[spinning] MerSea Me. Again.

Back in April, I spun the first of two 4oz bundles of MerSea into a two-ply. On my vacation last week, I finished the other 4 oz:

MerSea 2

I love it. But.


It's different than the first skein:

MerSea- tension difference

The newer one is on the left, the older one on the right. As far as I know I spun and plied them with the same ratio, but the newer one has a tighter corkscrew ply and looks like a finer weight.

See a close up:

MerSea- tension difference

Ugh, I'm so disappointed. I had hoped that I would be able to use then together, for a shawl or something, but I think they are too different.

This makes me reaaaaaally nervous about spinning the 2.5 lb sack of gray wool I have- enough for a sweater. I wonder if I'll have to sit down and spin it all at once (with only potty breaks) just to make sure tension/twists per inch remains consistent.


Sara said...

That is a big difference. Since I don't spin I am for sure no use to you...

They both are really pretty though...

gayle said...

I'm totally paranoid about not being able to spin a consistent batch of yarn, so I wait to ply until all the singles are spun.
Both of your skeins are beautiful, though. How about a hat and cowl combination, or hat and gloves? Or alternate skeins every two rows for a textural detail?