[gaming] Camp Carnage

I missed out on Camp Carnage last weekend because I was too busy and completely forgot about it. Bummer. I didn't register or anything, so I didn't lose any money but it would have been fun to go up and play games all day.

The Valley News has an article about it. Sponng (aka Dr. Nik) has some photos of a LARP he ran called Celestial Decision.

I'd like to start a once-a-month uvGamingClub, to meet at my place. I haven't played Settlers in ages. I miss Carcassonne and there's a new river expansion. I want to try out Elfenland and Caylus and Descent. *sigh* I wish I had over-active kids so I could take their ADD medication and stay up all night and do a million things. Bad idea? I got it from Desperate Housewives.

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