[knitting] Knitting and craft worries

I've started the handles for the French Market Bag. After decreasing for one of the 4 handles, I knew I was going to have to use another color for the grip part of the handles. I went up to the craft room and picked a natural wool that (a) I thought would felt and (b) was close to the same gauge. The off-white is stark but I *am* going to overdye the whole thing and I'm hoping the handles turn out all right.

I got Mason Dixon Knitting in the mail. I like so many of the patterns in here. They seem functional, inexpensive and creative. Check out the knitalong (where the washrags appear to be the most popular item to make). Which is the first thing I plan on making:

And I had to stop by the craft store to pick up some beads to melt:

This is all the rage at Craftster right now. I've been reading some stuff about toxic fumes coming from the oven when you're baking them and toyed with the idea of getting a separate convection oven but... meh, I'm not too worried.

Or should I be?

Yeah, I don't really want to do this in my everyday, "I cook food in here" oven. Maybe I'll get a heat gun and melt the beads on a glass plate out in the backyard. Do you think the heat gun would blow the beads around? What if I actually melt the beads onto the plate? Dang, I'm gonna have to think on this more.


Shelby said...

I think a heat gun would probably blow the beads around...the one we have at work is kind of a ghetto one (old and rickety) and even that seems to put out a LOT of air velocity...

What about a toaster oven? Would that get hot enough? You could get one at walmart or something for like $20...and use it just for that?

amy said...

That's a good idea. A toaster oven would be cheaper than a convection oven. It would be kind of small, so that would limit the size of my projects- but I only want to do coasters or small, shallow bowls for jewelery. I could melt in the toaster oven and then warm/shape/bend with a heat gun. Myes, a plan is formulating... mwah hahahahhahaaa!

Shelby said...

Schweet! Will be interested to see the results.

The other good thing about a toaster oven is that if you have an outside electrical outlet, you can set it up outside so that the melting plastic doesn't stank up your kitchen...woo!