[knitting] Grumio

A friend recently turned me on to the show Plebs on Hulu. It's a British show set in ancient Rome- very hilarious. My favorite character is the slave, Grumio, who is ambivalent about everything except food. There's one episode in season three when Marcus' mom comes to visit and brings all kinds of handknit items as gifts. They all get new tunics, Stylax gets a cardigan (which features prominently into the story), Marcus gets a work 'briefcase' and a scarf, Grumio gets a hat:


I've rewatched the episode and tried to take pictures so I can figure out the pattern. I think it's just a very loose knit 4 purl 4 pattern. Very long to make it slouchy with a little pom pom at the end. 

I'm giving it a try: 

Grumio hat

The waffle pattern is coming out a lot more defined and poofier. I'm using Lion Brand Fisherman's Wool and US 13 (9mm) needles. I only had to cast on 48 stitches so the hat working up quickly. I almost wonder if the knitter who made the hat for the show used a DK-weight alpaca; the stitches look more relaxed and open on the show.

Hopefully I'll finish it this weekend. I'm taking a day trip to Hmart with my mom and sis tomorrow- going to by all the Korean foods and supplies!

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