[knitting] Progress!

I made yesterday my own personal Knit Day. I finished the front of the Valentino knock-off bag and blocked both the front and the back.


I'll be editing and sending off the pattern for a very nice knitter who has been waiting very patiently for me...

Then I closed off the end of my Harry Potter scarf, so now it's all done and ready to be worn to the movie (EEEE!!!). I took a hasty picture inside my place (note the eyes- an effect of me either opening or closing my eyes just as the camera took the shot):

How frightening is that?

I'm making a trip down to Northampton this Friday to WEBS to buy all kinds of yarn. Oh yeah, and to visit with Ram as well.

3 comments: said...

i absolutely love the valentino bag. any cnance you would be willing to share your pattern with me? it would go great with my new cream coat! :)


Anonymous said...


I LOVE your scarf!! You made it perfectly like the movie, and it looks beautiful!

I would also like to make one, (for my friend for Christmas) but I know if he was in a house it would be Slytherin so I need to do the dark green and silver. Is there any way you could give me some quick advice? It's 4 rows of light colour, 6 rows of the dark, 4 rows of light, then a bunch of the dark, but how many did you put in the bunch? And what kind of needles did you use, the circular?

I'm not a big knitter, I've only made simple scarves before but I think yours is more layered than mine have been in the past. Please please can you give me advice? I would much appreciate it, or even the website you used, if you used one.

or you could post on

Anonymous said...

Hi, I was following your progress on the Valentino bag and love your results. By chance, can you share the pattern with me. Did you decide on what kind of straps or handles for the bag? My e-mail

Thanks alot!