[amy] Portland, OR

I'm in Portland, Oregon for the week and I really like it so far. It's cool (temperature and mood-wise), green and feels safe. Which is nice after having such crap flights out here. I went from Manchester, NH to Chicago to Portland. Chicago to Portland was the worst- totally full flight, I had a middle seat, neither of my seat-mates would give me an arm rest, the kid behind me was kicking my chair and the man in front of me stank. Ugh. I was ready to kill everyone on the plane.

The upside is that I was able to get a lot of knitting done on the flights:

These Mason Dixon washrags really are easy and addictive. I usually don't like knitting with cotton because there's no elasticity to the yarn but these are a pleasure to knit. They're soft and squishy. I'm nearly done with the contrasting one and want to make another but I don't want to duplicate one I've already made. I'm trying to find out where I can get more Sugar 'n Cream yarn in Downtown Portland but I can't seem to find anything. Which is worrying because now I don't know what I'll knit for the flight back home!

I went for a riverside walk around the Willamette River last night. Here are some photos:





Shelby said...

That's it. Those dishcloths have driven me over the edge. I've resisted the Mason Dixon Knitting juggernaut up to this point, but I can't take it anymore. Must...make...cute...dishcloths! I love the colors you picked...my two absolute favorites!

nicole said...

You will have to give me the 411 on Portland. I am going up there in August to see Sleater-Kinney's (allegedly) last show.