[crafts] Silver Spray Paint

During the long weekend, I wanted to do as many crafty things as possible- and hopefully finish up a few projects. I recently bought a can of metallic silver spray paint and went to the thrift store looking for things I could gussy up.

Here's the crap I bought, totaling $12:

Thrift Store items

Mostly vases. A couple ceramic ones, one glass, one terracotta, one bird votive candle holder and a glass dish. I sprayed them all over a few times (upside down, right-side up) with silver and the next day added a couple coats of high gloss sealer. 

The results:

Spray painted a bunch of crap from the thrift store silver. #sofancy

So fancy! The little bird and nest I especially love because of the detail. I love the look of spray painting over plastic animals.

Would definitely do this again. Still want to spray seashells, mason jars, an old candelabra. I've also seen some people use puffy paint to dot a design on the outside of glass bottles- and then spray paint over the entire item.

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