[movies] What? Wait- What?

Night Watch

There have been Light Others and Dark Others since the beginning of time. After a battle centuries ago, a truce was called and the Light Others became the Night Watch while the Dark Other became the Day Watch. A Seer joins the Light Others to keep the Night Others- wait, I mean Dark Others in check. If you're a vampire and you're hungry, there are forms you've got to fill out to get some dinner. Oh, and there's a prophecy that a female vortex will bring about the apocalypse.

Sound kind of complicated? Yeaaah. I wanted to chalk it up to the fact that this is a foreign film ("It's Russian. Maybe Russians get stuff like this.") but really it's just a confusing film. The bad guys, the good guys, the gloom, the vortex, the owl, the rules, the weird dubbing- it all works together to make for an especially confusing film experience that will leave you asking the question, "What just happened?"

Looks like the paperback just came out yesterday and the story is a trilogy. I'm gonna go get the book.

The movie was really jump-cutty (influenced, I think, from all the commercials the director had previously done) and the music was really electronic-metally (a la Rammstein, Marylin Manson). I'd give it 5/10 stars, but the may go up or down after I watch it a few more times to get a better understanding of what the shit was going on.

Old Boy

Everyone was telling me to watch this. "It's amazing." "It's got the most evil bad guy I've ever seen in a movie." "Oh, you HAVE to see it." So Dollar and I saw it. I was expecting a Korean Reservoir Dogs but really it was more like Memento. Bits and pieces of the mystery are revealed to the audience at the same time that they're revealed to the main character. The only downside to this movie is that Dollar guessed what would happen 3-5 minutes before they actually happened. I can't watch movies like this with him anymore.

I dunno. 7/10 stars. I'm being kind of generous here. I think it IS a total dude movie (there were a few parts I didn't see because I was covering my eyes) and it's twisted. Maybe you either love it (Dollar) or are ambivalent about it (me).

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Shelby said...

I think Mark was telling me about Old Boy...isn't it ulra-violent? I think he said he liked it...which would figure...

...and I thought Night Watch was wicked confusing, too. I was all excited for it, and found it to be a complete let-down.