[misc] Bond, Babies and Camel Toads

Craig is the new Bond. So no. Brosnan was the bestest.

* * *

We've all heard that Katie's got a couch-jumping, Brooks-Shields-hating bun in the oven. To focus the universe's mystical, magical, dianetical energy on it, she has dropped out of a movie. Whatever. The most interesting bit is at the end of the article, where speculation has been made as to how she's going to birth Cruise's spawn:

" has been suggested that Holmes will attempt a silent labor in keeping with Scientology tradition. The practice encourages mothers to be to forgo painkillers and to refrain from screaming or even talking as they bring their children into the world. Scientologists believe that the silence reduces trauma during birth and prevents irrational fears later in life."

prevents irrational fears? Too late for that, Kate, you whored your womb out to the highest (and by high, I mean high on Scientology) bidder. Go cry into your bag of money.

* * *

Beware of the new drug: Camel Toads.

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