[misc] Penny for your thoughts...

Well, I picked up our little bundle of terrified, timid kitten last night. Here is Penelope:


Or "Penny" for short. Get it? Penny Dollar? Bwah ha ha ha, I crack myself up. But seriously, I've wanted to get some kind of pet and name her Penny for ages.


She's sequestered to the craft room now. She was spayed on Monday so the stitches are still fresh. She needs to rest (although she's not doing much of that) and not tussle with Murderface or Santana. 

Murderface woke up from a nap last night and I decided to let him stick his head in and check Penny out. He started hissing at her. He hissed three times. Dollar has NEVER seen MF hiss and I've only heard him hiss once (when I accidentally stepped on his paw). I scooted MF out of the room and shut the door. MF is a teddy bear and can't hurt a fly, how could he possibly hiss at this face?


I don't know. I ordered some more Feliway refills and I actually went out and got a baby gate. Insane, I know, but I want to put it up rather than having a closed door, so that the cats can at least see/smell each other for a while.

More pictures later...


Joansie said...

She's beautiful. Looks so soft and cuddly.

gayle said...

Awwww... And she has polka dots!

Sophia said...

OMG - my cat looks the same like this cat!! :)))