plan (thank you, Pinterest)... I just have to cut all the tulle pieces and attach them to the wire rings in slip knots. I'll put on a long movie tonight... pour a 24oz glass of wine (aka the entire bottle)... and get to cutting/knotting.

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