[amy] Happy Monday

Sorry my posting has been infrequent. To quote Kirk from Gilmore Girls, "I'm exceedingly dull" so there isn't much need to post "I worked, I went home, I slept" over and over again.

Friday night I went to see the movie Jarhead. I had heard it described as "A war movie without a war", which pretty much sums up the film. I liked the movie a lot- I thought it was beautiful and interesting and sad.

Saturday morning I borrowed my mom's truck and brought all my recycling to the nice, clean Recycling Center in Hartland, VT. Then I went over to Ken's and brought all the Demo Derby car junk to the stinking, filthy West Lebanon, NH Landfill. Ken and Ram had made the landfill sound like fun when they went: "It's amazing. There's garbage everywhere and you just throw your garbage everywhere." I like to make messes and thought it would be great. So no. As soon as I got out of the truck and the smell hit my nose, I started dry heaving. I couldn't even help Ken unload it all because I was bent over next to the truck, throwing up the nothing in the stomach, spitting, shaking, covered in a cold sweat.

Then we went BACK to his place to get all his rotten, stinking garbage and recycling. Then we went next door and got his neighbor's recycling and garbage. Then Ken mentions the old stove in the garage. I say, "Stick it by the side of the road with a sign that says 'FREE!' and see if anyone takes it away." While I'm preoccupied with the horrific thought of ANOTHER trip to the NH Landfill, all the guys decide to put the stove onto all the garbage/recycling in the back of the truck. They tell me that they’re literally going to lift the full-sized range and set it on top of everything. I laugh, thinking they're joking. When I realize that they're not, I start pacing and muttering, "I don't approve... I don't approve... This isn't a good idea..." I leave to get a drink and when I come back, not only is the stove loaded onto the truck, but a very large gas tank from one of the Demo Derby cars had been thrown in as well. I pretend I don't see anything and get into the truck.

The only good thing I have to say about the Lebanon Recycling Center is that you get to throw your glass bottles and watch them break. In Hartland, you drop them down a chute and listen to the glass shatter below. At Lebanon, you throw your bottles over a concrete ledge and it's all open, so you can see where you're throwing them. I loved it. I took all the bottles I could and pitched them down onto the concrete floor and felt a surge of mad glee spread through my body with every satisfying explosion of glass.

After the trash-tastic day, I went home and took a five-hour shower.

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