[knitting] Yarn Affair

I signed up for a newletter from Yarn Affair a while ago. I heard about the site from Google News (which I've customized to search for any news article containing the word "knitting") and read, "Do you like to knit? Do you like to knit a lot? Want to hear about cool knitting stuff? Sign up for our newsletter, which we'll be sending out Oct. 1." I was like, yeah, yeah, yeah... Okay.

Have I gotten a newsletter yet? No. I went to the site this morning and now the whole thing's starting to sound like Mary Kay- For knitters. Which I don't really like. If you invite one of the consultants to your Stitch 'n Bitch, you'll end up feeling obligated to buy something.

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Anonymous said...

I searched for this Yarn Affair thing about a month ago and found that their website doesn't work, nor the e-mail address and there is nothing on the web about them at all except tons of press releases about how their going to start up soon...and those are all dated 2005. What the heck ever happened to them???