[amy] Strenuous weekend

What a busy and tiring weekend. Friday I went up to the Second Vermont Republic conference at the State House in Montpelier. That was pretty cool. There were maybe two hundred people there in the morning and we all got to sit in the House of Representatives chamber. I've lots more to say on the subject of secession, which I plan on putting into a lengthy write-up, but the bottom line I'd like to stress is: WE SHOULD DO IT. LEAVE THE US AND BECOME OUR OWN NATION. YES.

Saturday morning I went to the last Farmer's Market in Norwich of the year. Then shopping- I finally got an ironing board and iron, so maybe I can try my hand at embroidery now. Then I called up Dollar, who I had lent a wheelbarrow to, offering to help stack wood. I like stacking wood (I think it has something to do with my OCD). Well, I asked for it. Dollar loaded the wood from the pile in the driveway into the wheelbarrow, wheeled it to me, dumped it and I got to stacking. Oh, did I ever stack. I stacked all two cords of wood (minus the negligible amount Dollar did, ppssht). He hauled, I stacked and we got it all done in about two hours. ... In case you don't know how much a "cord" is, it's 128 cubic feet. That evening, I went to a house Halloween party and then the FireBall in WRJ.

Here's an interesting bit: I ended up walking home from the WRJ party. I had gotten a lift there (because I'd been drinking) and was confident that I could get a ride home. It's not too far- only a few miles. I was having an okay time at the party and but decided to leave early. I wanted to walk. Let me tell you, passing through a deserted rail yard late at night isn't one of the smartest things I've ever done.

Sunday I went and had brunch at Ken's, where a group of people had gathered to talk about starting a Potluck Action Network. Basically, it's a group of people committed to doing one political thing every month. Fine, yeah yeah, let's do it. Wouldn't you know it but Ken ALSO has a couple cords of wood needing to be stacked. So. At least there were 8 of us. And I didn't do any stacking this time, but carried the wood. Which was even more tiring. Today, I am sore.

And now I've got to think about all the grubby little beggars coming to my door tonight. I learned from last year's mistake and will be showering all the trick-or-treaters with candy.


nicole said...

Wow. If you suceed at secession, then Vermont would be almost like another country. You know, like Canada. ; )

Good luck with the embroidery, which reminds me I still have one more embroidery project to finish.

Mark Sasahara said...

Well, like the sayinbg goes wood warms you twice. Three if you chop it yourself.

I'm assuming you did a better job of candy distribution this year. The story from last year was pretty funny.

Living in an apartment building in Queens, I didn't get any traffic. Kind of wondering how kids here do it, since it's mostly locked apartment buildings where you get buzzed in to enter.