[books] 50 Cent to Launch Hip-Hop Book Line

Ha ha ha ha. Ahh hahhahaha. AHHHHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!

"These tales will tell the truth about The Life; the sex, guns and cash; the brutal highs and short lives of the players on the streets," the publisher said in a release over the weekend.

Please, I'm sure you can do better than Juh-juh-juh-G-U-Nit Classics if you want to know what the 'hood is all about. There's Crack Head by Lisa Lennox, Sheisty by T. N. Baker, Grimey by Kashamba Williams or Flip Side of the Game by Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker (where the first sentence of the book is: "Life is a ma'fuckah, and that's the God honest truth.").

I wonder if the books will be marketed more towards women or men? Most of the hood-rich books I found at Amazon appear to be hood-love stories for women. I can only assume all the men folk are too busy slinging crack to have time to read. Think that's a stereotype and I'm being mean? Hey, I understand, a guy's gotta pay the rent. I just think, if someone's from the street, they already know about the street and reading a book about the street isn't going to give them any insight- they'd do better with real stories such as To Kill a Mockingbird, Their Eyes Were Watching God or Native Son.

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