[holidays] A Thanksgiving message...

I'm nearly done with Season 1 of Desperate Housewives. It's meh. I don't understand what all the fuss is about Eva Longoria. Turns out, she's got the perfect Thanksgiving greeting for you and yours.

In honor of turkey day tomorrow, I say: "Jesus! It's Thanksgiving. Be nice. FUCK!"

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Mark Sasahara said...

Eva Longoria is hott. Though it sounds like she's a bit full of herself, if that little bit of gossip is true.

I'm all about the brunettes. The one exception is Marilyn Monroe.

And redheads.

I'm fascinted by redheads. The first girl I shacked up with was a redhead. Peg is also responsible for me getting into filmmaking. DHW's Marcia Cross is also hott. She's got a small, pointy nose, so points for that too.

Though, come to think of it, I did see a woman with a good sized aqualine nose who was very good looking (a brunette). She had a great profile as she got up out of her seat at the restaurant. There are always exceptions to the rule.

So I'm all over the map. Beauty, for me, is not really a set thing. It's fluid and the ideals are in motion. It's important to remember that ideals are ideals and therefore unattainable.

Beauty is so completely subjective. Part of beauty is not physical, but confidence, conduct and attitude.

Oh yeah, and smart is sexy.