[books] Additions to the library

I helped Dollar move in a lot of his stuff over the weekend. My favorite part was last night, after I showered and put on clean pj's, sitting on the floor of the library, starting to go through tubs and tubs of his books. Lots of psychology, criminal pathology and sociology books. I asked him if he sometimes silently profiles me. He assured me he doesn't but I'm not so sure. He's probably thinking, "Clearly the debate between nature versus nurture cannot be better personified by Amy's action of slapping me across the face every time I try to hug her. Her mother probably didn't hug her enough as a child. Either that or Amy's a closet lesbian." Get out of my head!

He has lots of guy books: Stephen King, Tom Clancy, military thrillers/mysteries up that wazoo. The book I chose to bring to bed and read until I fell asleep was Masochism: Coldness and Cruelty & Venus in Furs. The first half of the book was scholarly essays on Masoch and his predilection towards pain. I skipped over it and instead started Venus in Furs. The crux of the book seems to be: Withhold affection and be kinda mean to make someone like you/want you more. I've tested this and it appears to work but it IS kinda mean.

More books to go through tonight. I got some new knitting books (Sexy Little Knits, Alterknits) and went a little crazy at the Dartmouth Bookstore's weekend sale. 50% of bargain books. I got about $200 worth of books for $40. Good deal. As I was hauling my heavy bags back to the car, a man passed me in the parking lot and said, "Oh good, the bookstore's still open."

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